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Bulletin: Gibson Enters Recovery Program

7/31/2006 5:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonStar Magazine has confirmed that Mel Gibson has begun a recovery program.

Gibson's rep, Alan Nierob, exclusively tells Star, "He is in a program of recovery at this time."

Chris Prentiss, a neighbor of Gibson's and the co-founder of celebrity treatment centre Passages in Malibu, Calif., tells Star: "I understand he has gone to a treatment centre. The center that I've heard he's checked himself into follows the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program. And I don't believe that will help him."

Prentiss -- who refused to name the rehab center he's heard Gibson is in -- adds: "He needs individual intense therapy by a team of people who know what they are looking for in causes in alcoholism."


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Superstar Steve    

Well, if something is for sure, it's that once Mel starts, he can't stop drinking. So what's he do to? Sit at home? At least he's addressing the problem. Maybe if the Sheriff's department pulled over and processed him sooner like they do with everyone else, he wouldn't have been allowed to progress to the point he believed he "owns Malibu". I'm sure that came to a surprise to the many businesses and other multi millionaires on and around the Malibu area. Mel Gilbson's been afforded a reality check. Some celebrites really feel an 'entitlement' which isn't real, and they're never called on it. If we got them all drunk, most of them would crash and burn once their fans thought how they really think.

2969 days ago

rita divirgilio    

welcome to the disease of of the most misunderstood come back to a normal life is like crawling thru hell.mel is trying like a lot of people out here in the world .we all make mistakes in life.pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get on with life.the world needs more education on addiction,and more compassion.

2969 days ago

Robert Doig    

I am an Anti-Semite, and I say way to go Mel! The Jews are the ones to blame for all wars. The Jews own the media, and I say that is why Mel is getting hung out to dry.

Yes Mel, you should be punished for your DUI and severely!. But you should not be punished for saying the truth about the Jews.....

Bravo Mel

2969 days ago

richard altman    

Wellllll, Mel has just said what so many hundreds of millions all over the world are and have been saying now and for thousands of years. How such a very small number of people of billions of people in this world can be so powerfull as to control the workings of the world is an absolute miracle. Now, the hatred of hebrews. If you are a follower of jesus, remember, he was a very religious hebrew who taught the laws of hebrew and lived the life of one He never started or promoted the movement of another religion, not even in his name. It would have been the worst sin of his God. He died as and was given a hebrew (jewish) funeral and berial. If Mel is a follower of a religion of Jesus, he is a follower of hebrew religion as his God was. He has insulted Jesus religion and the others of his followers who were hebrews and non-hebrews also. "Jesus was a f...... jew also. HOW VERY SAD!

2969 days ago


SUCK UP!! He's trying to get on the Press good side! Make him self look like a good guy by getting him help that if you ask me he doesnt need. He drunk once and did a dum ass thing! O well, pleolpe fuck up some times.

2969 days ago


Ya need to want to be helped and well. . . . Such is life. He got caught. Normal person would just be a statistic.

2969 days ago


Drunk persons words=sober persons thoughts.

End of story...

2969 days ago

Jose Alvarez    

If you remember the Movie "Crash, " you will remember that many of the characters have prejudices and sterotypes built in with them. I would not cast the stone unless we know that we are as hypocritical as the next person. And remember when you do cast the stone, be careful it does not land on you.

Just remember...

2969 days ago

Super Jew    

I haven't been able to watch a Mel movie in a long time, after hearing the things his father had to say. A holocaust denier of the worst sort, a vitriolic anti-semite. And Mel's Jesus movie was the most overrated piece of crap in history, and I wasn't pleased with it's anit-semetic overtones.

I cannot in will not in good conscience support an artist whose views are so revolting.

2969 days ago

Suzanne Burke    

Mel Gibson is a brilliant artist and film maker and the patriarch of an incredible family. He is also very private. People who know the family know that this episode is an aberration and does not represent him. Yes, his words were hurtful, but so is the disease that triggered them. This one awful moment should not define the whole man. I only wish the press would balance their story and report he and his wife's incredible generosity both in monetary and personal contributions to so many world causes, individuals, and to their community. Their giving is done quietly and not for notice. Does that not count for something?

2969 days ago

David Bruner    

You are all sicker than Mell Gibson!!! Out of all i have heard on this stuff with Mr. Gibson...a lot of whiney stuff. Dosn't any one have the balls to face up to the fact that he was DRUNK and...BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR!!!

2969 days ago


I don't think anyone would have made such a big deal about this if the 'jew' word didn't come out. Why is it that no one can ever say something negative about jews? He voiced his personal frustration (probably booze and mental illness talking). If he criticised Christians it wouldn't of made the news.
Touchy, touchy. Get over yourselves.

2969 days ago


So Baba WaWa (the world's foremost media whore) has condemned Mel. What a joke! Besides what about space cadet Pat O'Brien (all is forgiven with that loser..) Plus at least Mr. Gibson has the guts to apologize to those he's offended and take action for his problems. Yet he's being villified even more than real criminals like OJ and Wacko jacko....that's the Hollywood left for you!

2969 days ago


Nobody put a gun to his head and made him drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is to blame for being a raging Alcoholic. If he wasn't so money hungry and desperate for power he would not have gone crazy from the blood of Jesus that he profited from!

WAKE UP you so called Christians! Your Idol is a hypocrite and all you can say is "don't cast stones" glass houses he's human, don't judge, then in the same breath you spout off your judgements and cast stones at only human Jews!

This thing gets WORSE everyday that is because he made the most SATANIC movie about Christ ever made and YOU SICK DILLUSIONAL people ate it up as Gospel and now THE LIGHT and the TRUTH has been shown to you and your TRYING TO SAVE FACE!

Forgive him.... so what its not a big deal blah blah IT IS A BIG DEAL and I will NEVER forgive him for all the souls he lead to hell and the BLASPHEMY against MY God! The Day I forgive him is the day he admits how satanic his movie is, yes it is about the movie Mel, it is!

Don't be decieved again thinking that Mel is not part of the Illuminati and Jewish Establishment he pretends to be against, he is part of the New World Order, HE admitted it on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer when he was talking about his LEFT HAND. And his movie Company logo IS AN ALL SEEING EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2968 days ago

Leora Mergan    

Entitlement, can we just break it down and blame it all on that, entitlement. It was revealed on Catherine Crier this evening that Mel had been stopped twice before by law enforcement for speeding. Neither of the incidents resulted in him receiving a citation, a ticket, or a warning. In one of the incidents he remained on his cell phone the entire time the officer was speaking with him, the officer ultimately let him go without even having a conversation of any note with him. These are only the incidents that ard known; have there been others? So a person of his "stature" feels entitled. If he has known since his early adult life that he is an alcoholic then he knows that he has to get life-long support from those organizations and facilities, public and private, that offer those services to those who are battling the disease of alcoholism. It's not like he can't afford it. His apology to the Jewish community seems like the status quo rhetoric from a PR firm. His request that the community assist him in his healing is a bit over the top. His attitude toward Jews is something he must wrestle with on his own, he has to look at the "man in the mirror". I hope that they respectfully decline assistance to assist him to heal because the whole move seems like a damage control manuever. This moment is just revealing to Mel that there are some things that he has to work out for himself. The public should feel lucky that he was taken off the street before he killed someone or himself.

2968 days ago
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