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Gay Schmay -- I'm With Stedman!

7/24/2006 11:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stop the presses -- there's actual photo evidence this morning that Oprah and Stedman are together! The talk queen and her man put rumors of her O-ness' gay relationship with Gayle King temporarily to rest by strolling down the red carpet at the Starry Night Benefit celebrating Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in Malibu on Saturday night.

Evidence of Oprah and Stedman out anywhere in public had been scarce, to say the least, with the pair pictured just a tiny handful of times since 2000, as TMZ documented last week. But O and her Steddie looked chummy and in good spirits at Malibu's Villa Casablanca as they helped support the benefit that helps schoolchildren with after-school and other experiences.

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Rena Hamrick    

I saw on one the tabloid covers that Gayle and Oprah had 'officially' moved in together.........Don't remember if it was The Globe or Enquirer but it was in LARGE LETTERS.
It doesn't matter if she is gay or not........what does kind of matter is the huge farce she's played for years with Stedman as her cover up man. Now we all know if Oprah saw a false headline about her in the tabloids she would SUE............but nothing has been denied or confirmed about Gayle moving in with Oprah.
Several years ago I felt pretty sure Oprah and Gayle were the REAL couple......and Stedman was well paid to be the front 'man.' I've never had a reason to change my mind, so I've always thought she was gay. And Gayle was her one true love.
Oprah didn't get rich and famous WOULD have hurt her years ago if she had 'come out'------now after years and years of keeping the fact from her 'fans' it would hurt to come out and say, 'I've been fooling all of you for years and years with my girl. We are a couple.' So if she REALLY felt there's nothing wrong with being gay, then she looks foolish for going to such great lengths to hide it for so long. But come on! It's pretty clear she's got a 'girlfriend' who is her girl.......Oprah is the dominent one in that relationship. MR. Oprah and MS. Gayle.
Stedman may have finally gotten tired and realized he's wasted the 'prime' years in his life being her cover--so he's the one that leaked it to the press. He wants out of the triangle.

2964 days ago


Sorry...Oprah doesn't rock. I don't care if she's gay. I was getting so sick of her and then she ripped the shit out of James Frey and i totally hated that!! I'm just waiting for her to rip the shit out of Jay McGraw for disappointing her,
Who in the hell does she think that she is? Maya Angelu? Get off your high horse and back to where you belong Oprah...Retire already...enough of you is enough

2946 days ago


sorry I wouldn't have spelled Maya Angelou's name wrong if these dumb advertisements would go away

2946 days ago


Who cares if she's gay or not...Let's get some better news going on than Oprah!

2975 days ago


You think she could find a better looking man with all the dough she has.

2975 days ago

get a life people    

I think she looks great!!!!!!!!!!

2975 days ago


hey comment # must have a big old grudge against men.

2975 days ago


Oprah is class act.

2975 days ago


It's none of my business what other people do with their bodies.

2975 days ago


accusing oprah of being gay is useless... even if she was, its not like you will get a good dramatic reaction out of her.
anyway, she has mentioned her relationship with stedman on her show

2975 days ago

Patricia Colleton    

With problems in Iraq and the price of energy rising who cares. Come on people, be real if she were that would be her personal choice not your or mine. Also, if I were in her position and I could give my best friend a good paying job to support whomever then I would that's what friends are for. So give it up will you.

2975 days ago


There is no doubt in my mind that if Oprah was gay she would be the first to tell everyone. If you watch her show at all you would know that. She has also made it perfectly clear that she feels there is nothing wrong with being gay, she believes people are born gay, if you watched her show you would know that also. This woman has done and continues to do so much good in the world, why aren't we talking about that? So let's get over it, She is not gay, she has been with her boyfriend forever and Gayle is her best friend, now can we move on to something that matters!!

2975 days ago

who cares about stupid if Oprahs gay or not. Oprah, Steadman and Gayle are all fine....Leave them all alone...besides how do they know that Steadmans not a woman?

2975 days ago


I don't believe for one second Oprah is gay. And if she was she would tell us. I mean look at ELLEN, once when people thought that was so bad she lost her TV show that I really enjoyed!! Now she's back BIGGER AND BETTER than ever with her talk show. And she's great!! People you need to get over yourself!! There are relationships between the same sexes that can exsist without it being a SEXUAL one. Did you ever think how you would feel if you had no one to confide in? Gayle is like a sister to Oprah. She trust her completely and they keep each others private thoughts just that PRIVATE. I'm married, and the conversations I have with my husband aren't the same as the ones I have with my best girl friend. And I'm sure it's the same with her and Stedman. Just because Oprah is a star doesn't mean she doesn't have the same feelings as every one else. She needs to be able to vent her thoughts to someone that isn't going to run to the tabloids with her every thought!
Personally I think Oprah is an angel living here on earth for us all to learn from. I've watched her show from day one and I've learned a lot by doing so. She's made me a better person.
And by the way, I'm italian and 46.

2975 days ago


If anything I believe her and Stedman have issues with their relationship but like most couples that have been together that long (married or not) they find it hard to say it's not working let's move on. Like the song, no one once to be the first to say goodbye, for many reasons. And now we are publicly humiliating them by making them appear together and pretend to the world all is well. Geez people get a life and leave them alone!!!

2975 days ago
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