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Nic Cage's 9/11 Moment

8/3/2006 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicolas Cage couldn't hide his emotion during a reception in New York to honor police and fire fighters who died on Sept.11, 2001.

Cage was given a cross made of steel from the rubble of the World Trade Center by 9/11 survivor John McLoughlin.

Police and fire officials attended a private screening of "World Trade Center," the Oliver Stone film that opens nationally on Aug. 9.


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United 93 and now this movie are hard to watch, but I think we have a responsibility to the thousands who died to watch anyway...and to remember that brutal day. I flew 2000 miles to New York and took my parents and children to see Ground Zero so our family would never forget. And I for one would pay good money for a cross like that one (made from the twisted steel). Come to think of it, that's a great fundraising idea for rebuilding the new towers.

2967 days ago

Jay Miller    

I just saw an advance screening of this movie - it is fantastic and so memorable. The movie does not focus on the terrorism but the good that was shown by people in the aftermath - a nice change. Outstanding.

2966 days ago


Fuck you jeremiah and your lopisided judgement.

You have YET to prove any inside job. SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY, punk.

2966 days ago

Alex Rogers    

I have started a new fundraising effort. Hope that this movie can help it along. We are collecting money in the local community to turn steel from the WTC to be made into bullets.

The goal is that for a certain donation you can put your name and a message on a bullet. Say like "Enjoy your Democracy Bitch", "America loves you" or something,

If I can get Nic Cage involved it would really take off.

2966 days ago


I can't wait to see this movie. I saw a clip of it last night and a behind the scenes special on Extra. They interviewed the two men that this story is based on; they even make a cameo in the movie. Both of them worked with the producers to make sure the story was as accurate as possible. I'm so glad they picked Nicolas Cage as one of the actors; he is so passionate.

2966 days ago

Navy Wyf    

Hey Caitlin,

If you don't appreciate what Bush was thrown into in the first few months of his Presidency then I recommend that you get the hell out of the US and go live in someother country. Bush has done the best that he possibly can and I would like to see YOU run this country WITHOUT mistakes and criticism.

Finally, I think Nicolas Cage will do this movie justice as he is one hell of an actor. For those of you who think otherwise, that is your opinion. Why not stop cracking on the celebs that make a movie to REMIND everyone of what we have lost? If you can do any better, then go and do it yourself!

2965 days ago


I actually liked Con Air, I thought it was one of his better movies, and he looked hot in it...Why all the hate against Nick.."Caitlin Meyer", you don't have to like him but you don't have to be so vicious about it...

2964 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Hey Team America,

Michelle is right. If you don't love George Bush, the War in Iraq, believe eveything you are told than get the f*ck out of America.

Its not just an opinion, its policy. I like this new world we live in. Whenever things seem weird or wrong I just close my eyes and think about firefighters and video montages from CNN. This mental exercise allows me to do anything, like kill dark skinned people, bomb abortion clinics, spit on poor people - you know good old American stuff.

Thanks to this Nic Cage 9/11 film I can always remind myself of how to maintain my psychopathic outlook on life. I'm counting on all the good patriots in the U-S-A to keep doing the same.

Or else your a terrorist. Have a nice day. :)

2962 days ago

Alex Rogers    

9/11 = false flag op like project northwood like the Reichstag. Its all written up years before by wolfowitz etc... in the project for a new american century. good strategy for oil / money / control the world. Allows population control through fear/police state/propoganda. America cannot operate without an enemy. This is the perfect enemy. One that doesnt exist.

All your emotion is exzactly what is desired.

I applaud the strategy. Its smart. But im not blind to it. All those who died on 9/11 were just pawns/collateral/unfortunate.

Its easier to doublethink reality out of your head. I know. Thats why the dumbest exuses work the best.

2956 days ago


What do you know...a nice story for a change. Thanks!

2967 days ago


I can't wait to see this movie. Nic looks emotional in this pic. Which I do know he plays that guys part in the movie. I feel it is time to start making more movies about 911. There are literally 1000's of stories people have about this horrific event in our history. Look at how important and knowledgable "Shindler's List" was about the holocaust, most people just don't want to believe that this is a part of our history, the stories will never go away and I know "We Will Never Forget"! My deepest sympathies to anyone who lost a friend, family member, loved one or co-worker on that horrible day and the days which followed.

2967 days ago


Oh my gosh that was such an honor for Nick. Wow look at his emotions!

2967 days ago


This is very touching. Nick Cage looks very moved by this gesture. It's nice. This is feel good story of the week. I'm looking forward to seeing the film.

2967 days ago

Alex Rogers    

I cant wait to not see this movie. IWait I mean - this movie will really touch my heart.
Im just so nervous to see it, because then maybe I will run out and sign up to join the army.
I feel so bad about the "false flag" op from that day that I can only heal if travel the world killing people.
How can I extinguish this pain. Help me Nic Cage! Help me Oprah Winfrey! Help me George Bush!
Ahh screw it. Screw this movie! and screw all you fascists!

2967 days ago

Gail Duituturaga    

I feel so sorry about Alex Rodges that he is so full of hate. This movie is about what hate can do and what compassion can do. The world is being divided between the haters and everyone else. I hope he doesn't join the army as he would enjoy the killing too much. But he sounds like a coward and doesn't know right from wrong.

2967 days ago
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