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The Cutest Little Apple in New York

7/11/2006 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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didnt she get all self righteous and say she was not going to have any "help" (regarding nannies and such) when it comes to her kids? Fucking hypocrate. Guess that is Hollywood for ya.

3025 days ago


She doesn't even look happy! Her head is down the whole time and she doesn't even care to make sure that her daughter get into the car safely! And her new baby is strolling along way behind her.....What kind of mother acts like that if they truely love and care for their child? I hope that one day she opens her eyes and see that her children look onto her for love, comfort and the feeling of safety.

3025 days ago


She's such a great mom. She doesn't buckle her own kids, hold her own baby or even tell the person who does how to hold him correctly, nor does she help by pushing the stroller. She's such a great mom. You're right. It must be the Yoga.

3025 days ago


Not to be nasty or anything but how do you know she was not just starting a bidding war?

3025 days ago

Isabella Wilder    

She annoys me so much. Why does it take 3 people to take 2 kids in public. I might be able to understand if she wanted to bring along 1 extra person, if she was worried about the press bothering her or something, but why 2. How helpless (or lazy) can she get. I can't believe that she has the gall to lecture about how children should be raised when she has 2 people raising her children for her.

3025 days ago

Isabella Wilder    

I can't believe that she just got into the car while the nanny is struggling to hold on to the baby and the stroller and then trying to get the car seat ready for the baby. Would it have killed her to hold her own baby for a few seconds while the nanny is getting the car seat ready. Or maybe to actually put her own children into their car seats. But I guess that's just too much work for her.

3025 days ago


Jeez, don't let that coffee cup break your arm there, Gwyn! I can't believe that the article seems to be praising her for her "great" mothering skills when she isn't actually DOING anything!!! As a mother of two small kids, myself, all I can say to her display of motherhood is LAZY!

3024 days ago

Debra Baker    

If the standard is not to drop your baby on his head, "Go Gwyneth,"

If the standard is take care of the children that you have borne, I think she falls a bit short of the finish line.

Anyone can be a good mother if you hire the right nanny and don't have the audacity to drop your kid on his head.

3024 days ago


As much as I can't stand Gwyneth Paltrow and find her a total phony, I will say this. She looked like she was looking down at her daughter as they walked and was probably trying to avoid being photographed in such a frumpy dress. And as for the whole car seat thing, please! I would sometimes give my son to my mother or husband to put in the car seat and didn't bother to hover over them. You can check a car seat from the front if you have bucket seats and don't trust whoever is helping. Why are you criticizing her for not holding the baby when the baby wasn't even there when she got to the car? I guess I am a bad mom, too because I don't have a problem with her for this stuff. It sounds like some of you should get together and write a book called "How to be the Perfect Mother: 1001 Ways to Always do Everything Right" for those of us who aren't so perfect. I do agree that she is a hypocrite for having help when she decried the practice of nannies, but let's not get ridiculous and say she's a horrible mother for the contents of this video. And who says the woman driving is a nanny? May-be she's a pal who went and got the car?

3024 days ago


Did anyone consider that fact that it's not just about taking care of the kids, but doing it while being constantly approached by strangers and filmed??? Someone's standing there holding the camera filming her - this video didn't just happen by itself - and she's trying to keep a low profile in front of the kids so they don't get scared & can feel like everything's okay. She needs help (nannies) because she'd be too mobbed by the papparazzi if she did it all alone. They'd prey on her like a school of barracuda!

Non-famous people have a lot to deal with trying to handle their kids, but add the papparrazzi into the mix and you try to do it alone!

At least she's with her kids and enjoying normal outings with them.

3024 days ago


People please.... ease up. Isn't a person entitled to change their mind (in reference to the nannies), especially when raising two children. Maybe she found it a little more challenging than she imagined and after all she does have the cash. It also benefits the children to have specialized attention (which I sure didn't have). Also, there was nothing unsupported about that baby's head. He was snuggled into the nannies shoulder.

Those kids are damn lucky if you ask me, they are going to have the best in life.

So please stop the hating.

3024 days ago

Isabella Wilder    

Lor: My problem with her isn't that she has a nanny. It's that: 1. the nannies appear to be doing all the work and 2. she lied for a solid year and claimed that she had no nanny when her mother, the nanny herself and her friend Madonna all said that she did have a nanny. She's clearly a liar, and a phony on this nanny issue.

3024 days ago

Isabella Wilder    

sarah: Reese Witherspoon is also hounded by the press, and yet she still manages to go out in public with her children and take care of them herself.

lor: The biggest problem I have with Gwyneth is that she lied for a year and claimed that she didn't have a nanny and then her own mother said in an interview that she's had a nanny since Apple was born. Then her nanny published a book and in it she said that she started taking care of Apple when she was a newborn. I just can't stand the phoniness, and I don't understand the need to lie about something like that.

3024 days ago


There are pics of this. What you don't see in the video is that the nanny gives Moses to Gwyn and she fastens him into his car seat. Of course they don't want people to see that. Also, Blythe said that Gwyn had a nanny WHEN Apple was born, not SINCE she she was born. She had one for the first 6 weeks. After that she left and Gwyn did it all by herself up until Apple was like 1 or 1 1/2 years old.

3021 days ago

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