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Hasselhoff Deemed Unfit to Fly

7/27/2006 11:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The same day his divorce became final from Pamela Bach, David Hasselhoff was banned from boarding a British Airways flight after showing up to the gate intoxicated, according to The Sun newspaper.

After reportedly downing bottles of beer and shots of whiskey at a first class lounge at Heathrow, British Airways staff told Hasselhoff he was unfit to board the plane, which The Hoff agreed with.

The Sun also says Hasselhoff told the airline staff he was upset about his messy divorce from his wife after 16 years.

A British Airways spokesperson tells TMZ: "A male passenger was denied boarding flight BA279 as he was deemed to be unfit for travel. He was reassessed by British Airways staff and he was accepted for travel on flight BA283, which left two hours later."



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i think he needs to move to germany where they dont value talent
and love drunk has been actors
tania shields

3001 days ago


Hoff needs a good kicking! What a fuckwit! I would love to see him dropped in a vat of acid!

2982 days ago


Hasselhoff's publicist told Sky News "He was not drunk. He went to see a doctor who gave him some medication."

Do the publicists really think they're fooling anyone? And even if it was true, what kind of pathetic excuse for a man has to be sedated upon learning his divorce to his bitch shrew wife is final? Oh yeah... Haselhoff is a girlie man..... nevermind.

3010 days ago


This guy is a trainwreck waiting to happen ... crashing ... and then waiting to happen again!

3010 days ago


So what if he WAS drinking??? Give him a break...he just finalized a DIVORCE for god's sake. p.s. He was told he couldn't board, accepted that, and many other celebs would have acted so reasonably???

3010 days ago


good grief! I'm going to use that excuse next time I am too drunk to fly. I am on medication! Oh yeah, no one has ever denied me access to a plane because I got that drunk!

3010 days ago

Jeff Davidson    

don't hassle the hoff!

3010 days ago


He did what he did.....he accepted the consequence, did not start any hoopla-la, so put it to sleep, already.

3010 days ago


Please, someone tell me how this man is still famous? I really dislike him and really wish him and his overinflated ego would just go away. He is a total jerk in person and I cannot believe that he is even on TV. Those Germans can have him!!!

3010 days ago

wendell dixon    

Yeah I think that I would have a drink if I was getting a divorce..considering the amount of doe he will have to dish out on the settlement..but I think that his PR persons explanation of why he missed his that was hilarious...couldn't she just said that hes drunk due to an existing condition-LOL

3010 days ago


People aren't too perceptive huh? He was drinking while on pescription drugs..this would make him appear MORE drunk than he really was. (It's also dangerous) Personally I don't blame the guy. Divorce is HELL and that is no matter which party does the filing. I divorced my first husband 20 yrs. ago and I regret it and miss him everyday. David H. stopped drinking at one point, guess he started again, but again, who can blame him? Alcohol isn't the answer when you are hurting but for many it does temporarily kill the pain of a broken heart and that's my guess as to why he was drinking again. In time he'll be okay..pray for him.

3010 days ago


I agree with other posters who said we should cut this guy some slack. 16 years is a long time for a celebrity to be married, and we have NO idea why it ended -- maybe she cheated on him while he was off judging "America's Got Talent."

If he had gotten all beligerent and diva-ish with the airline for not letting him board, that would be different. But he agreed he wasn't " fit for travel" and accepted his fate like a "real person" vs. a celebrity (D-list as he may be). He handled himself MUCH better than that BEYOCH Monique! She should take some lessons from this guy.

3010 days ago


Oops I spelled prescription wrong - my bad Lol Anyway I wanted to say I agree 100% with the posters that say at least he wasn't beligerant like every other movie star who thinks that they are above all others. He accepted the denial and waited until he was cleared to fly. Even "drunk" at least he showed some class. I also think that his publicist was trying to say what I did earlier, that the script drugs made the alcohol make David more drunk than normal. She wasn't taking up for him, just explaining that the meds mixed with the alcohol made him drunk faster and appear more intoxicated which any drug would do.

3010 days ago


Like any other drinker out there sometimes ya just have one too many...
So whats the big deal? And yeah i would say a divorce is a good reason to have a few too many.....

3010 days ago


Did The Hoff recently say that he doesn't drink anymore?
I'm all for knocking back a few, but not being allowed on flight 'cause of too much drinky drinky is pathetic.

3010 days ago
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