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Brad's Back!

8/3/2006 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBrad Pitt was spotted on the set of "Ocean's 13" Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles. The new father is back to work and looking great. Cameras snapped the superstar all decked out in a dark suit and sunglasses.

Seems that working again has put the actor in a good mood, Pitt was all smiles for the ever-present paparazzi.

After filming wrapped for the day, Pitt ditched the suit, threw on his leathers, mounted his motorcycle and headed out.

Brad and his famous co-stars are being treated like royalty after producer Jerry Weintraub built the cast and crew "Ocean's Club." The exclusive lounge has a stocked bar, poker table and full-time catering.


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Lance K.    

More power to him. Glad he is going on with his life instead of spending his time commenting about the lives of others.

3001 days ago

Lance K.    

How stupid for you whiny people to be on here thinking he should have stayed with someone just because YOU wanted him to. Pure idiocy. Let the man live his life. He doesn't have to live for you. Stop trying to live through celebrities and then maybe you can open your eyes to the problems and blessings in your own

3001 days ago


He looks fabulous--now let's hope they have a script this time. Ocean's 12 was nothing more than one long, boring photo-op for the stars. Weintraub with his mega bucks should be able to afford a decent screenwriter this time.

3001 days ago


Gwen, maybe it would have been someone else, but it wasn't ,it was Jolie-ho, and what goes around comes around, so at some point in time Karma will bite Brangelina on the ass...And I will have a hugh laugh...I don't want Brad and Jen to get back together, I think he is where he deserves to be...

3001 days ago



3000 days ago


Daaamn Daaady's baaack!!

3000 days ago


How can any of you look at Brad the same way again after his new pansy ass ways since hooking up w/ Angelina? The way he dutifully walked 10 paces behind her lugging that kid along while Angelina walked with too much authroity in front of him, vagina lips pouting out. When you heard him speak he sounded so incredibly wimpy! No way is he hot anymore. Angelina made him swallow his balls and his pride. Oh well, in another year or so she'll be chewing up someone new and spitting them out too.

3000 days ago

Oh Canada    


Hate him all you want, the man is beautiful. Those lips, those eyes, that smile, and oh yes that body. There isn't another 43 year old actor/celebrity that can hold a candle to William Bradley Pitt. I can't wait until his new film 'Babel' with Cate Blanchett is released on October 27th.

Hate his girlfriend/main squeeze/baby mama all you want, but there isn't an actress/celebrity that can hold a candle to Angelina Jolie, an incredible actress, a humanitarian, and drop dead gorgeous woman.

I will continue to oogle both Brad and Angelina in the Uncut version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, they're a dynamite couple, they just can't help but sizzle. I want to see them in many more movies together, you can't fake that kind of chemistry. Bogie and Bacall had it, so did Gable & Lombard, Newman & we have Jolie and Pitt.

I hope they find the strength in each other to weather the storm of negativity that some people continue to throw at them.

3000 days ago


All I can say is WOW!!!
This man is too beautiful!!!
Absolutely Gorgeous and Sexy!!!

3000 days ago


This is for all the Paparazzi, You guys need to mind Your own biz-wack, leave this stars alone they have a life too, unfortunately You ain't got one. How much do You get paid to ruin people's life. I am sorry but this is sickening to My stomach.I do not believe that You would like people or gossipers like You swarming around Your children and family. So please live this stars alone and let them live the life they deserve.


3000 days ago


Sooooo tired of Brad .... **yawn**

3000 days ago


Sonia, it is blatenly obvious you are Brad's or Angelina's publicist. I am asuming you're Brad's since you "Shamelessly" plugged his new movie. Saaaaddddd! Brad's publicist has to defend him. He has very few fans. Career, OVER!

3000 days ago


I can proudly say he is from my hometown, and he is a doll, very nice, and down to earth..........oh, yeah, let's not forget the gorgeous part!!!!!! Gives a lot of money to Boys and Girls clubs here for kids that would normally be home alone, all summer, he is a great Missourian, and a GREAT ACTor............Clooney wishes he had what Brad either have it, or you don't............I have seen him, and he does, believe me. From Mo.

3000 days ago

Oh Canada    

Hello Ms. Breakfast at Tiffany's,

I'm not their publicist, but you're right I went a bit overboard about "Babel". This morning I watched a show that previewed the movie, and gave the release date; I didn't know the date before this morning. In any case, I got carried away in my post, I'm a big fan of Cate Blanchett, and of course brad.

I disagree with you about Brad's fan base and his career. I like what I've seen and heard from him in interviews, I find him a bit goofy, but also spirited. I also enjoy his movies, he's made a few duds (Troy), but I think he's a good actor.

3000 days ago

Brad and Angelina All the way!    

Brad and Angelina have to be the best couple in the world. Not only are they both super hot but they love having a family and I think that is very respectable in many ways. Also, I think it's wonderful Angelina takes flying lessons as I am also an aspiring female pilot and go to college to study piloting. It's great that she's getting her man [Brad] to take some lessons as well. Who knows, maybe Angelina can open up the skies for more women who would like to be Pilots but see it as a more "male dominant" career. Way to go Jolie-Pitts, may god bless you guys and your family :)

3000 days ago
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