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Cameron and Justin's Hawaiian Getaway

7/31/2006 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might finally be time to take Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake off of "breakup watch."

The pair was in Hawaii last week for five days. The couple swam and surfed on Friday -- Cameron even took the time to put some suntan lotion on Justin's back. They left town later that day.

Cam and Justin were in Paris during Fourth of July with Diaz's "Charlie's Angels" co-star, Drew Barrymore.

Timberlake's new album, "FutureSex/LoveSounds" hits stores on September 12. His new video and single, "Sexy Back," is currently receiving major airplay.

Cameron will next be seen in "The Holiday," alongside Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black.


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Cameron should stop wasting her time with her throaway boy-toy Jus tin-tin berlake before he starts sleeping around w/ his fans & catching up a funky disease - she's got what most guys will want on a Chick with a Hot Body, Sun-Tan Lotion and Surfboard

2940 days ago

steve and sissy    

oh please ,i am sure they are very happy together! eat your heart out everyone! maybe you all wish you were as happy as them stop trying to read more into the pics then there is! Pay more attention to your own relationships you might be better off for it ya know! I wish them years of happiness together ..all the best to them...make it work cause we all know relationships are hard enough without being in the lime light!...way to go and age is but a number...stay strong

2940 days ago


Justin needs to dump that old rubber faced bitch!....end of rant.

2971 days ago

the short chick in the back    

I like Justin's new song - it's different. I was never an n syncer, but after he went solo I started to notice that he was pretty hot. I'm feelin him in that suit he wears in the video *purrrr*

2971 days ago


He looks absolutely miserable in those pics!

2971 days ago


Cameron is showing her age. Justin is way too good for her. Her body is looking old and she just is losing her appeal. Once upon a time I loved this gal and thought she was super hot. Now I think she's more suited for an older man. Justin needs to hook up with Jessica Simpson.

2971 days ago

get a life people    

If only I had a body like hers.......

2971 days ago


There is nothing negative to say about these two - they are both talented and classy individuals who maintain a low profile and have a good, close circle of friends. They also engage in their fair respective shares of philanthropy. Anyone hating on this thread is either a neocon, jealous, or both.

2971 days ago


Why are any of you threatened by their age difference??? She looks beautiful for her age -- every single one of you uneducated secretaries, salesclerks, or waitresses (OK if you are in school or working in fine-dining) posting negative comments about the natural aging process will be LUCKY to look like Cameron does at her age. And I guarantee every last one of you haters will NEVER have made your fortune by your own merit or talents the way she has.

2971 days ago


Justin, Justin, Justin you are way too HOT for Cameron. She is becoming a has been and you're moving to the top of your game. Please look around and don't throw your life away with someone that much older than you. My brother married a woman much older, too and it did not last. They grew apart. I think Justin and Cameron will, too.

2971 days ago

your mama    

what i think yall need to mind your own lifes and stop worrying about every one else. because he'll never get with yall. and cameron girl u still got it going on don't be worry about all this haters.

2971 days ago


I love these two! They look great together.

Why is it when a man is with an older woman, people are like, Eeewwww.
But, when it is a woman with an older man, noone says boo.
Double standard.....hate. it.

2971 days ago


I agree ! Justin looks totally unhappy even the most recent photos Cameron is trying her best to get Justin to pay attention to her by kissing him but Justin wants no part of it .

they should still be on a break-up watch !

2971 days ago


Not to sound mean or anything, but I agree with whoever said he looks miserable in those pics. He does not look too happy. Actually most recent pics of them together there is a scowl on his face. All I know is I called Carmen and Dave so I still have these two on the list.

2971 days ago

X Tina    

I think Justin IS NOT the best looking guy out there! He's aiight, but he's not H-O-T-T hot, hot, hott!! Cameron Diaz is beautiful, even tho she's older than him, doesn't mean she's old in general... I personally think they're an interseting couple, but that Cameron can do much better. But they seem real happy together and that's all that matters. Good luck JT& CD

2971 days ago
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