Celebs Caught on Tape 07/17 - 07/23

7/21/2006 10:00 PM PDT

Celebs Caught on Tape 07/17 - 07/23

Celebrities never seem to disappoint and this is no exception. From the Paris you never knew, to Jessica pandemonium.

Check out what was captured by the all-seeing video cameras of TMZ

Paris Hilton says the savage comments about her on TMZ make her cry. She showed a side you've never seen in an exclusive interview with TMZ's Harvey Levin.

Jessica Simpson's fans went insane as the former Mrs. Lachey paid a visit to MTV's TRL. Even by Big Apple standards, this was crazy.

And speaking of crazy, wait till you hear what John Cusack's alleged stalker had to say after the actor got a restraining order against her. She told a wild tale of sex trafficking and death threats.

Lindsay Lohan's new beau Harry Morton tried to reason with a cordial group of what sounded like female paparazzi, insisting that they wouldn't get a good shot of his lady. The group persisted and were rewarded with shots of Lindsay drinking OJ

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