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Hilarious Paris/Tara Video

'I'm So Yesterday'

8/28/2006 7:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tara Reid is the new Kathy Griffin, as in D-List. The "American Pie" star couldn't get arrested Friday night as she tried in vain to get waved into Hyde, the trendy Hollywood club.

So how bad did Tara feel as former BFF Paris Hilton came sauntering by and breezed inside, as Tara could only stand on the sidewalk and steam?? Look closely, you can actually see her heart deflate ... before completely shattering.

And, as if it all isn't humiliating enough, Paris brought new BFF Kim Kardashian -- known for nothing -- along for the ride. Kim was allowed to enter effortlessly.

"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis had a few kind words with Tara as he left the club, but words are cheap. He didn't give her the assist she needed for entry. What ever happened to the "one out / one in" policy?


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paris is the tara of tomorrow!

2980 days ago

Homewrecker hater!    

Hey...looks like we all somewhat agree that Paris' karma will soon catch up. She's a mean nasty person and it obvisouly shows...spoiled rotten brat she is. Let's all join in together and boycott reading about Paris hilton on this site. EVERYONE STRIKE AGAINST READING ABOUT PARIS!!! LETS DO IT TOGETHER!!!! :0))))))))))))))))))))))))) NO MORE LEAVING COMMENTS FOR HER SHE OBVIOUSLY LOVES IT...Little miss pouty YOU HURT ME REAL she kidding? She hurts others more than we hurt her here!! BOYCOTT !! LOL

2980 days ago

Ha-Ha, Tara!

2980 days ago


Her friends and family need to sit her chunky ass down and have an intervention with her. She probably sweats alcohol. Also, for all of losers who keep complaining about the "mean" stories that TMZ does- DON'T COME TO THIS SITE!!! It's not like the stories are fake!

2980 days ago


Paris goes through friends like she goes through shoes. It seems to me all she cares about is getting even more famous. She wouldn't want to be seen with someone less popular at the moment such as Tara Reid. One day, maybe five years from now, Paris will be so yesterday and be denied entrance into a club and then the new it girl will look at Paris and laugh in her face.

2980 days ago


Ouch. Now THAT is humiliating. I almost felt bad for Tara. But then I remembered what a skank she is and it I laughed. But as much as I like to watch her make a fool of herself, I can't say that I was pleased to see Paris getting what she wants so easily... yet again. She ALWAYS gets her way easily. God I hate her.

2980 days ago

Celebrity News    

Look at the losers expressing their anger ONCE AGAIN on Paris!

Paris has actually done something in her life to keep her fame alive, but Tara hardly does anything, she never carried numerous projects at the same time like Paris.

On the other hand, I feel bad for Tara, but I'm wondering whether something happened between Paris and Tara. We don't know.

2980 days ago


John (post#58): Tara's not at all "chunky" But I totally agree with the rest of your

It's interesting, because I think Tara has the opportunity to make a 'comback'. Look at all of the past celebs that have been addicted to drugs or alcohol and were known for partying... and are now famous and have cleaned up their act (Charlie Sheen, Kate Moss, Madonna... to name a few).

I can't wait for Paris to be finished! She always has a new friend.. or a new pet! Whatever happened to Tinkerbell?

2980 days ago


Tara, Paris, Kim... they could all fall into a firey hellpit and my only reaction would be to pop another bottle of champagne. Drunk, Slut, Skank. Juggle the names and the reps... it matters not.

Vapid little creatures.

Now where did I put my scratching post?

2980 days ago

Black Sheep    

Seriously people. If you were 17 or 18 and ended up filthy rich with yes people all around you and your ass getting kissed from here to Timbuktoo don't you think you could possibly lose control and end up like Tara? I don't think it's funny. It's just nasty the way people get off on the misfortunes and humiliation of others.

2980 days ago


It is funny watching these unaccomplished bimbos going to clubs getting a lot of attention for doing nothing.

2980 days ago


For the hottest club in l.a., they sure play lame music. Footloose, billie jean, and my boyfriend's back. Sounds like my 8th grade dance.

2980 days ago


I do kind of feel sorry for Tara but then again, I think that she got what she deserve. She know that if she drank, there would be consequences. I think that Tara could make a comeback if she wanted to. I think Paris is mean for doing what she did. Like they say, what goes around comes around and soon all that money might be gone and Paris will wind up being like Tara, out of the spotlight and ignored by Hollywood.

2980 days ago


Paris should spend less time partying and and more time searching for the person who stole her ass. After that, she should post a reward for the person identified as the one who bashed that face of hers with an ugly stick. She should go back to hanging with Rod Stewart's kid. Next to her, Paris looked passable. How much alcohol must a girl drink to look so haggard in their twenties?

Also, if getting dissed at the door to a disco is the worst that happens to any of those boozewhores, they are getting off lucky. So shutty to all of you who feel sorry for one of them getting the stiff-arm. Boo freaking hoo.

2980 days ago


Why yes Jay. We should feel sorry for their circumstance and complete lack of self determination.

2980 days ago
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