Justin's Not So Sexy Single

7/7/2006 9:39 AM PDT

Jive Records is smartly trying to build hype for the new Justin Timberlake single in Europe before rolling out an expensive public relations campaign on this side of the Atlantic.  JT is in Europe hitting some clubs, shaking hands and, of course, romancing his honey Cameron.  But, while all is rosy in the Old Country the early reviews for "Sexy Back" are not so kind.

Stereogum, the Dean of Music Blogs, may really say it all in simple single sentence anticipating the coming all out offensive from Timberlakes' record company to ensure the single is a "hit." Scott writes: "In a few weeks this [Sexy Back] will be the most boring single to ever hit #1."  Stereogum readers were not any nicer, calling the effort "pretentious" and "amateur." Yikes....

Dirrrty Pop writes " This is scary and I am not impressed" while Popsugar says Sexy Back is "not so hot." Descriptives like "ick" and "sucks" mix in with a few props from the TeamSugar comments.  If the early blogger reviews are any indication, looks like Jive might have to write an even bigger marketing check to get this thing moving up the charts.