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Britney Back in the Studio?

8/9/2006 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cameras caught Britney Spears leaving a recording studio in Hollywood with her son, Sean Preston.

Britney walked out behind a big blue sheet before hopping into her black Mercedes, with a friend in the passenger seat. Spears finally gave in to the gaggle of photogs and flashed a peace sign for the cameras as she pulled out.
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Apparently Britney was concerned that her son would be bored while mommy worked, so she bought the little man a toy Cadillac Escalade. The ride has spinning rims, a simulated CD playing hip-hop songs and a chrome grill. Sources say that Britney plans on returning to the studio and asked that the vehicle be left behind.


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The child is clearly too young for that toy. Where is Britney's natural motherly common sense?

2961 days ago

Alex Rogers    

I hope it is some kind of a magical studio that makes her music not sound like shit.

2961 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

You're all right. All the comments.

2961 days ago


He who lives in glass houses, and he with out sin cast the first stone!! I am NOT a religous fantatic, but give this girl a break.. You are not damaging her reputation with these rude comments. You are scarring a defenseless child. Get off her back. AND BY THE WAY, I am a mother and NOT A Brittany Spears fan, but let the 'girl" live in peace for GODs' sake!! Besides, if he doen't use the toy car this year, he'll use it next, or the year after. Toy cars have always been in style, and a big hit with both boy and girls ,and I am 45 and had one!!

2961 days ago


let's see.........
Driving while holding your child in your arms.
Rarely shielding the child from photogs.
Driving in a convertible with the child ill-positioned in his seat baking in the sun.
I personally have the right to express my displeasure with what I have viewed so far. If she kept her children private none of us would be getting exercised over this.

2961 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Ellen. You sound like a tool.

No I will not give this girl a break. Shes garbage. People who support her are garbage.

I will smile and laugh when we can buy tickets for the fat diabetic Britney to perform in Branson Missouri. Yea, your sexy bitch when you stuff that fast food down your throat.

I crown her the queen of White-Trashistan.

2961 days ago


Her kids are doomed. I hope Sean P doesn't fall out of his new ride!

2961 days ago


How old is Sean? A mini Cadillac Escalade? This is the beginning of spoiled little brat syndrome.

2961 days ago

Travis Bickle    

Did she supply the little guy with some little ho's to join him in his pimp mobile?

2961 days ago


Way too young for the toy, wtf is wrong with that knucklehead?

2961 days ago


Why does Sean P always look scared and confused? I have never seen this baby smile or laugh. When he figures out what this toy is, he'll probably try to use it to escape. And when he figures out who his parents are, he'll definitely have use for that Back the Future theory his mother mumbled about in her stoned stupor only so he can go back and stop his own conception. Poor thing, I pity him and Suri equally.

2961 days ago


Can the child even sit up on his own? How the hell can he "play" with his toy?

That makes no sense! Oh, forgot we were talking about Britney.....makes perfect sense now.

2961 days ago


She looks beautiful! Now all she needs to do is dump K-Fed and hire a really good PR company!

2961 days ago


Obviously she has NOBODY helping her raise her child. New parents are going to make mistakes. That's why they have grandparents to fall back on. However, the pimp daddy Escalade surely had an age stamped some where on the box. She either can't read, didn't notice it, didn't care or had somebody else pick it out for her.
Any of those reasons = Britney is friggin' stupid.

Ellen said "You are scarring a defenseless child."
How are we scarring a defenseless child? He's not reading these posts. Sean is more at risk of becoming mentally challenged because of something one of his dumb parents did.
Get real.

2961 days ago


Brit you should make a Trance / Hard House or Progressive album. That would be so amazing. You would blow everyones mind. New look, new sound. Now you just need a new Husband.

2961 days ago
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