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Who Accessorize With Fur

9/14/2006 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What happens when celebrity entourages aren't available? Why they haul out their most loyal four-legged friends of course!

Jessica Biel, Adam Brody and Hilary Duff all found time to step away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and spend time with their furry loved ones.

TMZ complied this week's hottest stars with their cute accessories.


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Yeah puppies!! I love dogs

2961 days ago


Well a dog is better than a "40" of malt liquor and a blunt.

2961 days ago


I love his PIT BULL. Those dogs are the greatest. . .if you raise them right.

2961 days ago


Last weekend was the Malibu "Doodle Romp" with 150 labradoodles of varying sizes and colours. I went by and saw the amazingly ageless Barbara Eden with her brown doodle, "Gin Gin," named for the mischievous genie dog on her series "I Dream of Jeannie." Jake Gyllenhall should have a "Puggle Romp!"

2961 days ago


I wish more celebrities could adopt from a shelter or rescue

Check out

There are so many terrific dogs and puppies that need homes

instead of the puppy mill garbage in pet stores

like these-

2961 days ago


Even tho' I am a KAT, I prefer DOGS!

2960 days ago

fat jack    

Hilary performs at bullrings. She doesn't care about animals.

2960 days ago


Love the Pit Bull! They are the best bogs to have for safety, just make sure you raise them right. They need lots of LOVE!

2960 days ago

Sunny MacLachlan    

I think it's very cool that TMZ took a pro-animal anti-fur position with this article!

2958 days ago


i agree with kelly... there are so many wonderful dogs out there in shelters or dog rescues that need adopted but the stars wouldnt dare approve of that... they want the perfect bred dog that will look good under their arm. i know this may sound horrible but i really dont see how it is possible to say that any celebrity does something for the good without having something in it for them. they are so money crazed and obsessed with how they look that it just isnt possible. all these dogs are very cute but seriously, majority of them were bought to make the person look better, it has nothing to do with the dog. go adopt ur next pet please!!! it will give a wonderful animal a home that it deserves!!!

2958 days ago


I think it's great that aol is showing anti-fur standings in this article. I also this it's great that Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson own a "Pit Bull" breed... they are such wonderful dogs! :)

(as for the comments about Hilary Duff I never really cared enough about her to research, but it doesn't surprise me!)

2958 days ago


3 years ago, I lost my constant companion of 15 years, and thought I could never find another dog to replace her. I didn't want another one because I was grieving so. But after 9 months, my daughter & grandkids adopted a 4 month old Cockapoo from a rescue, and presented her to me for my birthday. Let me tell you, this is one of the funniest, cutest, and most loving companions I could ask for. I would never trade her for a purebred!

2958 days ago


how do you ppl know that the stars don't adopt their dogs from shelters or the Humane Society? have you asked them? before you start talking out of your heads, by bashing celebs for the pets they own, you may want to reconsider b/c you DO NOT know how they got the animal. and there are plenty of purebreds that end up in shelters or with animal rescure orgs b/c the owners don't know how to take care of them. i, for one, perfer purebreds. at least then, i know what i'm getting. and with so few garuntees in life these days, it's a pretty smart move. :)

2958 days ago

The Boss    

What a stupid headline. It conveys the message that sometimes killing animals for fur garments is not really NOT okay. They thought it was clever and would get attention (and it did), but it's irresponsible. The editors are trivializing the issue by using the subtext that they did, even if the article is about celebrities sporting pets to "accessorize" with. (In Paris Hilton's case, I would assume that she needs all those small canine friends because she can't keep any full-sized human ones.)

Anyway, in China, Hong Kong (which started in mainland China), and Korea, I am told they still consume dogs for meals. I'll sign out with that bit of information.

2958 days ago

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