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Is Britney Having a Girl?

8/30/2006 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Expectant mom Britney Spears has apparently registered with L.A. luxury baby boutique Petit Trésor.

And by the looks of the pretty in pink gifts on her registry, signs are pointing towards Brits having a baby girl this time around.

According to the store's online registry, items included on the former Mousketeer's list include a Ruffles, Roses 'n' Bows Bassinet by Lulla Smith for $1,100, a soft white Bonne Nuit crib for $2,200 and a Flatso pink stuffed animal elephant for a very reasonable $65.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that one of the items already purchased is a girlish mermaid mobile.

Britney and K-Fed's latest production is due next month.

Other celeb fans of Petit Trésor include Suri Cruise's parents, TomKat.


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omg! britney spears with a girl! we have another britney spears comin 2 the world omg! im scared lol

2939 days ago


The due date on the registry is November 11. I believe she's due in September, so that's probably a fake registry.

2939 days ago


One of the funniest things in these Britney threads is watching all her self-righteous fans (all ten of them) coming out to defend her. And, of course, they can only defend her by trashing other people, thus revealing their own putrid hypocrisy.

Manon, most celebs with kids manage to do basic safety stuff. And they don't keep dropping the kids on their heads. I hate to think what YOU would do to a baby, if that counts as being a better-than-average mom.

Erin1, and I'm sure if you have kids (a few decades in the future, from the maturity of your post), they will grow up to be just like you... a whining, screeching, tasteless, trash-worshiping, little amphibians.

That's not a curse, just so you know. Especially since you seem incapable of understanding the difference between a curse and a prediction. But it's hysterical how you screech how evil it is to wish bad things on a baby, then go on to do the exact thing you just condemned. Makes you just as bad as the people you're accusing, doesn't it? Or do you think Britney fans are all pure as the driven snow?

2939 days ago


If it is a girl, Britney better hope, like Sean Preston that, that baby comes out looking like her. You don't want a girl looking like her ugly ass husband!! Let's hope this will be the last kid she has with this loser. And all you little girls posting comments on here about how mean we are, GET YOUR ASS OFF THIS WEBSITE !!!!! You want to read nice things about her then go to HER website where all the other kiss-ups go. you act like one day she is going to pay you the favor. hahahahahahaha Another thing whats wrong with hollywood? are they running out of actors that they give Kevin an acting job on CSI. He can't rap, he's not a good dad or husband, so what makes them think he can act. IDIOTS!!!!

2939 days ago


people are so hateful. i like britney. im sure her second baby will be just as cute as the first. britney fans shouldnt go around insulting people who dont like her, but people who dont like her shouldnt say such crappy things about her and her family. and if she does have a baby registry, who cares, those are fun, not only for the mom to be but for the family as well. There are parents out there that beat their children, that's a bad parent. Not someoen who tripped while holding her baby. Ive tripped while holding my daughter. Who hasn't? my daughters learning how to walk, and the dog knocks her over while standing up on her i a bad parent for having pets now? She's eve grabbed the dogs chew toy and stuck it in her mother outthere is superwomen.......we won't be able to watch our children 27/7, and avoid every crack in the sidewalk.

2939 days ago


Wow, fforde, you seem really smart using big words like "putrid" and "hypocisy". That's really mature - I'm impressed. Thanks for putting me in my place, that's really "mature" of you judging me over a stupid blog. I didn't realize sticking up for Britney was immature and whiny. And i know what a curse is, bitch. I probably have a higher education than you judging from your 3am post - get a job, vocabulary girl.

2939 days ago


Oh, and to brit=white trash - it's not "kissing up" when you give your opinion about people who get so mad at celebrities. Do you think Britney gives a crap about how mad you get when you read stuff about her and Kevin? No, they are enjoying their lives and making money from people like you and fforde sitting there mad at your computer posting nasty stuff and arguing with people you don't even know. This is so amusing...

2939 days ago


This may not be totally accurate, especially after searching their gift registry and seeing that her husband is listed as K Fed, and Kevin absolutely hates the nickname he's been given. He would never use K Fed and I doubt she would either, so yea that registry listing is actually questionable -- not that she hasn't shopped there or even has a registry there, this particular one is just not verifyable nor is it accurate. Save your money, instead of sending it to a possible hoaxer.

2938 days ago


Umm...yeah...and considering that the zip code used for Malibu is ACTUALLY a Beverly Hills zip code....I'd say that this registry is a falsified.

And secondly, those who support Brit and those who don't support Brit, it's simply hilarious that you all seem to think that you know her so well. Those who like her are just assuming that she is a great mom and a wonderfully sweet person. Those who don't like her are assuming she is trash and worthless. Either way is fine because it's your opinion, however, I'd like to point out, that none of you know her to pass judgement on her. All you know is what you see in the Media. And those aren't good enough reasons to judge someone.

I don't think she is a bad Mom. I think she is just a young Mom who needs more experience with things. I know when I had my first one I made some pretty stupid mistakes, too. I think everyone does.

Either way, I think she should be left alone. While I can't say I care too much for her, I do feel sorry for her.

2937 days ago


Plus if you do a search for "B Fe" another registry comes up that the baby is due on 9-29 and it's a lot of boy stuff.

2937 days ago


She is one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen. She looks like a ripe fruit that is at it's prime. I wish her and her babies the very best. She seems to really be in love with whatshisname and they are building a family together. People should leave them alone, get the cameras out of their faces and let them live their lives in peace.

2936 days ago


kevin federline is not cute enuff to be trippin over like that britney needs to move on and worry about not droppin thiz kid

2926 days ago
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