Celebs Caught on Tape 07/24 - 07/29

7/28/2006 8:45 PM PDT

Celebs Caught on Tape 07/24 - 07/29

Need your weekly fix of celebrity video? Lance Bass lets us in on the world's worst kept secret while Nick shows us PDAs aren't his thing.

Vanessa Minnillo can't keep her hands off her new squeeze Nick. But Nick wouldn't give in to her feminine charms in public... much to the dismay of the waiting photogs.

Sexy Matthew McConaughey is back on the beach working out. Matthew's buddies decided to launch a few water balloons at the onlooking photogs. Too bad for them most of the balloons popped before launch.

Rod Van Dam learned that being a professional wrestler doesn't impress the cops. Van Dam was cited for possession of marijuana and Vicodin. Take a look at the police dash cam video.

Minutes after being crowned Miss Universe, Zuleyka Mendoza Rivera of Puerto Rico fainted on stage. Citing a dress made entirely of chains and hot lights of the auditorium for the collapse, Zuleyka was quickly given liquids and recovered.

Pro skater and DJ Chad Muska got in a fight Thursday night with a bouncer outside Hollywood hot spot Hyde. Muska, who worked as a DJ that night at the club, was escorted out for being drunk, and that's when it all hit the fan.

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