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Paris to TMZ Users

You've Hurt Me Bad

7/20/2006 12:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Paris Hilton says she cries sometimes after reading the cruel comments about her posted on TMZ.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday, after finishing a meeting with her publicist Elliott Mintz, Hilton agreed to talk to TMZ's Harvey Levin about thousands of messages TMZ users have posted, many of which are, as Hilton says, "mean and sadistic."

Levin asked Hilton about such comments as, "Paris is just an overused human condom," "Paris is like a fart in a mitten. You know it's there, you can't stand it, but you can't get rid of it," and "Would you please drop over dead or commit suicide you damn slut."

Hilton said "I'm far less promiscuous than any of my friends." As for the infamous sex tape with ex-lover Rick Solomon, Hilton said "I'm judged because of something that an ex-boyfriend did to me. I'm not a slut at all."

Hilton says that many of the TMZ comments are "very hurtful" to her and that some make her cry. She says "They think I don't have any feelings."

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I can"t believe you are going for the sympathy vote! Where was your sympathy when you were giggling and laughing when "whayt's his face" brandon, somebody was saying those things about a former friend of yours? Who is this guy anyway? Paris, here is lesson 1, when you compare yourself to a blond "icon" like Lady Di or Marylin Monroe, at least have the talent or the humanity to back it up. You are obviously severely lacking in both...after you spend a year in Sierra Leon without your lawyers and entourage, let's talk...until then, you have set yourself up for whatever you seem to like it since that is what you have given to society...

I spit on you...

3000 days ago


Why her parents haven't cut off her money supply is beyond me...she's an embarrassment to those who worked hard to establish a business.

Perhaps she wouldn't be judged so harshly if she did something useful with herself instead of wasting money & partying.

3000 days ago


Paris dear, I'm sorry to tell you this but you really are a waste of natural resources. Everytime I open the paper and see that vapid, lights on nobody home smile(smirk) on your face I just wish again you would just go away.
You are a legend in your own mind my dear and it seems you are believing all your own press clippings.
Go volunteer at a homeless shelter or a hospital or something and learn a little humility.
Go live in a tiny dark studio apartment for awhile on a salary you make working in a Wal-Mart or something, then come back to us and have something meaningful to say.
It's an insult to Marilyn Monroe and Princess Di's memories that you put yourself in the same category as them dear. Princess Diana was a class act and Marilyn was a great talent and beauty-none of these adjectives could be used in a sentence describing you at all.

3000 days ago


Ok people! Back up!! This is a human being we're talking about here! SO YALL JUST NEED TO LAY OFF! just because she is pretty and gets all the guys yall have to slam her down like shes nothing but she's worth more than any of us make. I wish i made the money she makes and then I know i would be hated more. I've been through the same thing shes been through just not as bad and i swear people like yall put me down so much I couldnt take it anymore.. I still hate this catalyst attitude ppl have against the rich and famous. If yall were in her position i swear yall would be crying too.. i bet she isnt as promiscuious as she seems but she might as well flaunt what she has because she is FAMOUS! not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth but she was and did she choose to be born a Hilton? no that was just the plan so if you have any other statements regarding her being a "slut" or "whore" you might as well forget about anyone caring because whatever they say about you Paris, they're just jealous and they dont have any respect for a woman. Thank you!

3000 days ago


Marilyn Monroe was an icon. Period. Blonde and beautiful just like Paris. Period. Get a life ya'll!!!!!!

3000 days ago

Mary Jo    

Let's talk about how she and that fat-lipped, fat faced Brandon Davis were tearing up Lindsay Lohan. She thought all those cruel and drunken remarks were funny, didn't she? If you can dish it out, you have to take it, girlie.

3000 days ago


Paris is the biggest imbecile on the face of the planet. She is not a celebrity she is a celebrity wanna be who used the media to get attention not any of her many "talents". She had to start her own label because no one wanted to sign her on to help her make sh*tty music. Stick to the mall paris you can't sing or act your way out of a paper bag.

3000 days ago

PSL Florida    

Paris, Paris, Paris! Feelings??? We all know that your only concerned about keeping yourself in the spotlight. We've made it a rule to shut off the tv when you appear. Nicole is the talent and funny! You are a pretty girl, but your actions make you TRASH! Come-on, why do you dance on bars with no or barely any underwear? The problem is that you are too into yourself. Your video made it clear that your not into sex. Every person I have spoken to has said that after watching that video, you are no longer on his wish list. Good thing you come from money because your talents fall short. At least your parents have hope with your sister and brother on carrying on the family business. The only use they have for you is testing out the new hotel beds. Thats HOT--you not so much at all! How about Thats TRASH!

3000 days ago


Screw Paris Hilton! This rude nasty woman calling a nineteen year old names. Paris is 25 years old and hangs around with teenagers because they are the only ones who are stupid enough to worship an egotistical slut that is noithing but a disgrace to all human kind. She thinks she's Marilyn Monroe? More like Marilyn Munster. With all that money you would think she would fix that long ass nose of hers.

3000 days ago


Paris should sing " If I only had a brain" from the wizard of oz on her crappy cd!

3000 days ago


All Paris wants to do is keep herself in the spotlight no matter what. That lame interview about having her feelings hurt was only a way for her to try to get sympathy. Glad to see the majority of people are too smart to fall for that bullsh*t. Paris should grow up and quit gossiping and whispering insults about friends into drunk people's ears. Her parents must be really proud! At least her sister is acting more responsible and she is younger then paris.

3000 days ago


I'm not a fan of Ms. Hilton by any means. I don't believe that making sex videos with one's boyfriend is a smart move (Particularly if you're famous.), but I don't see why feel the need to invoke such rage toward Paris. I can see why she's so upset, but what I don't understand is why people feel such vile hatred toward her. I suspect that none of the hateful respondents have ever done anything wrong or sinful. They must all be saints-- right up there with the Lord. Pure as the driven snow. That's why they can judge Ms. Hilton so harshly for her indiscretions and condemn her with such bile. I would love to have a figure like Paris. I would love to have the kind of money she has. I'm almost envious of her. Apparently, some of TMZ's readers are... I wouldn't be so envious if I were you, though, for Paris suffers from the worst affliction one can ever suffer from -- fame. With all its blessings, it's a curse... To live life in a fishbowl with people passing judgement on you for every fault is not a life I'd envy. So, I ask the human beings reading this to think about their own failings and give Paris a break. For those of you who are saints, I'll remind you that saints weep for sinners -- they don't spit venom at them.

3000 days ago


Paris is the biggest whore around. Who the hell is she trying to kid? Her friends aren't photographed with thier crotchs hanging out all over the place, only her. She lives in a world that revolves around her because she has never had to do anything her whole life, she said she works hard? What a fucking joke. Please go back to your fantasy land and leave the rest of us alone. Pisshead.

3000 days ago


Paris is a fake bitch. Who gives a rats ass if she got her poor little feelings hurt! Does she honestly think after she was caught on tape dissing LL that people would give her any sympathy when karma came around? Wonder what this fool will do next to make an ass out of herself.

3000 days ago


Well, she needs to learn that as a celebrity she is going to get flamed. If not by 10million people, then by at least one. She cant please everyone.

Rude comments hurt, and I do feel for her. But celebritydom and life is like high school. She really needs to build up an esteem before walking outside and trying to pass off a persona that she cant hold up.

My opinion? Disappear for a good 2 years, then come back completely made over. Not a cookie cutter. But as a woman. Because, seriously. You cant be a party girl forever. No one will take you seriously.. look at Tara Reid. She is older than Angelina Jolie. And HELL! LOOK AT ANGELINA! Talk about persona 180 change!

3000 days ago
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