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Ditches More Extra Baggage

9/21/2006 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is diet queen Kirstie Alley selling her oversized french fries, fruit and even her Dalmatian?

Alley lined the front yard of her Los Angeles home on Wednesday with mattresses, chairs, stools and random (very random) decorations in what appears to be the ultimate yard sale.

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Seems like owning your own piece of Kirstie is a lot easier than you thought.


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Neat stuff...wish I lived there!

2962 days ago


I doubt she's having a yard sale, probably donating to charity...the.question is, who would want that stuff??

2962 days ago


Oh my god! Is that the dalmation from the old Wheel of Fortune?

2962 days ago


How funny are those humongous french fries?!?!?

2962 days ago

Old Broad    

She still looks a little chunky. Are they stretching her out on those Jenny Craig commercials?

2962 days ago


Kirsty. If you see this can you ship those chairs to me? They are fabulous.

2962 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

She wa so good on "Cheers"--and is now nothing but a fat slob who looks like she needs a good bath and a douche.

2962 days ago


Not a good look here... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll get back to her old self.

2962 days ago


Dude...the magic of makeup....she looks hot in her Jenny Craig commercials....without makeup she scares me! Kinda like Oprah w/out makeup! THeir makeup people deserve rasies!

2962 days ago


o kirsty selling your shit is can't need the money that bad ever hear of charity.

2962 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

she has a long nose,with spots all over,oh ! thats the dog,i thought that was her with a doll behind her,yea she need to lose 50 lbs,and cut her hair,could use some makeup,and what ever jenney craig has to offer

2962 days ago

Big Ape    

To those saying she doesn't look that good in the pictures, I can only say this:

(1) She looks a heck of a lot better than she did on FAT ACTRESS, so congrats to Ms. Alley for taking charge of her life and actually losing some serious weight. Remember her in STAR TREK II or in RUNAWAY alongside Tom Selleck, where she was smoking hot in that tight black leather miniskirt? The fact that she let her weight get SO out of control, but then realized it and took the initiative to get her life back should be a tale that MORE women (and in fairness, yes, men too) should take a lead from since obesity -- not just a little extra body fat, but outright OBESITY -- is now a recognized major, major problem in the U.S. So kudos to her for doing something that waaaaay too many people in the country are NOT getting off their lazy butts and doing.

(2) As to how she looks in these quick snapshots, give me a break. This is a normal shot -- welcome to reality. She looks great in the Jenny Craig commercials because its full makeup and a controlled camera/lighting enviroment. And let me tell you, speaking as someone who does live and work out here on the West coast and in Hollywood la-la-land, pretty much every celebrity -- again, men and women alike, but moreso the women -- in real life does NOT look NEARLY as hot or glamorous as they do in TV or the movies MINUS their makeup. In fact, minus that makeup, I'd say most aren't even attractive enough that if you passed them on the street or in a mall that you'd turn your head as if to say "Wow! Now that is one sexy person!" Trust me, celebrities in person minus the makeup is a REAL ego boost because the first thing two things that usually go through the average person's head back-to-back are "Wow, not only do you NOT look so hot in real life, but I can honestly say I've aged a heck of a lot better than you!"

2961 days ago


some people are just so dumb. Do you really have nothing better to do than hate people?

2961 days ago

curious girl    

Hey you people, do not knock Kirstie, she is the coolest of cool. There isn't another personality like hers. She is real and always will be and she is damn hot.

2961 days ago

Keana Tuck    

Why can't we just live and let live? People are such haters. Why can't we just be happy for her that she's finally getting control of her weight and leave her be with the decision to do whatever she wants to do with her own stuff. You don't like them don't buy them. Haters need to get a life. Her losing weight took a lot of CONVICTION and she should be commended for that.

2961 days ago
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