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Sheriff Rejects

TMZ Request for Gibson Tapes

8/7/2006 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has rejected TMZ's request for the video and audio tapes of Mel Gibson's arrest.

Last week, TMZ lawyer Alonzo Wickers requested the tapes under California's Public Records Act. In a response late Friday, a lawyer for the Sheriff's Department notified Wickers, "The records you have requested are records of the investigation and part of the investigatory file in this matter."

The letter from the lawyer for the Sheriff's Department does provide some official detail into the arrest. It occurred at 3:10 a.m. on July 28 and Gibson was booked at the Sheriff's station at 4:06 a.m.

According to the letter, Deputies are currently still investigating the incident. It says, "As Gibson traveled on Pacific Coast Highway, deputies were alerted by their radar that his speed was above the posted limit."

The letter continues, "Deputy personnel stopped Gibson and when they contacted him, they smelled alcohol on his breath. Deputies conducted field sobriety tests and Gibson's field breath test showed that he was apparently operating his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. "

As TMZ reported, a single Deputy -- James Mee -- stopped Gibson and took him into custody.

Gibson was released from the Sheriff's station at 10:00 a.m. on July 28.

Click to read TMZ's request
Click to read the Sheriff's Department's response


No Avatar


LET IT GO!!! For the love just drop it with Mel. The rest of the world is over it, it's time you joined us.....

3001 days ago

Sam Doe    

Speaking of naughty tapes, even better is this video on Youtube of a revealing interview with an ex-girlfriend of Tom Cruise who talks about their unusual sex life. But you should be warned in advance -- has put this video into its "adult only" category because of its racy subject matter, so you may not be able to access it.

3001 days ago


Why in the world would the sherriffs dept. give anything to TMZ,? Why would they even ask? This story is so over...

3001 days ago


YAY i am glad they rejected TMZ

this whole mel gibson thing has left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to TMZ

what harvey levin did was more horrible than what mel did. mel was a drunk jerk spewing hate because he was drunk.

harvey had a mission to destroy mel for the sake of this site and because he is jewish.

would this have happened if mel said it about hindus?

Harvey has done over 300 television interviews because of this story. doesnt HE feel hateful????

shame on you, harvey. how do you sleep at night?

3001 days ago


GENOCIDE....right here right now...Rwanda,Congo,Dufar, Sudan......Why are they not important?! I'll tell you why, because they do not add to the bank accounts of filthy rich jewish "HOLYWOOD" execs, the only thing that interest them about the forementioned countries are the blood diamonds that lace their pampered wives hands, and any resource that they can make a dime off of not giving a damn about who's life it cost.....I'm not some radical, But you have got to be shitting me if the only time we hear an outcry about a politically incorrect statement is when the the word Jew, Jewish....etc is mentioned. Get off Mel's back, he's entitled to his opinion.....Even Good ole boy George knew to keep his mouth shut on this issue!

3001 days ago

the wise old owl    

THIS STORY IS LIKE BEATING A DEAD HORSE. Enough already !!! Since this is not going to trial there is no way anyone will ever see those tapes.. Mel Gibson's lawyers made a plea bargin so the police dept. doesn't have tohe right to release the tape to the public. I THINK THE PUBLIC PRETTY MUCh KNOWS WHERE THIS GUY IS COMING FROM. Time to move on.

3001 days ago


I do agree that getting the tape will be difficult if not impossible. However it appears to me that Kenni above might agree with Mel and his Dad. If you would just think straight the reason none of the above genocides are attracting any attention is truely because George Bush and the rest of the Bush crime family really doesn't care about Black people- Mid East where the oil is draws their attention quite well.

3001 days ago

Susana Medrano    

Unless you or a member of your family have gone thru a DUI "process" you have no idea of the nightmares this could bring, and the energy that takes out of you.. Mel Gibson ? he is not an average Joe.. this may just be what he needs to stay on the headlines and make another mega blockbuster at the movies. However, I challenge Mel Gibson to fight the powerfull money making machine AKA as MAAD to reconsider some of the latest DUI laws that is making this country so boring. It is not that you are not to take the driver's seat if you are DRUNK, no, no.. one drop too many of Vicks Vaporub Syrup could put you on to that infamous .08%. Do not get me wrong.. I am NOT a Mel Gibson fan ! however, he can do a lot to get these stupid laws reverse. It is a MONEY MAKING MACHINE, from the time you get bailed to the 1000 DUI attorneys that contact you, the arresting policemen that gather around the scene of the crime to become wittnesses so they can spend numerous easy overtime hours hanging around the courthouse waiting to be called (they won't missed these precious days) and they are the first to suggest you "get yourself a GOOD LAWYER".

GOT NEWS FOR YOU, AVERAGE JOE: THERE IS NO GOOD LAWYER THAT CAN BAIL YOU OUT OF THIS ONE. don't waiste your money or your time. Just through yourself at their mercy and get the 95 years on your record. They want you to go thru the motions to spend all the money in DUI paraphernalia (as I call it)..

I wonder WHY up to today, I search in the MAAD website and I see NO indication of the Mel Gibson incident. Let's make it loud ! THIS IS THE GUY THAT CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Sad thing is, regular people that goes through this do not even dare to talk about it .. it's such a lonely world out there. And, i am not saying that shouldn't be any laws.. but, 0.08% ? I can reach that with Vics if I am sick. More info on unfair MAAD issues at:

Come'on Mel, this will be you true redemption; don't give me this false apology and don't be asking to dear lord to forgive you for liking the booze that makes you relax and loosens your lips. Make something good out of it .. this is happening to all us.


Family Member Mad Against MAAD milking the system laws.

3001 days ago


why do we give a f--- about jews
why do we defending them so much
mel did what every human being in that condition would do. so please we have seen jews as child molesters trying to get litles boys and girls over the internet in nbc
please give me a break

3001 days ago


please no more mel gibson ,it is boring already.let him go on with his life.we want fresh stories

3001 days ago


I have been an avid fan of Mel Gibson from day one, seen most of his movies and bought many dvd's.
He is a disgrace for what he said and is truly an antisemit. I will never see any OF HIS movie ,or purchase any dvd ever again.

I am proud TO BE A JEW

3001 days ago


Good. Move on already. When is the last time YOU got drunk and said something stupid?

3001 days ago


This site has to be run by Jews because everyone else has moved on. Just trying to make a buck and trying to percesute another Christian!!!! Same old dance different day!

3001 days ago

George Sirois    

You people are scumbags regarding Mel Gibson. I hope you made a lot of money deriding him.

The rest of us think you are full of it.

3000 days ago


Mel Gibson is all of us mortals, we fall many times on our journey to Heaven...Let's let go & let God. He is just a higher profile mortal than most of us.
We shouldn't be judgemental, but again being mortal, we tend to be that way never know, one day it could be one of us that has fallen.. He has to make peace within & then with the world. I hope he can forgive himself & get on with life..He has lots to offer his family & in the entertainment world. He has embarrassed himself & is sorry. for what he's done..So, who are we not to forgive him?

2991 days ago
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