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When Animals Attack Paris

8/10/2006 7:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perhaps channeling the spirit of Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton's pet kinkajou, Baby Luv, bit Paris on the arm early Tuesday morning while the two were playing. We repeat: PARIS' KINKAJOU BIT HER ON THE ARM.

The wound was superficial and Paris spent a few hours at the hospital and received a tetanus shot.

Paris called her publicist, Elliot Mintz, at about 3AM Tuesday morning after the incident occurred. Mintz tells TMZ he drove her to the emergency room where she was seen by a doctor, treated and released. The whole ordeal took just a few hours.

In an odd bit of foreshadowing, an MTV special focused on Paris -- that aired the same day of the incident -- actually featured Baby Luv in a segment, during which the animal tried to bite her.


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coco puff    

Why didn't they give the critter a tetanus shot? Who knows where Paris has been! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

2994 days ago


That goes to show you that some extotic animals are not meant to be kept as pets...... no matter how much money you have. Paris probably deserved it.... who knows what ridiculous outfit she was tryin to put on the little critter.

2994 days ago


This is exclusive news! Everybody in pannic, because one of her animals bit her? Whaha... Well you can put me every day on TMZ when I get bit by my dog ;-) hehe.. But I'm glad that Paris is still alive.

Grtz... Dutch TMZ-fan: Westley

2994 days ago


She called the dude at 3 a.m.? Poor guy. As if this was important. Is he related to Jessica Mintz?

2994 days ago

Your Mama    

Too bad it wasn't a pet lion or girzzly bear.

2994 days ago


The animal should have been the one rushed to the emergency room to get a tetanus shot!!!

2994 days ago


Too bad the animal bit Paris Hilton in the arm...and not on her face.

2994 days ago


Paris Hilton still buys overpriced puppy mill dogs. I mean, most of America knows that the puppies sold in pet stores are junk from some Missouri hick's puppy mill. Not Paris. I wnder who ripped her off with this creature?

2994 days ago


And they say animals are dumb... I really want to give it a treat! Good animal, good!

2994 days ago


well, yeah Paris Hilton shouldn't really own an exotic pet but she isn't the only one. That's Paris's choice, so you people shouldn't be attacking her over that. There are million worse exotic pets to have like say an alligator. Some guy from my hometown of L.A. owned a freaking alliagator and dumped in one of Harbor City's park lakes. Imagine that thing biting him or an innocent person? Now that would be worse and you people here are sitting here lashing out at Paris? Now that is just wrong. And some of you go way to far in critizing her. A kinkajou beats a 'gator anyday now.

2994 days ago

U Know Who    

What the heck is a kinkajou, and does Mel Gibson blame them for all the worlds ills?


2994 days ago


Good, now maybe she'll just Die!!!!!!!!

2994 days ago


That poor animal is just doing what the rest of us wish we could do!!!!! I agree with the above comments, too bad it wasn't a tiger or grizzley bear or something that could have taken a real big junk of meat off her!! Maybe put her out of commission for a few months and given us a break. Is this story really newsworthy????? I feel like an idiot for even giving it the time of day!!!LOL

2994 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Poor little kinkajou.....I hope he is ok...

2994 days ago

coco puff    

Even KINKYJEWS hate Paris!! Throw her ass, to the f*cking starving lions, please!!!

2994 days ago
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