Celebs Caught on Tape -- Best of the Week

7/8/2006 7:30 AM PDT

Celebs Caught on Tape -- Best of the Week

Your favorite famous, and infamous, celebrities are caught by TMZ's camera's doing what they do best. Being outrageous.

It was blood, sweat and "Cheers" when Woody Harrelson grabbed TMZ cameraman Josh Levine.

Before grabbing Levine's throat, Harrelson broke TMZ's camera, after asking Levine to turn it off. The incident happened as Harrelson was leaving a Hollywood nightclub. The LAPD is conducting a criminal investigation.

Now for another kind of smackdown. The WWE is looking for its next Diva, and TMZ went backstage to watch the bikini-clad casting call.

So where does Michael Jackson go when he needs some quick dough? Turns out, he's got a few cash cows hidden away at Neverland Ranch -- were talkin' the kind that moo. In this newly released video deposition, the King of Pop explains the udder madness, and defends his honor against the former gay porno king who says Jacko stiffed him out of millions.