'One Tree Hill' Star Jana Kramer Ties Knot w/ Allan Russell!!!

Jana Kramer's a married woman once again ... tying the knot with her beau Allan Russell -- in his native Scotland!

The actress-turned-podcaster officially tied the knot with Russell -- a pro soccer coach -- Saturday at Carnell Estate in the British Isles ... according to People.

The couple -- who got engaged just last year -- said their vows in front of a host of friends and family ... including Kramer's daughter Jolie and son Jace, Russell’s son Troy, and the couple's shared baby boy, Roman, according to the outlet.

Alec Baldwin Breaks Silence on 'Rust' Dismissal

Alec Baldwin's finally ready to talk about the his manslaughter trial ... posting a grateful tribute to his friends and fans who stuck by his sides.

The actor posted a photo to Instagram moments ago ... a profile shot from the trial -- and, given the emotion etched on his face, seems like it was taken just as the realization his legal troubles were at an end dawned on him.

Baldwin writes, "There are too many people who have supported me to thank just now. To all of you, you will never know how much I appreciate your kindness toward my family."

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Joe Biden's feeling the heat as the call for him to withdraw loudens, and who knew salmon sperm could make you look younger?!? So we gotta ask ...

I'm With ...

I'm With ...

George Clooney Asking Biden To Withdraw ...

George Stephanopoulos Saying Biden Won't Last 4 Years ...

Kim K Using Salmon Sperm For Younger Skin ...

Alec Baldwin Should Be Found ...

Gypsy Rose, Who's The Daddy???

O.J. Simpson Left Out Of ESPYs 'In Memoriam' ...

Taylor/Travis Romance

Cancer-Stricken Princess Kate Will Attend Men's Wimbledon Final ... Present Winner With Trophy

Kate Middleton ain't letting cancer keep her down ... 'cause she's gonna attend Britain's most famous professional tennis tournament -- Wimbledon -- and she'll even be taking on a an important task!

Kensington Palace just issued a statement saying that the Princess of Wales will be a special guest at Sunday's men's singles final between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz. After the match, Kate will present the winner with the silver-gilt Wimbledon Cup trophy.

The event will mark Kate's second public outing since she announced her cancer diagnosis in March. Her first appearance came in June when she arrived at the Trooping the Colour for King Charles' birthday parade.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer Legendary Sex Therapist Dead At 96

Ruth Westheimer -- better known as the legendary TV sex therapist Dr. Ruth -- has died in New York City.

The German-born, Jewish Holocaust survivor passed away at her home on Friday, according to her rep, Pierre Lehu, who declined to give a cause of death.

In the '80's, Dr. Ruth had a huge following on NYC radio network WYNY with her first call-in show, "Sexually Speaking," which led to her success in television as well.

Selena Gomez I Love You, Benny!


Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco are two lovebirds -- who aren't afraid to show their love for each other.

The couple answered "Who's Most Likely To" questions in a couple's edition viral TikTok challenge ... and we learned who said those 3 words, 8 letters in their relationship first.

While cuddled up on the couch together, the voiceover in the challenge asked, "Who said I love you first?" -- and Selena puts on a big grin and points at herself as Benny leans in and hugs her with a kiss on her back.

Alec Baldwin Celebrates 'Rust' Dismissal at Mexican Restaurant ... We Won the Whole Enchilada!!!


Alec Baldwin celebrated his courtroom victory Friday with a small gathering of his biggest supporters – including wife Hilaria -- at a hotel bar in New Mexico before winding down with some Mexican food.

TMZ obtained video and photos of the actor partying with his attorneys -- Alex Spiro and Luke Nikas – as well as Hilaria and his film team creating a documentary about the "Rust" tragedy.

We're told right after Alec's involuntary manslaughter case was dismissed Friday afternoon, Baldwin and his crew left the courthouse and went straight to the El Dorado Hotel, where they hung out at the bar.

Harrison Butker Serena Williams Was a Divisive ESPY HOST

Harrison Butker fired back at Serena Williams for her critical comments about him onstage while he was sitting in the audience at the ESPY Awards this week.

Butker took a shot at the tennis legend for dissing his views about women becoming homemakers during a commencement speech he gave at Benedictine College in May. He also made controversial statements about abortion and the LGBTQ community.

Benedictine College

The Kansas City Chiefs kicker told NBC News, "I thought Mrs. Williams was a great host and applaud her for using her platform to express her beliefs on a variety of topics. Sports are supposed to be the great unifier."

'HAWK TUAH' GIRL Saves Hat Company Hawking Her Merch ... Spits Out $10K Loan!!!

Haliey Welch swooped in to rescue the hat company hawking her "Hawk Tuah" merch ... spitting out some cash to keep the biz running.

Jason Poteete, founder of Fathead Threads, in Lewisburg, TN tells TMZ ... Haliey recently loaned his company $10K in a desperate time of need, helping save the company.

While the brand's "Hawk Tuah" hats have been selling like hotcakes since Haliey went viral last month for her NSFW street interview, Jason says the majority of the $190,000 in sales were locked up in a PayPal account.

Bill Maher Biden Will Withdraw Because of MGS -- Mean Girls Syndrome

Bye Bye Biden

Bill Maher is not only positive it's only a matter of time before President Joe Biden withdraws from the 2024 presidential race, he knows the date it's gonna happen, and it's all because of Lindsay Lohan.

The "Real Time" host is confident because, he says, we live in a country where the media, the political parties and the public live to finish people off when they smell blood in the water.

He thinks Biden will throw in the towel on August 9 -- the same date Richard Nixon resigned his presidency.

Diane Warren I Stand with Joe!!!


Diane Warren's heart goes out to President Joe Biden ... saying she feels bad Hollywood's turning on him -- but, that doesn't mean she thinks he's going to take the L in November.

We caught up with the songwriter at her close friend Glen Ballard's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony ... and, since Diane's big into politics, we asked her how she views the recent change in sentiment about Biden among celebs.

DW says she loves Joe, calling him a "kind and good man" ... and, her heart just breaks to see him getting put through the wringer.

Ryan Garcia Parties Shirtless In Hawaii Nightclub

in the club

Ryan Garcia's boxing career is currently on hold, but his ability to party is still clearly going strong ... the star pugilist was spotted out at a nightclub in Hawaii this week, getting down on the dance floor without a shirt on.

The 25-year-old -- who was just recently expelled by the World Boxing Council for using a racial slur on social media -- hit up The District on Thursday night in Honolulu to blow off some steam ... and check out some footage TMZ Sports obtained, you can see he clearly had a good time at the hotspot.

King Ry was seen without a top on in the middle of a dance circle ... before he started shadowboxing to the beats that were blaring over the speaker system.

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

Hurry, hurry, before this sizzling singer sets off the fire alarm! Can you eye the minor mishaps in these two photos of Rita Ora? Ya better enter quickly but approach with caution, because Rita is RED-HOT!

You are looking at just one of eight red outfits the celeb rocked earlier this week to promote her new Disney+ movie “Descendants: The Rise of Red”. Rita was buttoned up as she braved the New York City heat, but are you willing to weather these pics and find the fiery changes?

**HINT: There are THREE differences in the above Rita Ora photos!**

Elton John Portable Urinal Co. Says He's #1!!! Need to Stay Prepared

Elton John's recent pee emergency in a French shoe store might be a troubling sign for the legendary singer ... but, the folks at a portable urinal company say they've got him covered.

Here's the streaming news Elton -- and others, we're sure -- can use ... Jeffrey Luckey is the owner of Biorelief.com, and says his company's got a bunch of options for the 77-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

As we reported, Elton whipped out his "Rocketman" in the middle of the store in Nice, and relieved himself in a bottle.

JL says the company's all about discretion -- something Sir Elton was lacking -- and they make that possible with products he can conceal under any outfit.

TMZ TV HOT TAKES Baldwin Case Dismissed ... Kardashians, Mahomes

A stunning turn in the Alec Baldwin trial, a star-studded wedding guest list in India and a new member of the Mahomes family ... all this on today's TMZ TV Hot Takes.

TMZ Live


First up on "TMZ Live" Harvey and Beckerman explain the shocking end to Alec's manslaughter trial down in New Mexico.

Celebrity Suburns Guess Who ... Lay Off The (Vitamin) D!

It's all about that glow .... or so they say, but Hollywood's been lounging in the sun for a HOT minute too long! Yes, these stars are slightly toasted, but can you guess the crisped bod before they're completely roasted?

Celebs like Hilary Duff, Madison Beer and Rob Gronkowski are just a few big names lathered up with even BIGGER burns! And, one Bravo-leb looks like they forgot the SPF and "cooked" under the rays for days ...

Scroll through our scorchin' hot gallery one burn at a time and guess the famous face attached to the celebrity sunburns!

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