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Katie's Big Slim-Down For Tom - And Wedding?

10/2/2006 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes in Washington, DC.Could it be that Katie Holmes has gone through a dramatic weight-loss regimen to get herself in shape so she can pour herself into a wedding dress? According to a report this morning, her baby daddy/fiance Tom Cruise has been "eager" to get Katie to get fit, and that evidently she's done him proud.

"Katie has lost a lot of weight. A lot," tells an observer to MSNBC's Jeannette Walls. "I've heard that Tom was eager to get her back in shape. Looks like she made him happy. And then some." The prevailing buzz, of course, is that a TomKat wedding is imminent, and Cruise's rep Arnold Robinson has maintained all along that the pair will be getting married sometime this fall.

Oh, Really? Janet and Justin Conspire
Even though Janet Jackson hasn't exactly shown piles of affection recently towards Justin Timberlake, her partner in crime in the famous "wardrobe malfunction" of the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, a report this morning suggests that she and Justin are cooking up a big surprise reunion as a publicity stunt.

According to Page Six, the two pop idols' camps are in talks to get the pair together in "some sort of big, live show like the Grammys or the Oscars." The pair, as Janet has been saying recently as she promotes her new album "20 Y.O.", haven't really talked since that fateful day, and Janet also told Oprah that she was none too happy that Timberlake didn't stick up for her after the deluge.

Both star's reps denied any knowledge of a reunion.

Ashton Finishes First and Second At Weekend B.O.

Whether playing a cartoon deer or a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Ashton Kutcher reeled in the audiences this weekend, as both new releases featuring him (or at least his voice) finished at the top of the box office. The animated comedy "Open Season," also featuring the voice of Martin Lawrence, finished first, with a debut take of $23 million. "Season" was the first release for fledgling Sony Pictures Animation.

Meanwhile, Disney's "The Guardian," in which Kutcher co-stars with Kevin Costner, opened with a healthy $17.7 million weekend. Last week's top finisher, "Jackass Number Two," dropped to third place with $14 million, giving the prankster pic a ten-day total of $51.5 million. And another debut, the comedy "School for Scoundrels," opened in fourth at $9.1 million. Overall, the top 12 movies brought in $85.1 million, up 13 percent from the same weekend last year.

Party Favors: Ivanka Heats It Up With Lance? ... Martha May Need To Get (New) Hip ... Some Dude Pays $21,000 for Dinner with Petra

It's an unlikely match, but young business tycoon Ivanka Trump could be cyclist Lance Armstrong's latest conquest, if Page Six is to be believed. Ivanka's been out in LA shooting the latest edition of "The Apprentice" and will be the new spokeswoman for Tiffany, and lips are flapping that the pair are dating ... Martha Stewart could be headed for the operating room after the current season to replace a bum hip, according to a source in Lloyd Grove's column. But Stewart's rep says, "There are no plans for surgery. She has a torn muscle, and she's waiting for it to heal." ... Supermodel Petra Nemcova may have had boyfriend James Blunt by her side, but, report Rush & Molloy, that didn't stop a couple of Wall Street guys from getting into a fierce bidding war over her. The winner ended up shelling out $21,000 for dinner with the beauty, who's donating the sum to the Happy Hearts Fund, her charity that helps children who have suffered in natural disasters, just as she did in the 2004 Asian tsunami.

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No Avatar


Tom is a control FREAK

2906 days ago



Who the heck would want to work with Jessica? She's moody, bitchy, whiny and a f'n spoiled bi*$h! When the camera''s are around, she changes and plasters that phony smile on her face. Please, GO AWAY!

Yes, I do know this, personally!

2906 days ago


Katie looks like an ugly werewolf in this picture. Nice yellow teeth sweetheart!

2906 days ago


#2 & #3 Her teeth are a NORMAL shade not bleached out blinding white

and #2 who the hell is Jessica?

2906 days ago


Gross picture of Katie! Yuck! Her teeth really are yellow! Heard of a toothbrush and paste bride of Frankenstein?

2906 days ago


Grab that baby and run Katie! Don't do it!

2906 days ago


Tom and Katie have snaggleteeth in common!

2906 days ago


Why is Joey Potter with that nutcase!

2906 days ago


Once again, Katie Holmes is under the direction, or should I say possession of Tom Cruise.. "Tom Cruise was eager to get her (Katie) back in shape. I bet that Tom weighed Katie at least 3x per day, regulated what she ate, made her hit the gym everyday, probably at least 2x per day. Katie doesn't have a mind of her own anymore.. She shares the same brain with Tom Cruise!! Oh, one more thing, I do agree with what most posters are saying.. Katie's teeth are terribly yellow.. Don't celebs have dentists that can either bleach, bond or use veneers? Get with the program Katie, um, I mean, Tom, get Katie to the dentist!!

2906 days ago


TomKat is just completely disgusting -- please go away and leave everyone alone.
They just don't get how sick they make people.
Tom a 'control freak' is putting it mildly.

Run FAST Katie!

2906 days ago


If Tom was truly concerned for the "natural" health and well being of his wife and daughter he would NOT want Katie losing weight so quickly (especially just so that she will look good in a wedding gown!!). Breast feeding is one of the best things that Katie can do for her baby. Weightloss (especially rapid) does not go hand in hand with healthy breast feeding. Maybe Tom - and Katie - need to review their priorities. I know that Katie is not the first Hollywood mom to loose weight quickly because of the pressure that is on them to look good. But can't they just give the poor babies a year before they start starving themselves?!?

2906 days ago


Listen to all the venom spewing from most of you: yellow teeth, snaggle teeth, weird smile, disgusting, ugly baby, asian baby, control freaks, baby wearing toupee etc. You all are judging people you have never met by what you perceive to be unattractive or different on the outside. You nasty posters are ugly on the inside which is something White Strips or any other cosmetic procedure can not correct and will be with you a lifetime.

2906 days ago

the wife    

It bothers me that Katie seems to be so far under Tom's "scientology spell". Does she have to ask him if its alright if she goes to the bathroom? Does he pick out her clothes each morning? And did he portion out her food so he could control her weight loss too? I do hope that their relationship isnt what it seems to be to us.

2906 days ago


I don't think it is as bad as the media has portrayed- you wouldn't think now-a-days anyone would put up with "bs" anymore- cause it's just too easy to live happily ever after by yourself!

2906 days ago


Ashton Kutcher big box office????? "His" 2 movies must've been the only 2 movies released this weekend. I seriously doubt that everyone flocked to these movies because he is in them.

I'll refrain from commenting on Katie's teeth. Just the fact that I can see every one of them is bad enough.

2906 days ago
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