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Jay-Z: Three's a Crowd

7/11/2006 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With rumors swirling on blogs that the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z has been acting a little too cozy with newcomer Rihanna, it definitely comes as a surprise to see the duo eating dinner along with Jay's leading lady, Beyoncé Knowles. The women appear to have settled any riff between them as they were photographed leaving Bar Pitti in New York separately last night. But take a look at Jay-Z's face ... he looks a lot less enthusiastic about the evening.

Gossip about the impresario and the Barbados babe has been making the rounds since he signed the unknown to his record label, Def Jam. With hits like "S.O.S." and the aptly titled "Unfaithful," Rihanna is on the rise -- but our money's on Beyoncé if these two ever throw down.


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Why in the world is it reported that Beyonce's new song is about Rihanna? Is she really that insecure? Rihanna is just an 18 years old girl trying to start her career. Beyonce is a grown and accomplished woman. Either TMZ is blowing this whole Beyonce vs. Rihanna thing out of porportion, or Beyonce is just that immature.

2993 days ago


beyonce is cute so is rhiana but the fact of the matter is jayz is beyonces man and who ever said that beyonce is trying to be like jello honey please who wants to be an industry hoe, because thats what jello is beyonce is not shes classy and shes got it going on rhiana need to get some where and sit down some where with her fraile self talking about she dont want to be unfaithful and she doesnt want to be a murderer. and why is everyone so worried about why beyonce and jayz have not got married thats there business bscause that is there decision when they feel like the time is right then they will get married so let them do what they do.beyonce is a superstar and have been in the business for along time as well as the spotlight, rhiana is just barely getting her foot in the door.

2985 days ago


another stupid post by TMZ. you guys really need to stop using silly blogs run by stupid kids as sources. rihanna has been promoting her album like crazy and jay z and beyonce have been seen together all the time over the last two months. TMZ is losing cred by the day. Everyone who reads this site feels it.

3024 days ago


To the above comment, that is so true..TMZ u're just instigating stuff about celebrities, always writing snide & sarcastic remarks..Beyonce & Jay-Z seems fine so just leave them alone. Rihanna is very pretty & she's just doing her thing..

3024 days ago

wendell dixon    

I agree #1..TMZ..guys can you do better..I mean come on ..I used to love TMZ but it seems as though when there is not much going on..we see silly stories such as these. pop up on the hour...I know that Rihanna is hot right now..but I seen here do a lil promo stint in Atlanta...can I say..the girl is beautiful..but live..recording studios do wonders for SOS..and I have seen been Beyonce live and can I say...she's a true triple threat=Beautiful,Dancer, and did I say beautiful before...oh yeah I did say that she was to kill rumors..Beyonce have JAY on a leash..and I agree he looks bewildered in the photo but hey if I looked like a camel and had 2 beautiful women fighting over me..I would look lost 2..LOL...

3024 days ago


Good, I am glad everyone agrees. I liked TMZ when it was about quality, not quantity.

Like, does everyone remember the TMZ post about The View being white because Susan Lucci was guest-hosting? That was really offensive to me. TMZ didn't even acknowledge the fact that she too works for ABC so it makes sense that she filled the seat for a day. And besides that, who cares that a white woman did the job for a day??!? TMZ was reeeeeeeeeeeally stretching on that one.

3024 days ago


LOL its funny, cuz everyone says this on every site thats been around a certain amount of time. Is everyone going downhill? Or do people come to think these sites are something other than what they are? Do they get mad when they pick on someone they like? It's an interesting pattern...

3024 days ago


I cannot believe that at all. This is the first time I saw this website and I cannot believe that you would dawg my gurl Beyonce like that!!! Jay-Z has bought her a house and she's always on his arm. If you would like to hire a reporter that knows how to get information that is true, hire me!! I'm star quality!! I love Beyonce and Jay-Z ain't half-steppin' either! I think Rhianna is cool, but she cannot touch Beyonce, talent-wise, voice-wise, and MONEY-Wise!!! You think Jay-Z wants a girl he gotta pay for???? Rhianna gotta step her game up before she even begins to be on Beyonce's level.

3024 days ago


Salina, it isn't that. When TMZ starts using as a source, that is a problem. That site isn't an actual reliable source. It is some guy who posts pictures and calls them "whores" and "sluts." So when a credible site like TMZ uses that site as it's only souce, the cred of TMZ is compromised. anyway, this post was really really stupid.

3024 days ago


this is all media bullsh!t

3024 days ago


Jay-Z, Rih, & Beyonce are all using this three way triangle to promote albums. Do people actually think if this info was true about him seeing both of them that Beyonce's people would go for it . Jay is aware that he has one of the baddest women at his side. He can't afford to lose her because he is more then aware she won't stay on the market long.

3024 days ago

Sha Murda    

All of yall need to get a life,saying that one looks better then the other. Who Cares.If Jay-z is cheating on Beyonce thats his business.Everyone keeps saying that Rhianna wants to look like Beyonce. Plzzz ...If pay attention you would know that they are trying to mirror her career to Beyonces. Im sure thats why she is spending so much time around Jay. He made an investment and he wants to make sure it pays off. Yall need to just grow up and stay out of ppls business,Jay-z Beyonce or Rhianna aint paying none of your bills or putting food in your mouth so why do you care. Ppl with no lives make rumors and the ones that get online and say mean worthless things are just as bad.
Grown Up!!!

2977 days ago


He probably realized someone had filled his Crystal with 'spit monty'.

3024 days ago


i agree with everyone except for this moron PEARL. b is the shiz and i am pretty sure shawn knows this. i haven't heard one story about him cheatin on her until this bullshit. the story doesn't even sound credible, rihanna? some might say she's "pretty" but that's as far as that goes... beyonce is gorgeous, flawless i should say. even the skinnier version. "now i bag B" (boy u hurtin' that!)

3024 days ago


Beyonce is so over. she lost whatever she had. Rihanna is alot better.

3024 days ago
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