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Tom and Katie CUT Out For the Night

9/27/2006 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes found a sitter for Suri, Connor and Isabella last night and enjoyed a romantic date night at Wolfgang Puck's exclusive CUT steakhouse and lounge in Beverly Hills.

Although Suri made quite a stir when she made her public debut on the cover of Vanity Fair's October issue, TomKat's kitten has yet to go along for a public outing with her parents.

C'mon! Feed that baby a steak!


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the video was too short and blurry.

2894 days ago


Tom is crackers.

2894 days ago


I know there will be a lot of nasty comments later on. Please leave them alone.

2894 days ago

the wise old owl    

Ahhh...... another outing for appearance sake. All lovey dovey and romantic. Then when they get home, it's back to living seperate lives. He goes and visits his boyfriend and she goes back to her needle point.

NIce of them to bring Suri along, don't you think? Oh yeah, that's right. They can't because of the flash bulbs. Might hurt her eyes.( Ever hear of going in and out of the back door ? )

What a sham. I laugh everytime I read about these caculated and well planned out public appearances. The IMAGE outings I like to call them. I am so on to Tom Cruise and his damage control tatics.

Enough already. Just hurry up and get married so the public will think you are heterosexual. The whispers will die down and in time people will forget. Then Andrew Morton's book will come out to refresh everyone's memory. Of course TOm won't be able to sue this time. Because you can't sue the TRUTH. Every gay guy in Hollywood knows what Tom is.

Tom is so busted. It is only a matter of time now. TIck tock, tick tock....,,,,,,,,,,,

2894 days ago


Why is it such a crime for these two people to go out?
Suri is THEIR daughter and if they choose to not take her out in public then thats THEIR decision to make. Are they harming her in any way? Is she missing something? Remember, Tom and Nicole didn't take Connor or Isabella in public until they were a couple of years old. It wasn't a big deal then, so why is it now?

2894 days ago


WHERE is the baby? The only time we have seen baby pictures is in that one magazine. And the truth is those were horrible pictures! Staged and terrible photos of Katie and Tom laying down. And only after the public got very mad at being played by these two and their supposed child did we see pictures of an airbrushed "baby". Why not show them all together if they are really a family? Katie NEVER carries a diaper bag. Do Conner and Isabella even live with them? Or have they boarded those kids off somewhere too? We have only seen "images" of a baby in a magazine story, but nothing since. These two have lost so much crediblity I will never watch a movie of either of them again. Katie doesn't have any acting talent anyway. And Tom has played the same character in every single movie. How nice that these two try to tell our children and their X-fans that out of wedlock babies is the way to go.

2894 days ago


I still find it laughable that we are to believe Katie is a hands-on, full time Mom and baby Suri does not have a nanny. But yet they are always out and about WITHOUT baby Suri.
And they always drive off leave Conner and Isabella alone at the park.

I also like how all of a sudden Tom says he wants to do a movie for he and Katie. One that is full of substance and NOT just flash and special effects.

YES, this announcement comes AFTER it was made public that Brad Pitt is up for the M:I 4 part. HAHAHA

Tommy is so shallow and see threw!

2894 days ago


Harvey be nice, they are a beautiful couple. I cant wait until Tom's next movie, it will be great. I am so happy that they were able to go out for a nice dinner.

2894 days ago


Leave them alone!!!! JJ Brad Pitt denied is up for MI4!!!!and Paramount pictures too. People should just leave Tom and Katie alone because everyone has their own way to live. They have already showed their little baby and they have to proof anything to nobody. You saw baby shiloh twice , isn't it? How many times did you see Nicole out .about with Bella and Connor ?! WHERE is Nicole???????????? Sorry for my english...

2894 days ago


If I had half a dozen cameras constantly in my face, I doubt I would want to take the in-laws out to dinner, either.

2893 days ago


i'm not a Scientologist Lotta! I just say :" LEAVE THEM ALONE!" . Damn if they do damn if they don't...

2893 days ago


Hey number 4, number 9, 10 and 11 -- they don't want to be left alone! Everythng they do is for publicity.

Good point #8 -- I've never seen them with Connor or Isabella -- they show up as spectators for the camera then leave on their own. You don't get any phonier than the 2 of them!

Run Katie!!

2893 days ago

mark day    

I used to think I wanted Tom Cruise's celebrity babies, but after I saw those pictures in Vanity Fair I'm not so sure.

As this video explains...

2893 days ago


TMZ, Does it bother you that these web sites seem to attract a lot of very warped people? Who are they? Failed actors? Angry wannabes? S.

2893 days ago


Yes, leave them alone. They look like a happy, loving couple. I'm happy for them. And yes, all the warped, negative people commenting here are just miserable people with no lives and no friends. You can tell by their negative attitude. Who would even want to be around such losers?

2893 days ago
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