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Katie Loves Barneys

7/19/2006 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of the world's most famous (yet unseen) Scientologist spawn doesn't let anything get in between her and Barneys. Just days before she gave birth to Suri, Holmes was spotted in the ultra hot Beverly Hills department store for hours with security guards flanking her. In fact, she was in the store until it closed and we're told she was the last customer to leave.

On Monday Katie returned to her favorite store. Katie had just returned from a month-long stay in Telluride when she made a beeline to the high end clothing store.

Whatever the reason neither pregnancy, her newborn nor the controversy surrounding her unseen child can keep Katie from Barneys.


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Why does she always walk with her head down?

2980 days ago


Honestly, Katie was just in Colorado and on her way from LA to Colorado, no one NO ONE spotted her, "Suri" or Tom in either airport?? Now she is NYC and again not one person spotted Katie, Tom or "Suri" in either airport? This is just strange how no one has seen them. Katie takes a shopping trip to NYC and doesn't buy any baby clothes either? What woman with money wouldn't go on a total shopping spree in Manhattan, especially when you have a "new baby"? Second off, Katie looks to good to have had a baby recently. I mean it is not like Katie was hot or had a body like Heidi Klum before Katie had the baby, only Heidi Klum has had a baby and quickly look hot like she did before. If Katie really did have a baby recently, she would still look like a hot mess!!! SERIOUSLY.

And again I go to my previously posted thought, if there is a Suri then Tom and Katie are the most selfish human beings. That is nice if they want their privacy for their family, but they could have done something good for all of society. Angelina and Brad received $4.1 million for a photo of Shiloh and all that money went to a
charity, if Tom and Katie had any decency they would have sold some pics of Suri and donated profits to a charity. Instead they have done nothing when they could have done something so good for alot of needy people, but they are just selfish. Tom+Katie=losers

And another thought: OK me and my friend Shannon have been talking about this for a while now. First Tom had announced that he was infertile while he was married to Nicole Kidman and that's why they adopted 2 kids. He was also married previously to Mimi Rogers and said then he couldn't have kids. So all of the sudden this virgin Katie Holmes gets pregnant (fishy), at first she looked pregnant in the beginning but I don't know. Her size changed in so many pics, some days she looked big and somedays she looked smaller than the previous day; and then she went and bought a pair of size 2 jeans right before "Suri" was born?!?! Maybe Katie did get pregnant, maybe she had a miscarraige and they didn't want everyone to know, maybe if there is a Suri she might have down syndrome or something, maybe they wanted a baby and since he is infertile they might have went to a sperm bank. Who knows? What also is interesting is that Tom is so into scientology but how come before going into acting, Cruise attended a Franciscan seminary and aspired to become a Catholic priest. How about that? Anyway, still wondering if there is a Suri....

2980 days ago


I am not into this whole celebrity gossip thing but this Tom/Kat business is just downright weird. I live in Toledo, OH (where Katie is from and thankfully, I wasn't born here) and am so SICK of hearing about Katie Holmes. She is not a very good actress and she's a complete moron! This whole thing with her "baby" is too weird. Around here, we haven't even heard that her parents have seen the kid or not. It makes you wonder if the baby truly is alien or there is no baby! If Tom Cruise and Katie were smart enough, they would have debunked these rumors about their kid ages ago! But they haven't done anything except for saying that "Suri" is fine. If she's fine, then where is she? It's almost as if they don't want anyone to see their brood or there is something MAJORLY wrong with her.

I don't know but I hope that those two grow some brains and show us if this kid really exists!

2980 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Yesterday, Leah Remini (a scientologist) had a statement on The Insider, that she had seen baby Suri. Can't say I believe her.
Maybe, everytime baby Suri poops, Katie goes to Barney's so she doesn't have to change her diaper. Lucky her. Maybe, they're never spotted at their airports when they travel, because they actually have their own pimped out spaceship that beams them everywhere.

2980 days ago


I am sorry! No decent mother with a newborn leaves the house that often and consistently without her child. It's not maternal, and especially if your breastfeeding, it's not logical. She's certainly not making any public appearances, and I haven't seen her yet in anything but jeans. Shop away, jean and t-shirt wearing alien hag and leave your child w/God knows who, (worse case scenario, his father), while you happily attract the paparrazi and feed your media image. Your almost as washed up as her soon to be hubby. Good luck crazy b _ _ _ _!

2980 days ago


#12 -- white shirt and pants is the "Scientologist" uniform... go visit downtown Clearwater FL near the Fort Harrison Hotel (one of many Scientology buildings in the area) and you'll see MANY pedestrians dressed like this.

2980 days ago


Why aren't she and Tom pictured together lately? He was at a function on Sat night for Steven Speilberg and I think the article said it was in Chicago. It was on AOL celebrity news page for those who want to seek it out.

It seems strange they are not traveling together. They are new parents? You know if there is a baby they have a nanny or two.

2980 days ago

diana roberts    

I just cant belive some of you people , so katie loves to shop at barneys? shes rich and walking when your pregnet is good for you
and as far as wareing jeans and a white shirt good for her thes comfy!
and can you blame famos people for not wanting to be hounded by cameras all the time yes its part of the job but cant they have anything personal?and weather or not tom is the father is no bodys concern! its there child and she looks just like both of them tom may be a tad out there but thats what makes him diffrent and special and his belifes are his choice sit back and think about what the rag mags could say about you if they were watching you 24/7 god forbid they catch you at walmart!!!

2929 days ago

US Marine    

Folks: This is just my humble opinoin - so - take it for what it's worth:

Supposedly, Leah Remini has seen this child. Now, although I think she seems like she'd be a believable person, keep one thing in mind. She is still an actress and a member of this "cult" of people, that just seem to be what most describe as totally bizarre. Not to tear down someones religion, but, some of the things they believe - in my opinoin - are just too far fetched for me, not to shake my head and wonder why people really believe this stuff, but, okay.
Nicole Kidman never, ever told anyone that the baby she miscarried - wasn't Toms when they were getting divorced. Tom Cruise is the one who announced to the world - basically bluntly - that Nicole was a tramp and had cheated on him - and when the DNA came back - after the miscarriage, it was discovered that the baby Nicole lost, wasn't Toms. Tom did that himself to humiliate Nicole, because that's how he is! He's nothing but a self absorbed, nut case - who believes - the world should bow down and kiss his feet!
As for why no one ever sees Tom or Katie in airports around the country - is because - evidently (according to what I just heard on Entertainment Network News) in the last two or three days, Tom supposedly has a private pilots license, so, he flies his family everywhere (and anywhere) they want to go, because he owns six (private) lear jets and can take them any time he wants - without - all the airport, media scrutiny.
Another kicker: If Tom really wanted to go somewhere, why not ask good friend John Travolta. John Travolta owns his own lear jet as well - has his private pilots license (and what most don't know) is that he has been flying (as a commercial pilot) since right after he made the movie, "Look Who's Talking"!
I'm not going to sit here and call Leah Remini a lier - but - I just have a very hard time believing that anyone has seen this child and that the Cruise camp is starting to get nervous, because supposedly, they're trying to keep Katie quiet (or so) rumor has it, because Katie wants to show off the baby and Tom doesn't.
Katie, being a prisoner in your own relationship isn't a good thing. Come on now, you're a smart girl - or at least - you were, before you got involved with this yo yo and you came from a smart family (with good morals) and they raised you to be a headstrong, smart (independent) young woman - so give up this passive BS - that you're playing and put your boot in Toms A** and run (not walk) away with the baby - if there is one - and that way, you don't lose yourself, your beliefs and your credibility because of Toms media game. You'll be okay - and you can - live without Tom just fine! The longer you stay and help Tom play this game with the people that made Tom what he is, the more chance there will be, that you will end up burning in flames - just like Tom - is going to burn, over this.
The American public is speaking very loudly about what they believe - and - what we don't believe and we believe that you two are committing the worst kind of fraud there is - and if you are - I hope that Nicole takes the two children that Tom has away from him (and NEVER) allows them to see him again - for starters - and if that isn't enough, if there is a baby, I hope social services steps in and takes her (and makes both of you) spend some time in a medical center for the mentally unstable, because no one, with any heart, soul or morals - plays a game like this - when the life of a child, is at stake. It's a sickness of the worst kind and it will do nothing but burie you in the end - so please - wake up and smell the coffee. Please, take back your life (and if you have a child) take her and RUN as FAST as you can!

2979 days ago

poor thing....    

I read on another blog (maybe it was this one, I can’t remember) someone left a comment (with the name Katie’s sister) that Katie was actually pregnant BEFORE she was with Tom, and actually had her baby a couple of months ago. She faked the rest of the pregnancy (that explains the fake-looking bumps and the birth certificate). Apparently they are waiting until the baby is at an age where you can’t tell how old she really is. That would explain Leah’s comment (”normal size”)

Best theory I’ve heard so far

Also, that would explain the blue eyes (hello - chris klein) and also makes sense because TOM CRUISE IS GAY and wanted to have a baby, perfect chance to hook up and marry someone who is already pregnant, and claim to be the father.

2979 days ago

US Marine    

Okay Folks:

Is it just me or does this story about Suri, get more weird every single day. Now Leah Remini is saying that she saw Suri several weeks ago? If that's the case, why didn't she come forward to say she'd seen this child, several weeks ago - before all this speculation - got to where it is now?
Leah, not to call you a lier - but - come on now. How stupid do you think the American public is about this story? You've heard the rumors just like everyone else (and although I'm sure you probably laughed at them) like everyone else has been doing for a while, it seems to me, that when it started to really be at the point - that this whole situation - really was being questioned, didn't you think it would be advisable not to wait and to step forward sooner to confirm that this child was actually alive and physically, fine?
A few weeks ago, you might have been more believable - but now - even a person that has been the most skeptical from the out start, I'm beginning to believe, what everyone else is saying about Tom and Katie, especially since the media here in Ohio, has made it quite clear that Katie is completely having her life controlled by Tom and his cult. Her family is devastated, according to the press here in Ohio and they are extremely worried about both her and Suri, although, even her family now is starting to be as skeptical as the rest of us - at least - that was the impression, the family spokesperson, left the public believing.
Katie, if Suri is real, please - get out of this nightmare - while you still have your life, before this cult, takes over control of your daughters mind and soul (as well) as turning her into something that no child needs to be at a very young age. These people are sick, twisted and mentally unbalanced. WACO should be an example of what's to come, if you stay with Tom. Please, save yourself - and your daughter - if she's even existent.

2978 days ago


Leave katie alone. she did not know what she was getting into
with tom. she just needs a confadence boost. she is still young
and got time to biuld herself up. she is probebly a great mom.

2978 days ago


Katie and Tom are both very weird. Tom seems to have brainwashed her.

2977 days ago


rexxer, you're trippin'!!! TMZ never said she was at Barney's in NY did they? Also, it was reported waaaay back that Tom was in fact sterile, which is why they adopted. Also, it's pretty well known in Hollywood that the baby w/ Nicole K was NOT his. Her "contract" with him was almost up, and she jumped the gun with Ewan McG, and got pregnant. What self respecting man in the UNIVERSE would divorce his wife, after 10 yrs of marriage after she had just mis-carried his first biological kid ....NO ONE. Add to that his comment"She knows why " and it's obvious, even to a Scientologist like you! ALSO, he recently tried to con NK into putting off her marriage for his own selfish reasons, it would have interferred with his MI3 opening, and shes' CLEARLY 3-4 months pregnant

2974 days ago


This whole thing is just plain weird but we are giving it more attention than it should get. Whatever happened to the Tom Cruise that was in Risky Business? It sucks when they get too popular; seems they turn into aliens.

2968 days ago

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