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Lindsay Schizoid Over Paparazzi

7/6/2006 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan went on a tirade in Malibu Wednesday, screaming and swearing at a swarm of paparazzi as she maneuvered to get in her car outside the Country Mart, a highfalutin shopping area.

But here's the kicker -- From the Country Mart, she drove to a nearby beach house to hang out with her new guy (we're guessing it's her new guy because they are all over each other). Suddenly, Lindsay is happy happy, smiling and dancing, all the while knowing the paparazzi have their lenses trained on her. Lindsay and her friends then happily offer the parched photogs what appears to be beer and Gatorade.

TMZ might add, Lindsay looks really hot these days. Check out this photo gallery.


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Used to like her, but now it's like what the hell is wrong with her??? What a real disappointment I thought for sure she was going to be a great actress and she was in the begginning but now she's a total waste.

3030 days ago


There's a big difference between having paparazzi in your face when your trying to get somewhere and them taking picture at you from a distance. Thats probrably why she was acting differently.

3030 days ago


Like father like daughter......she seems to have the same temper issues that her Dad has. I guess it's not suprising since she grew up watching his explosive behavior. I just wonder when it's going to dawn on her that it's time to get some therapy.......before or after she destroys her life.

3030 days ago

be nice haters    

She didn't want the guy to touch her car what is the big deal? I don't think she was being mean. They were so close she couldn't breath without them kjnowing what she had for lunch.Get over guys.

3030 days ago


obviously a few reasons why the change of behavior.

1- papparrazzi are the scum of the earth they make their living by basically annoying the s*** out of people. If someone asks u to stop taking a picture fucking stop- And I hate the people that say- well u wanted to be famous. Well if a girl dresses like a slut does that give every guy the right to touch her? I love watching these videos as much as the rest of you f***ers but there should be a point where the papparrazi backs away and respects fellow human beings.

2- Obviously she's going to be in a better mood when shes not trapped like a caged bird

3- Blowing a couple of lines will does a world of difference to a persons mood

3030 days ago

jane doe    

I've never had any sort of fondness or understanding why everyone is so enamored of her, but seriously, I would be blowing rails if every move i made or outfit i wore or pound i gained or lost was scrutinized by every single person in the world. That poor kid is only 20, I dont care how much money you have, having a life where you have absolutely no privacy whatsoever would not be worth it.

3030 days ago


You're all insane. Are you saying YOU would all want photographers down your throat while you're out and about? And you're calling HER a nutjob...

3030 days ago


In the first video, I didn't see any "temper," nor did I hear her "scream" (as the synopsis claimed). She said a few expletives out of frustration due to a dozen cameras in her face. So?

In the second video, however, she did look like a moron and you could tell she was trying to pose seductively in her bikini all while knowing photos were being taken of her doing so from a distance.

3029 days ago


What a shame that an actress girls should look up to, is turning out to be such a disappointment! I wish she would go back to being the Lindsay we all used to love, and stop wasting her life away!

3029 days ago


The story is ok, but I like the "jindizzy" comments above. We get real insight into the creative comment-writing process. Two similar versions. Slightled edited. Both garbage.

3029 days ago


What was the time frame btw vidoes. Please the girl offered you guys a drink and still you are not happy. I am new to this site and am understanding why the celebs go off when they see you. When will they learn that you keep setting them up!!!!!!! Bring on the spin doctors

3029 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has lost her effing mind. She is insane. I mean, who snaps like that and then starts acting all friendly. She's a bitch to everyone and this is why she has no friends and is a firecrotch.

3029 days ago


She poses like a dude because she's built like a dude--except for the implants. Straight up and down, no curves. She's very pretty, but you can't have everything. She's gotta watch the drunk/slutty thing, she seems more like Tara Reid every day.

3029 days ago


Honestly ..... she is funny looking and who really cares about what she does her movies blow anyways!!!!

3029 days ago


She wasn't drunk or happy. She was fed up and sarcastically saying, "Please video tape me and photograph me!" It's either make believe she doesnt mind or go nuts. No matter how rich or famous you are, I am sure there comes a time when you get tired of being watched 24/7. I feel sorry for these people. I dont care if publicity gets them noticed and that leads to more money. They are still people and there should be a line drawn at some point.

3029 days ago
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