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Who's The Middle East Hottie?

7/21/2006 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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You forgot Shepard Smith from Fox News:( He's pretty hot and I love his voice. Bill Hemmer also. Love those boys on Fox. As for Anderson Cooper, I like his stories, but as far as hotness goes, he doesn't do it. Richard Engel, nope.

3015 days ago

Bee Jay    

Lara Logan from CBS is definently way hotter (and braver) than any pretty flack-jacketed news-reader sissy-boy!

3015 days ago

jo smith    

r u kidding me? there are thousands of innocent people getting blasted in Isreal and primarily Lebanon, mostly of which include women and children, and we are voting on who's the hottest reporter in the middle east? SOMETHING VERY WRONG ABOUT THIS PICTURE!

3015 days ago

eduardo cuellar    

i regret opening this page, because it will make it seem one more person thinks this page is interesting. it is inappropriate and sick. as already mentioned, there are civilians being slaughtered in this war. so, why don't you instead make a "Which corpse is the hotty?" page?

3015 days ago

wendell dixon    

Now this is crazy..a war is going on and we are talking about who is the hottest reporter. Thats crazy..but hey aren't we talking about TMZ-LOL

3015 days ago


Why are you people coming to a CELEBRITY GOSSIP NEWS SITE if you're so worried about the world's issues...?

3015 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Hey, I can multi task. I care about our troops and other social issues, AND think Anderson Cooper is HOT. I'd like to watch his "hard" news anytime. Sizzle, Sizzle!!!!!!!

3015 days ago


This is my view of it. My husband is on his second tour of duty in Iraq, and finding humor and laughter is among the things that keeps me from going out of my mind with worry. I find this blog entry from TMZ funny, humorous and light-hearted. Yes these reporters are risking their lives in Israel and Lebanon, I watch the news and I am very worried about what is going on, but for TMZ to try to lighten the mood, I'd take it anyday. Anyone remember the media doing the same thing during the Persian Gulf war? I think they call them Scud Studs. Anyway I say, chill out and find the humor in it. I know I am:)

3015 days ago


So, TMZ..who is your reporter in the so called 'hot zones'?

3015 days ago


mmm...Anderson Cooper.

3015 days ago

Evan Levin    

Now have the Anderson Cooper and whoever is the biggest coward and communist vote.

3015 days ago


This is definitely a cheap ploy to get people to fawn over Anderson Cooper. Besides, Cooper and Bill Hemmer are only there for now, they'll be back in the States by next week. Richard Engel is NBC's Beirut Bureau Chief and has been in Iraq for a long time, so he's certainly not some pansy boy who went for ratings.

Plus Engel is way hotter than AC any day.

3014 days ago

Tony Correia    

This post is disgusting. I know we all need a break from bad news but this crosses the line.

3014 days ago


Heh, get a load of all the church ladies sniffing at the Very Idea! You'd think they'd never seen a war before. (Scud Stud, anyone?)

It’s an unfair contest really. Hemmer and Engel would probably do fine in less stunning company, but Cooper is in a class by himself.

3014 days ago

Richard Danforth    

Your piece on "hotties" in the Middle East is vapid but also confirms our enemy's worse criticisms of American culture. You should be ashamed, but you will no doubt use this email to.... entertain! Stay away from me, whoever you are.

3014 days ago
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