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Paparazzi Are on Lindsay Like Bees on Honey

8/2/2006 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

www.tmz.comLindsay Lohan emerged from behind a wall of paparazzi after grabbing lunch in Malibu yesterday with her boyfriend, Harry Morton.

The pair dined Monday afternoon at the Italian eatery Tra Di Noi at Malibu's celebrity hangout, the Country Mart.

Lohan and Morton finished their meal and came out to a mob of photographers and fans who swarmed the couple as they made their way to their car.

During the exit, Harry politely asked the gaggle of photogs, "Just let us drive out, though ... please." The two then hopped in a black Mercedes and were able to escape without incident.


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this b**** loves attention

2968 days ago


Lindsay lohan is a real loser. She parties 6 or 7 nights a week. She tries to make beleive shes 'innocent" and "young" when the papparazzi take her photo. She goes to EVERY trendy nightclub in New York, where she KNOWS she will be SEEN. Thats her whole life..PARTY PARTY PARTY. And then she B****ES when peopel take a photo of her a a "popular" trendy night club. She USES the MEDIA and then she berates them. She is NOT nice to fans asking for autographs anymore (she rarely signs) and the most important thing of all--HER ACTING IS AT BEST MEDIOCRE. She has no range of EMOTIONS, (let's see her make you CRY hahah) She "talks" her roles in movies. She has NEVER been in a GOOD movie and she has NEVER given a Great performance. Especially an INTELLIGENT ONE. And she gets paid over 10 million dollars EACH movie (like the "wonderful" HERBIE;FULLY LOADED!) (hahaha). Wait till she hits 29..she will be OVER....This is no MERYL STREEP or MICHELLE PFEIFFER when it comes to actually ACTING!!!!!

2968 days ago


You know what people... just leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soo positive that if you were famous you'd hate all the attention. Just cut her some slack shes just like u and me... she just got lucky. If you want to be mean then go ahead but im sure if you ever become famous you would feel the same way as her. so just leave her alone.

2964 days ago

Team Minnillo    

What is the hype and appeal of Firecrotch?

2970 days ago

Sam Doe    

I hear that Harry Morton used to date the well-known talk show hostess, Windy Moore.

2970 days ago


I know that this is the price of being famous. But it has to be weird to live under a micoscope like that. I can see how "stars" could get caught up in that lifestyle and actually think the world revolves around them.

2970 days ago


I would hate to live that kind of Twilight Zone life...
CREEPY, sort of sad too.

2970 days ago


Isn't LL supposed to be filming a movie?!? Somehow, she has time to go shopping, lunching, clubbing, anything BUT be on set? Amazing!

2970 days ago


Lindsey is a "young girl" who has lacked parental supervision. Matter of fact, her mother seems to think it is normal for a teenager to go to clubs and drink, do drugs, be out all night. That is sad. Her career, as promising as it might be, will suffer if she doesn't get a clue and grow up. She wants to be treated as a responsible adult; she needs to behave as one! The media loves idiots like Lindsey (and Mel Gibson) because they sell magazine and newspapers.

2970 days ago

Ida Clair    

Hey Sally - NO ONE CARES about Windy Moore.

Maybe if your dumb little video had some production value, say maybe some lighting and action, people might care. In the meantime, please go away.

2970 days ago


i would just lose it on the papparazos!!! wow, that is crazy. i really don't know what the appeal is though...she is just not worth all of the trouble...not at all!

2970 days ago


Listen, all normal teenagers like to go out and party and maybe even drink. What is the big deal in that??? It's normal people, get over it. Oh and Windy does suck!

2970 days ago



2970 days ago


If you don't want to be photographed, then don't eat at a well-known "celebrity hangout"

2970 days ago

slacking off    

I think she's cute. I respect the fact that she can deal with these ridiculous photographers, all over her all day, and not go off on them. She's young, she'll make mistakes and act crazy but that's the fun of it. Don't be such fuddy-duddy's!

2970 days ago
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