Amanda Bynes PSYCHIATRIC HOLD EXTENDED ... Not Talking To Anyone

Amanda Bynes is getting more of the professional care she needs ... her psychiatric hold has been extended and we're told she's seriously focusing on getting better.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Amanda remains hospitalized in Los Angeles and her stay has been extended for at least another week ... possibly more.

We're told Amanda isn't talking to anyone close to her ... it's unclear if she even remembers the days and nights she spent roaming the L.A. streets, sometimes naked and alone.


TMZ broke the story ... Amanda was placed on a psychiatric hold last weekend after she was found walking near Downtown L.A. without any clothes.

It appears Amanda may have been living on the streets for several days ... her car was towed in Long Beach on March 15, about 40 miles from her home, and people around her think she was getting around L.A. using public transit and hitchhiking.

Our sources say Amanda's car was out of gas when it was towed ... and she didn't have a cell phone on her when she was out and about.

We're told Amanda's left her house before and walked for miles ... folks around her believe she was in a manic phase.


Meanwhile, her ex-fiancé Paul Michael is telling people he hasn't lived with Amanda since January ... and she was last seen at the L.A.-area apartment she once shared with Paul a few days before her car was towed.

In the meantime, we're told there's no plan in place as to what Amanda will do once she leaves the psychiatric facility ... she's not communicating with anyone around her.

For now, we're told things are day-to-day ... if she doesn't get well soon, her hospital stay could be extended as long as 30 days.


It's been just over one year since Amanda's conservatorship was terminated ... but there aren't any plans to put the conservatorship back in action ... at least for now.

Ray Liotta Facebook Account Hacked ... Team Trying to Wrestle Back Control

Ray Liotta's Facebook account is no longer posting celeb death hoaxes and sending out weird links to fake news ... at least that's what his team's hoping, but seems like the mystery hacker isn't giving up that easily.

Here's the deal ... the late actor's Facebook account started posting a ton of strange things last week, like death hoaxes, news links and fake stories about Ellen DeGeneres, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger -- all of which confused and alarmed fans who followed the late "Goodfellas" star.

Late this week, a rep for Ray's team told TMZ they'd finally resolved the issue by reaching out to Facebook and working with them to address the problem.

Or, so they thought. Shortly after we were told the account was secured ... another bizarre post -- for Ray's page, at least -- went up promoting a porn scene. It has since been removed.

We've reached out regarding the porn post, but no word back yet.

While his team told us they believed the account was back in good hands ... that doesn't seem to be the case.

The troubling part is it seems a mystery as to who's been hacking his page and how these posts keep ending up on his feed. All the old phony posts have been deleted, but it's clear someone is still using his account with ill intentions.

Despite the scary security breach, Ray's camp says Mark Zuckerberg's company has been "an amazing partner in resolving the issue."

As you know, Ray died in his sleep last May, when the 67-year-old was filming a movie in the Dominican Republic.

While he's now resting in peace ... his Facebook account is not.

Top NFL Draft Prospect Steve Avila Hoping To Stay In Dallas ... Meeting With Cowboys Soon


Top NFL draft prospect Steve Avila sure wouldn't mind blocking for Dak Prescott and Tony Pollard next season ... telling TMZ Sports "it would be, honestly, like, the best" if the Cowboys pick him next month.

The former TCU star offensive lineman -- an Arlington, Texas native -- has played all of his home football games for the entirety of his life in the Dallas area ... and he said if that could continue in the NFL, he'd be thrilled by it.

And, it seems there's a decent chance it all goes down ... the Cowboys need a new left guard after losing Connor McGovern in free agency. They also have the No. 26 pick in the first round, right around the time in the draft when Avila is expected to be selected.

The 23-year-old will have a chance to let America's Team know his feelings on the matter soon ... he's actually got an interview set up with the Cowboys in just a couple days.

Of course, Avila says while it would be a dream to wear the silver and blue -- he's open to everybody ... and has recently met with multiple teams, including the Falcons, Commanders, Jets and Lions.

As for when he'll get drafted, Avila says he fully expects to be taken within the first two rounds next month ... slamming anyone who thinks he'll fall to the third.

"I'm a humble person -- I hate talking about myself," he said. "But when I see that, I'm like, 'Dude.'"


Avila will keep things low-key on draft night -- he tells us a small party with friends and family is in the works. But, when the NFL money finally comes in, he says he'll look into ballin' out a bit, with the goal of snagging a new Mercedes and a new house.

The draft officially kicks off in Kansas City on April 27.


By the way, Avila also shared some stories from his experience at the NFL's combine earlier this month ... telling us he had a wild interview with Atlanta -- while some of his pals had some unique talks with teams in Indianapolis, too.

Jhené Aiko Dude, Come Back with My Range!!! Car Stolen From Valet

Jhené Aiko's in the market for a new luxury SUV after the worst possible restaurant valet experience -- witnessing a thief make off with her vehicle.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... Jhené went out to dinner with family last weekend, grabbing a bite at L.A.'s Tasty Noodle House. She walked away from her white 2020 Range Rover around 8:30 PM Saturday.

We're told when the singer arrived she gave the valet her keys, then went inside to eat. Typical night out up to that point.

But, about 30 minutes later, Jhené saw someone drive away in her Range. We're told she figured the valet staff was just moving it, but it was never returned.


It's unclear who made the clean getaway; it wasn't any of the valet drivers, but cops say there was an extra key inside the SUV --- which, obviously, made things a lot easier for the car thief.

Police are investigating ... no arrests at this point, and no sign of Jhené's Range Rover.

Pretty sure Jhené's reaction is ... that's some bulls***!!!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Behind this cleft chin cutout is an Internet personality who enjoys handing out Lamborghinis and stacks of cash. As a guy who's always on the go, it's a good thing he's got his childhood bestie -- and now president of his brand -- Natalie Mariduena to help run the show!

From his OG days on Vine to his lucrative days on YouTube, this pizza lover has definitely made a pretty penny off his content creations, leveraging his earnings into various business ventures like a phone app and a restaurant.

Hand this guy a tennis racket and see if you can score this scramble!

Ant Anstead Unloads Laguna Beach Home ... But Not Going Far!!!

Ant Anstead is looking for a small change of scenery ... TMZ has learned he's sold his O.C. home, but he's hoping to stay in the neighborhood.

Real estate sources tell TMZ ... the "Celebrity IOU: Joyride" host sold his 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,968-square-foot Laguna Beach pad on Monday with the closing price of $3.1 million. Ant bought the place for $2.8 million a few years back.

We're told he plans to find a new place in Laguna, although he hasn't found the right spot to call home just yet -- but he's not the only one leaving his old block.

Our sources say Ant's GF Renée Zellweger moved out of the house across the street from Ant's home last summer. As we reported, Renée started renting that place in November 2021 for $30k/month.

You'll recall, the Discovery+ personality listed his pad in October of last year and began storing his stuff at Renée's home.

At the time, our sources made it clear, Ant's intentions were NOT to move in with her ... and we're told that's still the case.

Whoever snagged Ant's now-former pad got quite the spread -- it has cool features like vaulted ceilings, a brick fireplace for those SoCal winter nights (climate change, bro) and a sunroom that can be transformed into a studio.

Plus, there's a wraparound deck to take in incredible Pacific Ocean views -- those are great year-round, even in the winter.

Azita Sadeghi of Compass held the listing.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

TMZ broke the story ... the "VPR" reunion was nuclear, and Tom and Raquel were destroyed ... and the Tekashi beating was beyond brutal. So, we gotta ask ...

Who's Most At Fault In The 'Scandoval?'

I Want Tom And Raquel

Tekashi 6ix9ine Beatdown ...

Trump's Looming Stormy Daniels Case ...

Murdaugh-Linked Stephen Smith Murder

Whose Side You On In Custody War?

Whose Side You On In Ski Trial?

Tom And Gisele ...

There Were More Than 4 Planes Targeted On 9/11 ...

Kell Mitchell Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

Kel Mitchell's looks over the years are "all that" and more!

Striped uniform and all ... Here is an 18-year-old version of the Nickelodeon star in all his "Good Burger" glory back in 1997 (left). This was three years after he started his acting career on Nickelodeon's "All That."

And, 26 years later, the handsome and scruffy actor recently hit up Jimmy Fallon with his TV partner in crime Kenan Thompson where they broke the news "Good Burger 2" is in the works!

He may be bringin' back the orange soda after all these years, but the question is ...

Kel Mitchell ...

Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde Get Together for Son's Soccer Game ... Amid Custody Battle

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are hot and cold -- one minute they're duking it out in court, the next they're all kumbaya in public ... and this time, it's the latter they're showing.

The exes were spotted attending their son's soccer game together in L.A. Saturday, and wouldn't you know it -- they actually looked super happy and chill around one each other ... even sitting in the stands side by side, and giving one another a huge on the way out.


It's interesting they were acting this way out in the open ... for a couple reasons, actually.

For starters, we saw similar behavior from Jason and Olivia earlier this year -- when they were hugging it out after apparently leaving some sort of meeting they were both at. At the time, it seemed everything between them was water under a bridge ... but it wasn't.

Since then ... we know they've been waging war behind the scenes, filing court paperwork in their ongoing custody battle ... with Olivia recently taking home a big W. As we reported ... a judge finally ruled that their case will be heard in L.A. and not in NY (where JS wanted).

Remember, they share two young children together ... Otis and Daisy, who are 8 and 6, respectively. The family had lived in the Big Apple for a while -- but the courts have now decided, once and for all hopefully, that their primary residence is, in fact, in Los Angeles.

Perhaps this latest outing is them actually turning a new leaf and waiving the white flag -- or, it could just be optics. However cynical you are will dictate where you land.

One other reason this is kinda neat to see ... Jason is very famous for playing Ted Lasso in the self-titled Apple show, which is a huge hit -- and whose third season just started.

Funny enough, Jason's character in the show is also going through divorce and custody issues ... and now, here's the real dude showing up to a soccer game. Art/life/imitate, etc.

Jonathan Majors Arrested in NYC for Assaulting Woman Rep: He's Done Nothing Wrong


4:44 PM PT -- Here's what allegedly happened in the lead-up to this. Per our law enforcement sources, police were told that the alleged victim is Majors' girlfriend -- and, according to her, they got into an argument while in a taxi returning home from a bar in Brooklyn.


Our sources say police were told the girlfriend saw another woman texting Majors, and she confronted him -- trying to sneak a peek at his phone. We're told the alleged victim/GF claims this got Majors mad, and that he allegedly grabbed her hand and allegedly slapped her.


We're also told the alleged victim claims he put his hands around her neck during this. Our sources say the woman was dropped off somewhere and that JM spent the night elsewhere. It appears the girlfriend went to police the following morning (Sat.) and reported a crime.

Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York City this weekend -- and, according to police, he's being accused of putting hands on a woman ... but Jon's team is calling BS.

Law enforcement sources tell us the actor was booked Saturday morning on charges of strangulation, assault and harassment. We're told cops responded to a call for service around 11 AM ET near the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

We're told the alleged victim in this case, a female, relayed to police that Majors had gotten into a dispute with her and proceeded to attack her. Their exact relationship is unknown.

Our sources tell us the alleged victim had visible injuries -- including a laceration behind her ear, redness and marks to her face. She was taken to an area hospital and is in stable condition. As for Majors ... he was cuffed and taken to jail on the spot, as police felt there was enough evidence for probable cause. We're hearing he is currently out of custody.

Majors is a huge celeb these days -- he's been in everything from Marvel's latest 'Ant-Man' movie to Michael B. Jordan's 'Creed III' flick ... and other blockbusters as well over the past couple years. The guy has gotten rave reviews for his performances, and is seen as a rising star. He was even at the Oscars a few weeks ago, and was among the many presenters.

A rep for Majors tells TMZ ... "He's done nothing wrong. We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up."

Originally Published -- 4:05 PM PT

'Chabelo' Beloved Mexican Comedian ... Dead at 88

Xavier Lopez -- aka, 'Chabelo,' who'd been on Mexican and Latin American families' TV screens for decades, providing laughs and entertainment -- has died.

The legendary comic and actor, famous for dressing up as a little kid and starring in a number of sketch and comedy shows, passed away Saturday ... which was first announced by the President of Mexico, no less -- Andrés Manuel López Obrador -- on Twitter.

He wrote (in Spanish), "Hugs to family and friends for the death of Xavier López "Chabelo". How can I forget that my eldest son woke up early to see him over 40 years ago."

Chabelo's Facebook page went into more detail about how exactly he died with a message from his family, noting there were abdominal complications he was dealing with -- which they say took his life suddenly. It's unclear what sort of illness he may have been battling.

In any case, the post goes on to say this ... "With a torn soul and knowing that many and many people have loved him for many years and that they will feel his departure, we ask you to pray for his rest and give us the opportunity to spend in peace the mourning that overwhelms our entire family."

Chabelo was well-known in Spanish-speaking households -- not just in Mexico, where he lived and worked, but here in the States as well ... as his content was a staple for early morning children's programming. His most famous contribution might be his long-running variety show, "En Familia con Chabelo." He played the host -- in character as a little kid named Chabelo, dressed in childlike overalls, etc. -- and would play games, do interviews and more.

The fact this show, in particular, ran for so long (1968-2012) uninterrupted with him as the host actually won a couple Guinness World Records -- one for Longest Career as a Children’s Television Host and another for playing the Chabelo character in general (57 years).

Other hit shows he helped spearhead and star in include ... "La carabina de Ambrosio," "La Güereja y algo más," "La escuelita VIP," "La familia P. Luche," and many, many others.

Chabelo is credited with creating a whole subgenre of comedy in Latin America ... namely, adults portraying themselves as kids -- which has been done time and again over the years. This guy's the original ... and his passing is akin to losing someone like Fred Rogers.

He's survived by his wife and children. Chabelo was 88.


Ted Nugent Homophobic Rant on Zelensky ... At Waco, TX Trump Rally

Ted Nugent kicked off Donald Trump's latest rally with a homophobic insult aimed at Volodymyr Zelensky ... falsely claiming the guy's gay while demanding a refund.

The rocker was one of the first speakers for the DT event down in Waco, TX Saturday ... and when he took the stage, he started ranting and raving about the Biden administration's spending decisions -- including where they've sent money and supplies.

He started out by saying he (as an American) didn't give the OK for JB and co. to surrender a bunch of U.S. military equipment to the Taliban ... referencing the exit out of Afghanistan.

Then, he went straight into bigotry -- saying he also didn't sign off on the government sending billions of dollars in aid to embattled Ukraine amid their ongoing war with Russia. Here's how Ted put it ... "I want my money back! I didn't authorize any money to Ukraine to some homosexual weirdo. I want my money back! I want my freedom back!"

He went on to say that the crowd might wanna write this down ... adding, "Men don't give me my rights, God gives my rights." The crowd was eating it up and cheering him on.

There's more to TN's rant. He talked about securing the border, banning abortion, etc. He even strummed his guitar a bit -- so it made for quite a speech. Oh, and Mike Lindell (the MyPillow guy) was also there ... he spoke too, calling DeSantis "Trojan Horse Ron." 😅

Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are on the ground as well -- two of Trump's biggest defenders -- and they're decrying the supposedly looming criminal charges against him ... calling it political persecution. Those charges have yet to be announced, BTW.

Trump himself is set to arrive shortly ... it'll be interesting to see what he says. This would mark his first public appearance since word of him possibly getting arrested came down.

As for the Zelensky dig from Ted ... obviously it's completely out of line, and completely inaccurate. Not only is it laced with hate, but it's simply not true -- VZ is a married man (to a woman), and he's continuing to battle Putin for his country's sovereignty and borders.

Frankly, it's fine if Ted's not cool with the aid we've sent, and could've made his point about that without stooping to lies and conspiracy theories ... not to mention outright homophobia.

Just goes to show ... we're not out of Trump-verse just yet. Far from it, it seems.

Luka Doncic I Used to Smile on the Court ... Loss of Joy Blamed on Kyrie

Luka Doncic says he hasn't been happy on the court like he used to be -- and while he's publicly citing personal problems ... Twitter seems to be blaming Kyrie Irving.

The Dallas Mavericks PG talked to the press Friday night after the team's loss to the Charlotte Hornets -- which actually spurred boos from the home crowd ... amounting to a somewhat ugly scene in American Airlines Center. HC Jason Kidd said it was deserved.

There's a lot of criticism about the Mavs' lack of effort in this game ... especially from their two big stars -- Luka and Kyrie -- who haven't been gelling that well since KR came on.

When asked if this is as frustrated as he's been, Luka answered candidly ... saying yes, and then going on to explain that he feels like his attitude toward the game has changed of late -- namely, he's simply not as excited to play and has effectively lost his love of basketball.

Reporters asked him to elaborate -- as that sounds like a clear reference to Kyrie, as he appears to be the one big change in the Mavs organization lately -- and Luka pivoted.

He said he was dealing with stuff off the court, and suggested that's what's causing the issues in his game. The Internet, however, wasn't buying that ... and jumped to the conclusion Luka was, in fact, expressing thinly-veiled frustration about his new teammate.

Kyrie also spoke to the media and was defiant when asked about the fans booing ... saying they're more than welcome to come on down and play if they think they're up for it.

Eventually, he talked about the transition to the Mavs and how bumpy it's been -- the team is currently out of playoff contention -- and he also said it's been rough getting adjusted.

KR was quoted as saying ... "[W]e're still feeling each other out in a way of getting used to each other's efforts and attitudes and temperament. And that's a real thing. That's a human thing. That's a human element. Whether people believe it in basketball or not, there's a very fine line between winning basketball games and everyone being on the same page and losing basketball games and things splintering and pointing fingers."

Tough times in Dallas.

Lady Gaga Revving Up the Harley (Quinn) ... First Look on 'J2' Set!!!

Lady Gaga is ready for her closeup in the DCU -- she was on set this weekend for the new 'Joker 2' movie ... and she's looking pretty clownish as Mr. J's right-hand girl.

The singer and a ton of extras were on hand Saturday morning in NYC, where director Todd Phillips and co. were shooting a scene for the forthcoming sequel to 2019's 'Joker.' As you may have heard by now, Gaga signed on to portray Harley Quinn ... and here she is.

Indeed ... LG could be seen in her full costume and makeup as the Clown Prince of Gotham's famed love interest, and in these shots -- she's coming down some courthouse steps amid what appears to be a massive (staged) protest ... with "Gotham City" cops everywhere.

From the looks of it ... Gaga's Harley is very much like Joaquin Phoenix's Joker -- namely, quite realistic and not so cartoon-y ... unlike other depictions of the characters in DC films.

Of course, with Gaga's version of HQ now out ... the comparisons between her take and Margot Robbie's iteration are going to start flying in film circles. MR has been playing Harley Quinn for a while now (3 films, actually) ... and her portrayal has been well-received.

Based on what we can glean from these photos (and this vibe), however, something tells us Gaga's Harley might, perhaps, be a little darker ... and maybe even a little less giggly.

Time will tell ... we'll just have to wait and see when the flick comes out in Oct. 2024.

BTW, one last observation ... the very many background actors working today appear to have had their grievances heard when it comes to bathroom breaks. As we reported ... a lot of the extras were pissed they were having to work long hours without getting a chance to whizz.


Peep all the porta potties lining the streets ... as the actors walk by. There's more than enough stalls for everyone to empty their bladders ... and one guy even exercised his right!

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

MSCHF 'Big Red Boots' People New Shoe That's Ass-Backwards!!!

The folks behind the now-viral "Big Red Boots" craze have new bizarre footwear to sell you for a nice little chunk of change -- it's a sneaker that swings both ways ... quite literally.

MSCHF -- the Brooklyn-based art collective, which always seems to be churning out quirky products like this -- announced their latest creation this weekend. They call it the BWD Shoe, and the gimmick this time is ... you can slide your foot in from the front or the back.

You heard that correctly ... while the stock photo of theirs shows a foot model coming in from what would normally be the top of the shoe (north) -- making it look like they're wearing the shoe completely backwards -- you can actually wear it traditionally too.

To be honest, we're not really sure how the mechanics of this design work. It's also unclear if both fits feel the same, or if one's more snug than the other. From what we can see here, the "forward" style seems a lot like a sandal -- AKA, not too much of heel/ankle support.

These things drop on April 11, and are only going to be on sale for a one-hour window starting at 2 PM ET via their website or the MSCHF Sneakers app. Price tag ... $135.

Not nearly as expensive as their famed boots are (about $350), and who knows what they'll go for on the resale market. The fact they're advertising/selling them as super exclusive suggests they'll go for a lot. Another factor to consider ... will celebs come flocking???

Tons of stars got on the BRB hype these past few months ... including Diplo, Janelle Monae, Hasbulla, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Seth Rollins and more. Everyone seemed to love those.

The red boots might've seemed goofy at first, but as it turns out ... people got on board and actually rocked 'em -- which means ... these two-way sneakers could probably catch on too!

The question, of course, is ... you coppin'?

TOM & RAQUEL Break Bread After 'VPR' Reunion Show ... Clearly Sticking Together

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss may have a ton of new enemies, but they're clearly not letting outside noise hinder their support for one another ... because they went out for dinner together after filming the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion.

The reality TV stars hit up The Musso & Frank Grill in Hollywood late Thursday night, capping off a very tense day on set. We're told no one else was there from the cast.

Folks who were there tell us Tom and Raquel arrived at the famous restaurant around 10 PM, grabbing a booth together and ordering a bottle of wine, oysters and some entrées.

It sounds like the reunion show was a big topic of conversation at dinner ... at one point we're told Raquel was overheard saying, "I can't believe she said that."

Tom and Raquel didn't engage in any PDA ... though they were sitting very close to one another in their booth and looking very much like a couple.


As we reported, Tom and Raquel had a serious heart-to-heart convo outside the studio during Thursday's reunion taping ... going through a range of emotions as cameras rolled.


The dinner makes it clear Tom and Raquel are still an item and are sticking together ... despite lots of outside pressure.

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