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Travolta, Allen -- The Real "Skinny"

7/26/2006 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta strips down to his bathing suit during the filming of his latest flick -- and the results aren't pretty.

The star -- whose bod is far from his ripped self in "Staying Alive" more than 20 years ago -- was in New Mexico filming the aptly named "Wild Hogs," about a group of suburban biker wannabes.

In one scene, Travolta and co-stars William H. Macy, Tim Allen, and Martin Lawrence go skinny-dipping in a local watering hole, only to be confronted by a naked gay man who tries to entice them into a game of marco polo.

Travolta isn't the only member of the cast who looks like he could use a Bally's membership -- check out Allen and Lawrence.

Of the four stars, Macy's physique is the stand out -- a good thing given the star's near-nude appearance during the shoot.


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Why is everyone attacking Travolta? He is one of those men that seem to age well - don't agree with his Scientology, but certainly agree with his loyalty to his wife, his friends and associates. Love his eyes. He looks like a genuinely nice guy. Wouldn't mind snuggling up to his hairy bod whether he has a paunch or not.

2988 days ago


Wow! Maybe the guys were supposed to be heavier/out of shape for the movie? Maybe?

3012 days ago

Go Away    

I could care less if actors and actresses are physically fit to the max. Yes their appearance is not what it should be for people that are in the spotlight most of the time but give them a break. They look much better than most late 30's-40's men. It's terrible how people are attacked so often for how unfit they are or if they are too thin. Besides...they are probably supposed to be playing suburban family type characters who in the real world probably don't always have time to get to the gym either....

3012 days ago


John needs Kirstie Alley to the rescue. It'll be neat-they can both appear on Orpah in November. Kirstie in a bikini and John in a speedo. I hope it is well publiSIZED when it is going to be on so I can skip it! I think I will be at a happy hour at a bar that serves deep fried foods. TB

3012 days ago


I'd take any one of these men any day of the week just as they are. They're real, act their age, don't get themselves cut up to look better or dump their spouses for younger women, all seem to have a great sense of humor, are nice guys and have passed the test of time in their careers and popularity.

3012 days ago


Ladies and gentlemen some of you have already hit the point dead on the nail. The movie portrays these actors as 'wanna be bikers' Now the stereotypical biker at that age is slightly overweight and not in good shape like some of the younger bikers. I happen to know quite a few of them since I was born into a biker family. The stars will not look like that very shortly as they will indeed go back to their regular schedule of gym and excersize. Anyone remember the movie that a famous female actress had to pound on the weight for her role? News nowadays is overreaching and highly laughable. It was for the movie and the TMZ staff are just doing it for a possible reaction from us. Don't bother getting riled up.

3012 days ago


I think it comes with the age. Im not what I use to be and Im older now. I exercise everyday and have since I was 12 and I am not or never have been perfect. I actually am afraid to stop exercising for fear there is more that could happen to my already not so great body!

3012 days ago


I don't care! I have loved John Travolta from the first moment I laid eyes on him as a rambunctious 4 year-old taken to see a movie I had no business being at (Grease) and I always will! He's still dreamy to me...;-)

3012 days ago


Well of course they're not all in as good of shape. Theyre all over 40!!!!!! I dont think any of them look bad at all.
And to compare John Travolta to a picture 20 years ago.......... and Tim Allen doesnt even look that bad.
Its not like their comparing it to a picture 2 years ago and there is a drastic change.
Kind of a pointless story to me.

3012 days ago


Could these guys wives, just tell them the truth. And to keep their shirts on. For God's sake!

3012 days ago

Selena Pierce    

John Travolta is so much more than a body!!!! I,for one consider him to be one of the most beautiful men that has ever lived! In so many ways!!!

3012 days ago


Is that like Jerry Garcia behind William H. Macy?

3012 days ago


Hmmm..Travolta has man boobs :-) I am thinking they all had to gain weight for the role except for Macy who needs to spend just a little time in the tanning booth! :-) I agree with Selena..Travolta is still good looking, and I add that Allen and Lawrence are still funny and Macy a good actor!!!

3012 days ago


We could have done without this story thank you very much cause this one was just grouse.

3012 days ago


I agree with most of the previous comments. There is more to life than making sure you fit the "perfect" mold. These men have every right to look how ever they choose. Just like the rest of us. To me they look like regular guys.

3012 days ago
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