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Lindsay to Photogs: F*** Off and Die

9/25/2006 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan: Click to watchWhy did Lindsay Lohan tell our TMZ cameraman to f*** off and die?

After catching a Spazmatics show at Dragonfly in Hollywood, Lohan emerged from the club in a foul mood.

While being escorted out of the club by bodyguards covering her with sheets, an angry Lohan told photogs, "f*** off and die."

A rep for Lindsay says the starlet is simply tired of being constantly followed and that's why she lashed out against the photogs.


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Lindsay Lohan is such a little spoiled, hoochie with nothing better to do then act out in public so she can act like it really irritates her when the photogs snap her pic and she can make a big scene because she is sooooooooo into herself. GROW UP little girl! We are all tired of you and PH! Come on TMZ...there are really a lot of other celebrities to focus on...really I'm not jokin'...there really are others!

2953 days ago

Jessica Jutt    

Im am writing a comment not based upon the incident last night for which you are reporting but I was asked to tell as many people as possible that Lindsay and Harry have no completely broken up. They do very much have feelings for eachother but at this point they are on a break. I spoke to Lindsay yesturday and she seemed very upset to think that everyone thought her and Harry were through...Just doing for a friend what anyone would do for theirs!

2953 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

lindsay,lindsay,lindsay,you made out with paris hiltons boyfreind,i had some respect for you ,but, you must be a tramp also, i dont see why you a paris dont do a threesome,you screwed everybody in hollywood,just like paris. Whats next? We need to hang a sign on you back also that says"OVER A BILLION SERVED"

2953 days ago


these are some scandelous bitches! when will it end? Lindsey Hohan is another Tara Reid: always in theses clubs and not making any good movies. This is why she will never be compare to Scarlette Johannson b/c Scarlette have way too much class for herself. She doesnt put herself out there like Lindsey and the other club hoppin' ho's.

2953 days ago


I used to give lindsay the benifit of a doubt but after this escapade i hold her in the esteem of Paris which is not very high until she can "grow up" i would consider her to be moraly bankrupt but this is just my opinion.

2953 days ago


Lindsey Lohans spreading around her firecrotrch!

2953 days ago


This bitch is full of ninth grade drama. No wonder Harry dumped her.

2953 days ago


Well, both of these sluts are majorly overrated on all categories. Dont get me wrong...I'd bang em both out something terrible but I would slap em up when I'm done skeeting on their grill. Paris got major loot but her body is like a little girl (no azz, no titz, some jacked up feet, and no class). Lindsay use to be cool before she started doing mad drugs and transformed into a smoked out looking crack beyactch. She use to have some lovely breasts and a nice little bump in her rear but now she is borderline avg.
These floosies been sharing penis for a minute so it dont matter who they bang anymore.

2953 days ago


She is absolute scum. I hope it is true that H. Morton ended this relationship. He seems to be a decent person, even polite to the photographers following him. I wouldn't let my son be associated with such a dirty debacle. How utterly embarrasing. Lindsay Lohan can no longer use the crutch that it is her parents fault she behaves the way she does. It is disrespectful to those who still wish her well and actually want her to succeed. I can't belive she tried to hide under a sheet and then with her very recognizable voice states %^%$#$$ from underneath it. What a spectacle. I think it is time to be on Flavor Flav's show.

2953 days ago


i'm becoming more and more convinced that Paris pays TMZ or something. Every single story lately is of Lindsay Lohan. No matter how many DUI's Paris gets, not matter how many clubs Paris gets denied entry to, we still get stories of Lohan while Paris' embarassments go under the table. I'm no huge Lindsay fan but at least the girl has worked for a living since she was like 10. Let's be a little more balanced. I'm getting sick of all the Lindsay stories.

2953 days ago


Hmmmm, did she get some serious highlights? Did she also get nose augmentation? The only similarity are the leggings. I don't think this is Lindsay Lohan at all.

2953 days ago


Hey Jessica Jutt....nice grammar. Sounds like you're as smart as your friend LL. We're all really not that interested in LL and her ignorant and childlike antics....but it's fun to watch her crash and burn. Run Harry Morton. Run as fast as you can or you'll become the butt of the jokes like Katie Holmes has become w/ her association w/ Tom Cruise. Run Harry, Run!!

2953 days ago


Covered with a sheet? How strange.

2953 days ago


The bag over the head was my idea.

2953 days ago


Why does anyone care what this ugly little bitch does? She is so
gnarly. Get a tan bitch, and not an orange fake tan. How in the
hell does this dumb whore get into the clubs anyway? She needs to
just go away and continue to make her sh*tty movies. Go back to
Disney bitch!!!

2953 days ago
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