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8/4/2006 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arguably the world's sexiest women, Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford, battle it out, lap dance style, on a yacht in St. Tropez. Pick your pole dancing poison.

Cindy's sultry moves on hubby Randy Gerber.

Pam's booty-shaking present for Kid Rock.

Mel Gibson parties hard with patrons at Moonshadows, a few hours before he was cuffed on DUI charges. A cell phone camera catches the action.
Mel Gibson

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No Avatar


could this person and their tom cruise cr@p stop infiltrating every single comments page? it's getting beyond annoying.

3001 days ago

Sam Doe    

I think Ellie Mae is about to snap!

3001 days ago

Sam Doe    

She certainly seems to be a bit "tightly wound," as my dad would say!

3001 days ago


thank you for your concern, but i am neither tightly wound, nor about to snap. i'm just sick of the same post on almost every comments page. it is obviously the same person with many different user names. yes, they want everyone to see the stupid video, i think we all got that message loud and clear earlier today. makes me wonder if it is a "purely promotional comment", and if so, the moderators here need to eat their words and stop displaying them.

3001 days ago

Sam Doe    

Honey, you're definitely either tightly wound -- or Tom Cruise's PR person! Take a Nyquil or something.

3001 days ago

Sam Doe    

Why are they promoting that video of Tom Cruise's ex-girlfriend so heavily anyway? So what if he likes to do it "flamingo style" -- I found the tape to be totally boring.

3001 days ago


i actually am not a fan of mr. cruise. if i was his pr person, don't you think i'd take a stronger aproach to the situation? i mean, come on, i wouldn't be so bored as to banter here. like spake, i'm just wondering why it is being so heavily promoted on every page. haven't we had enough of the egocentric lately? hasn't he wasted enough of our already rotting brain cells?

3001 days ago

the wise old owl    

YACHT HEPITITUS HAS JUST LAUNCHED !!!! Thank God there is a designated driver on this ship. Everyone looks totally wasted. CINDY CRAWFORD looks like she was hanging on to the posts to keep from falling and her HUSBAND looks like he was looking for a 3 -WAY. They will probably all retire to the SAME ROOM.
The next day they probably didn't remember a thing until they watched this VIDEO.
When they all come up with a case of HERPIES they will think back and try to remember where they got . UMMMM....... NICE WEDDING PRESENT.

3001 days ago


So what? That's her HUSBAND!!!! They're into each other ... still find each other sexy .... that's the way it's *supposed* to be ...

3001 days ago

Sam Doe    

That Tom Cruise video is very sinister. I am surprised the Scientologists have not squelched it yet, as some of the practices that his ex-girlfriend discusses are against the practices of Scientology. (Well, of course, having a child out of wedlock is also against the Scientologists' religion, but you don't hear much about that whole issue either. It is like silent birth -- it is silent. Money talks, bullsh*t walks, and etc.) And why would one want to have sex standing on one leg anyway? The whole idea creeps me out. The video creeps me out. Don't watch it -- unless you have to...

3001 days ago

Sam Doe    

Next I expect to read a story in about how standing on one leg during sex has become the HOT NEW CRAZE in Hollywood -- or maybe it is already! Why can't these Hollywood people just act like normal people -- why do they have to have sex standing on one leg and stuff like that? Cuz before you know it my girlfriend is going to want me to have sex with her on one leg, and she will tell me I have to do it because Tom Cruise does it. And bascially I would prefer not to but there is no stopping my girlfriend Deidre when she gets an idea into her mind. I am not even sure I could keep my balance long enough to have sex on one leg. Unless we are talking about oral sex perhaps...

3001 days ago


I don't understand why anyone cares that Lindsay and her boyfriend are getting into a car and driving away, it's not like she was snorting cocaine or drinking whiskey out of a brown paper bag or anything exciting. Paparazzi has gotten way more than out of hand, it's just plain ridiculous, and they should all go get real jobs.

3000 days ago


I wish Babs had punched that loudmouth Liz Hasslebitch in the face. Why doesn't she go work for the PTL if she's such a Pro-lifer. Then she scream about saving all the unwanted babies day and night.

I wonder if SAINT Lizzie will be adopting any of these unwanted babies? They'll be plenty available in South Dakota.

3000 days ago


Elizabeth did get out of line on the View. I couldn't believe how she seem to want to enforce her point of view so angrily. It was just not the place, especially with so many different views and I don't believe she had all the facts. Passion is one thing, but anger and forced opinions are another.

Cindy Crawford should be embarrassed about her lap dance tape - and should just keep her sex life private. As to Pamela, anything goes with her and I wish she would just retire and act like a middle aged woman that she is, especially since she is sending the wrong signals to her kids.

3000 days ago


I didnt watch the videos. I'd like to see one big video of all the aholes who take videos of other people without them knowing it-bet it'd be real boring though. They need to get a life quick and stop living off other lives. Big losers with cameras is all they are.

3000 days ago
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