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Bulletin: Gibson Enters Recovery Program

7/31/2006 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonStar Magazine has confirmed that Mel Gibson has begun a recovery program.

Gibson's rep, Alan Nierob, exclusively tells Star, "He is in a program of recovery at this time."

Chris Prentiss, a neighbor of Gibson's and the co-founder of celebrity treatment centre Passages in Malibu, Calif., tells Star: "I understand he has gone to a treatment centre. The center that I've heard he's checked himself into follows the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program. And I don't believe that will help him."

Prentiss -- who refused to name the rehab center he's heard Gibson is in -- adds: "He needs individual intense therapy by a team of people who know what they are looking for in causes in alcoholism."


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R. Cohen    

I think the entry into a program is little more than an attempt at damage control for this story. Unfortunately, I don't think 12-step programs do much to teach about bigotry and intolerance, which is also what this man needs. He's a walking anachronism. I guess the pockets of KKK members around the country now have a new hero to look up to, oblivious to the fact as Mr. Gibson is that his life is falling apart and he's in the midst of a meltdown. The "statement" that he issued was undoubtedly written by a publicist.

I only just became aware of Mr. Gibson's spectacularly bad remarks about gays made to a magazine back in 1992, after reading the Wikipedia entry on the actor yesterday. As a friend of mine pointed out, "Almost everyone in front of the camera in Hollywood is gay, and almost everyone behind the camera is Jewish...who is he going to be able to talk to in Hollywood anymore?"

Along those lines, I'm just wondering what it's gonna be like the next time Mel attends some Hollywood function where Steven Spielberg, Harvey Weinstein and countless other Jewish people are in attendance. How exactly will that go? I guess Mel will have to leave his swastika cufflinks at home that evening.

2971 days ago

Fifth Dementia    

To quote him from one of his movies

"That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain"

Next step? Leno...

2971 days ago

Chuck Boltrucyk    

Fame and fortune have a way to help ruin a persons life. Look at Elvis, Michael and many others. Out of the many responses that you received several stand out. Yes the average Joe would still be in jail, but if you have the money for bail you get out, that is the way, he paid and he is out. He is not a scum bag he is a man with a problem, alcohol, many people have that problem, some get caught and receive treatment, some don't. As for his remarks, maybe he believes this maybe not. The way I look at it is Isreal at this time is over doing it. I know they have it hard there but to slaughter children is wrong. So just maybe Mel is just fed up with what is happening in the world. Give him the benefit of doubt.

2971 days ago


Well I dont know how much of the LA Police report I believe....they have been known to be scum bags...As far as Chris "useless" Prentiss 12 step has worked for a lot of people ...and yes people relapse...and YES people have relapsed with "Intense Therapy".notthing is ever guaranteed its how you work the program.
Now go back into your Beverly Hills House call your doctor cuz you need intese therapy to get back into "REALITY"....Hey "Black Metal" get a life to ANGER

"The Passion of Christ" was just a take what you want and leave the rest......................But as far as I know "Jesus Christ Almighty" was Crucified by the Jews .......The Jews always say "There the Chosen ones". I am not prejudice I grew up in a Jewish where I heard that so often.....I myself am a Irish Catholic.

2971 days ago


I'm sick to death of people using liquor as an excuse. I know he said this shit because he was drunk... The point it, HE ACTUALLY FEELS THAT WAY!!! Getting over his booze problem wont get the hate out of his heart. This guy needs more help than just rehab can offer!

2971 days ago



Both Passages and Promises are in Malibu.

"Anyway, FYI .. the rehab center in Malibu, California is called Promises, not "Passages." I used to live in Malibu .. and about 90% of the celebrities that live in that town have stayed, at least once, at Promises."

2971 days ago


DId you see that picture of him in which he looks like Saddam? oy!

2971 days ago

Benumea Maples Otter    

Israel has no shame. Gibson is right when he say almost all wars in this past century have jews writed all over them. If the recalsitrant right wants to give jews land why don't you give them California? I tell you why, is easer to take it fron the defensless Palestinians. I'll like to see at least one act of common sence from Bush and give the Palestinans EQUAL armament to defend themselfes. Then only then you can say Israel have been atack! Slingshots vs. cannons...for God sake!

Poor Jews, they need cheesy democrats to defend them. Poor defensless, hungry, Jews....they have the rigth to exist.. the rest don't matter...Justice will come for everybody, don't you worry!
So Mell dirnk...I condem the fact that he was driving..thats a terrible crime, and he should be severely punished, mainly because life has been good to him. He sould rise like a man and stop drinking now! But in jail, a drunk do not deserves special treatmet, period.

2971 days ago

Benumea Maples Otter    

Yes I saw Mr. Gibson’s picture. You are correct; oddly enough my right testicle also looks like Sadam Hussein! Amassing! I'm bewildered and confuse. Huy,Huy, Huy!

2971 days ago


so what he was drunk , people say stupid things win there drunk.

i cant wait till his news movie comes :)

2971 days ago

Andy M.    

This guy Prentiss is priceless. Why discover the problems with your way of life yourself when you can pay someone to do it for you? From my experience humility doesn't come with a signature on a check, but from self discovery. I hope Gibson has the courage to live a life of recovery.

2971 days ago

Clyde Coombs    

I love his comments when he said the jews start all the wars.Riiight!,and Christians had nothing to do with the 600 year plus Inquisition.

2971 days ago

Linda Wroblewski    

The bible says that "we" meaning Christians will be rejected and despised just as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was. Those who persecute God's Chosen vessels will all answer to Him one day. Mel has been called everything, particularly a "Jew" hater. The Bible commands us to pray for Isreal as God is not finished with them yet. Don't you find it a little odd that Isreal is still standing while being completely surrounded by Islam countries? God has His hand on Isreal, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one, as there is NO OTHER WAY they could still be standing. If your story about Mel is in fact true, who cares? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

2971 days ago


Once again a movie star has fallen off the pedestal.We are reminded once again that these movie stars are PEOPLE. I don't agree with his statements at all, but at least he did not say these things sober. Not that that should matter, the words he spoke were pretty cruel.
I hope his family stands by him at this time. I know all this has hurt them as well.

2971 days ago


I think the old saying "Drunken words are sober thoughts" can be well applied here. The man is a lost case.

2971 days ago
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