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Brad Pitt -- "I'm Kinda Sick of Myself"

7/17/2006 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad PittFor Brad Pitt, satisfaction is getting a burp out of "that thing" known as his baby daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.

That, amongst other things, is what Pitt told the Today Show's Ann Curry Monday morning in an exclusive interview from New Orleans, where Pitt was surveying the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and promoting environmentally-friendly solutions for the rebuilding of the ravaged city. Working in conjunction with the non-profit Global Green, Pitt said that he has invested $100,000 to help the citizens of New Orleans.

Pitt laid bare the impelling force behind his good works, telling Curry, "I got kids now. And it really changes your perspective on the world. And, you know, I've had my day...I'm so tired of thinking about myself. I'm kinda sick of myself."

And though much artistic work may lie ahead, Pitt says he's got a new project that's consuming him: "You can write a book, you can make a movie, you can draw, paint a painting, but having kids is really the most extraordinary thing I've ever taken on. And, man, if I can get a burp out of that, that little thing, I'll feel such a sense of accomplishment."


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Melinda Moore    

when your rich you think you are better than the poor so HA HA

3005 days ago


Brad you are beautiful and an amazing men.Keep living your life the way you want to people are gonna talk anyways.Keep up the good work.

3005 days ago


in response to Audacte....

Maybe he's donating so much to third world countries because they need the help more than we do! Most American's are just money hungry consumer whores... especially my generation. They care nothing about the needs of others. If I had $300,000 to spend, I'd be sending it to Africa too. Maybe if our own government took in intrest in our country, and fixing it's problems, instead of promoting our lust for oil, we wouldn't be so bad off right now. I commend Brad and Angelina for their selfless acts of charity.

And to those complaining that they have millions of dollars, and they only donate a small amount to charity... who cares. The fact that they are donating something shows that they care. And just because he only invested $100,000 to New Orleans, that's not the whole picture, look at the all of the millions in charities and donations they make in a year before you start judging by one donation.

Finally, for those who say things like 'big deal, so you're a dad', grow up. I never knew exactly how hard and rewardful parenthood was until the day my daughter was born. I say the same thing. Did people put you down when you gloated about parenthood? Doubtful. Good for him for acknowledging the fact that his children give him joy, and take priority in his life. Perhaps a few other parents will learn from that.

3005 days ago


Move back to Africa publicity whores! Hate the paparazzi? Don't sell pictures to them, you publicity whores! BTW, you can take Shitney, K-fag, Chestica, and Nanny Mcphee with you. You are all the most annoying publicity whores alive!!

3004 days ago


I come here to laugh. #2 Fred is short and subtle and hysterical.
He was the first one out the shute to say ''BRAD, WE'RE SICK OF YOU, TOO!"

3004 days ago


You people can piss up a rope. The man is hot!!!! And when your that damn hot and that filthy rich you have the right to be as egotistical as you want. He cant help the fact hes got good genetics. Hes earned his money. Hes worked just as you and I have. Maybe not the same type of work and certainly not for the same paycheck but hes worked none the less. Ive never seen so many jealous haters!!

3004 days ago


I think it is well and good that he donated 100,000 but look at the money he has given to foreign countries. There are people here in the USA that are starving no place to live, orphans that need a family, children that need medical attention and it gos on and on. But no he and his pathatic girlfriend run overseas and cater to people that could give a s**** if they live or die. Selling photos of your newborn baby. You will do anything for a $

3004 days ago

Todd Stefano    

Brad is sick of himself. Now I've really heard it all. Brad is so full of himself that
I guess this is all he can say about himself right now - and the publicity continues no matter what he says.....Brad, do something quietly for your country so maybe if we do hear about it in ten year's time we can honestly say to ourselves Brad really is a great guy. And, could you be a bit more generous to the US of A? By Hollywood standards you and Angelina are a terrific husband and wife, and wonderful parents. Fortunately, all of us non-Hollywood folks know better.....Brad,
I just want to see how long you stay married the 2nd time around, and how many more occupational priorities you place before your children????? Todd

3003 days ago


are you asking a question why people are disliking Brad Pitt? come on are you blind or deaf? Brad is nothing but a cheater,liar and a prostitute. Angelina is a home wreaker and a promiscious witch craft. Before they shot the movie Mr&Mrs Smith,Brad introduce Jennifer to stupid Angelina. Angelina told Jennifer Anniston that" you are lucky to have a good looking husband" then Jen. thanked her. the next thing that she did was sleeping with the freak Brad. Any woman out there that is supporting this adultries people you are really sick in the brain. Think about it, How can you take your wife for a vacation and sneaking outside of the building talking to Angilina. It is really painfull. Brad I hate you. Because of you I don't believe ocean 13 will make it. We are really sick of you and Tom cruz. I hate that when a celib. visit Tom and Suri. They will come out and tell that they've seen Suri .who cares. Penelope, we don't care. Is Suri Jesus Christ? Hell No. I hope you guys can "brag " earning a college fools

3003 days ago


At least Brad is trying to help people and animals. Which is more than I can say for some idiots in Tinseltown. Look at that ass wipe Tom Cruise hiding his baby so he can cash in on selling her pictures.

3003 days ago


It's not fair to bash Brad for helping people overseas. People who say why doesn't he help people in the US? Why don't you? At least he is trying to do something positive with his life.

3003 days ago


no body is hating on Brad and Angelina. Let call a spade a spade. No body on earth will encourage their Dad to cheat on their mother. If you are a woman out their, a very decent woman, you will agree with me. I don't care about this stars. we are making them stars. if we stop watching their movies and don't buy their cd's how can they live their lavash life? I am sick and tired of all those comment writers who are infavoured of those two elements to just empathy to Jennifer. I am not a fan of any of them. I am a fan of bers hammond. the soul reaggae legend of raggae music. I recommend you guys to listen to his album " love from a distance, black woman, they gonna talk. you will love it. Why Agelina is not talking to her Dad? She said it is because she cheated on her mother. to me is like father and daughter. Angelina, get over it because you are a home wreaker just like your stepmother. I will tell Nichol Kidman to find you a single country man. We are not going to buy your stories that you and Brad Pitt are telling the whole world that it just happen. come on are you a freak? you cannot control yourself? any man that you co star you must have sex with the them? honey you are disgracing all Gemini's including myself because I am a Gemini. but my legs are really close.

3003 days ago

sara evans    

Don't worry Brad ~ anyone with any social or moral conscience is sick of you, Angelina, Tom and Katie and rest of the so-called HollyWood elite. You get kudos for doing what exactly? Your income is so unfairly skewed when you look at the comparison of your job and, oh let's say...our military, or a teacher, or any public servant for that matter. We pay YOU to entertain US, not to listen to your political issues, not hear your views on how you feel about poverty, and certainly not have your children shoved down our throats at every turn. The average working person paying taxes doesn't need you or anyone in Hollywood to tell us what's wrong with our government. We don't need you to tell us about poverty, if you have ever sat in a darkened room because the electric bill is too high and fed your child and went without food yourself so they wouldn't be hungry, then talk about poverty ~ it is here in America too you know. And as far as your children, there are children born to individuals every day. EVERY child is important and valuable for the potential they have and the capacity they have to love. It's just too bad that the media or public deems you more newsworthy than the father that works 2 or 3 jobs to provide for his family. That a mother who chooses to hold back on career to stay home with her children is not newsworthy enough. The mother or the father who works and goes to school but still has time to coach a soccer team., they're important too. There are millions of us who volunteer everyday in addition to living incredibly busy lives and we do it because it is morally right and individually rewarding. I applaud what you do, however I feel strongly that you have a moral responsibility and a social responsibility to do something constructive with your priviledge, it is an obligation of every individual to leave this world better than you found it. If you're so concerned about poverty and who's not doing enough, how do you justify spending millions of dollars on a home, or having the best of everything, right down to designer diaper bags while promoting the contributions that you do make. You've missed the mark on keeping it real. You don't get the luxury of being a celebrity, wanting your privacy, and at the same time want the publicity of any good deed you do. At the end of the day, most of us really don't care what your personal life is because we all have busy enough lives ourselves, and quite frankly, there are too many other things to care about.....tell your friends!!!!! In the meantime, I'm going to go help my neighbor. I'm going to volunteer at my kids school. I'm going to sit and talk with an elderly shut in who has no family. I'm going to fly the American flag proudly because while I have had family come here to America on Ellis Island, I also have family that has been here since the Revolutionary War and have had every generation since that time serve in the military. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids, and my husband works more than one job and it's amazing because like every other American, we did it and didn't need CNN to highlight our every move.

3003 days ago


Who cares! Do people really live their lives reading everything there is about a bunch of ego's, well you know the rest. I get on here just to irritate my girls, I have four daughters, they hit these silly sites once in a while, but each one of them have a head on their shoulders and know the truth about life and those living in holly wood. Like me, they are all amuse and share a good laugh.

Who cares, is the general theme here.

3003 days ago



3003 days ago
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