Baldwin in a Jam ... in His Jammies

8/31/2006 3:58 PM PDT
Just months after a highly publicized cocaine bust, a clean and sober Daniel Baldwin was spotted last night in Orange County's posh Newport Beach Coast. A TMZ informant ran into the actor while he was taking a lonesome stroll down the boardwalk. Daniel stopped to chat with a few fans sitting on their patio, but here's the kicker -- Daniel was in his jammies.

The actor was surprisingly candid with his admirers, opening up about his ongoing recovery from alcoholism and spilling secrets about a new book deal. He also touched upon the electrical fire that forced him to temporarily move from his Malibu home. It's good to see one of Hollywood's own willing to shoot the s*** with some locals.

However, not everyone is a Baldwin fan. An anti-Baldwin anthem, has been circulating the web, titled "Lesser Of The Baldwins." Roy Schwartz, lead singer of the band Ded Sexy, explained his inspiration for the song to TMZ saying, "the idea came about after the Baldwins were constantly in the news for doing bad things. We got in the habit of referring to band members as 'the lesser of the Baldwins.' The lyrics are about being a loser."