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Source: "Tom VERY Concerned About Katie's Bod"

10/3/2006 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It seems Tom Cruise has a new mission these days -- helping Katie Holmes reclaim her former hardbodied physique. According to sources close to the couple, Tom has become "very concerned" about her appearance these days, and has become directly involved with Katie's workout regimen as a result.

According to sources, Tom is willing to do whatever it takes so his bride-to-be "looks the best that she can walking next to him down the aisle."

In addition to joining her strenuous workout sessions, Tom also makes sure that Katie's strict workout schedule goes without interruption by personally booking babysitters for the kids.

Katie has developed quite a fondness for pumping iron, something she was unable to do while pregnant with Suri. Since the birth of her daughter, Katie is said to be hitting the weights at least 4-5 times a week, focusing on building muscle in her shoulders and back.

As TMZ first reported, Katie has recruited the help of the Buff Brides fitness program to help squeeze into her sleek, form fitting strapless wedding gown.


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What a CONTROL FREAK he is!! What, she can't even exercise by herself?? Get out Katie, you deserve a life of your own!!!!!

2888 days ago


If I didn't despise Tom Cruise before I sure do now. What the hell - it isn't enough for him that she has basically given up her identity and produced an off-spring for him now she has to look perfect before he marries her??? What the hell......this man has really gone off the deep end.

2888 days ago

Lady G    

Katie needs to start hanging out with friends, preferably with a good portion of them in her own age range, to snap the f*ck out of this nonsense.

Life's short Katie...Movie Star or not.

2888 days ago


Haters Leave Tom alone!!! HE is a wonderful man who loves Katie and his baby, Suri.

They're a happy family, just leave them alone.

2888 days ago


I like Tom, he is a talented actor who is also the hottest man in Hollywood.

We LOVE you Tom!!!!

2888 days ago


Katie you need to tell this man you were fine before he was in the picture and you will be fine after hes out of the picture!

Dont let no man tell you what to eat or how to excersize you have to do it by yourself for yourself, wow talk about caveman era!

2888 days ago


To #3 & #4: So you think it's ok that Tom thinks Katie has to look a certain way before she can walk down the aisle next to him....That is a Control Freak because if he truly Loved her for her, he would not be pushing her to look "perfect". He would Love her the way she is (Which by the way, what is wrong with her body the way it is now????)

2888 days ago


What an ass.

2888 days ago


At the risk of being branded a 'hater', I never saw the big deal about Tom or his looks. His eyes are a nice color, that's about it. Maybe he should be more worried about his own appearance instead of micro managing Ms. Holmes. She could do a lot better than him.

2888 days ago


ahhh #6 read #4 again because you read it wrong!

2888 days ago


What do you expect from a freak. He has nothing to do now so why not harass Katie. She knows no better. Has any DNA tests been taken to see if that is is or is this a scam. Thats what happens to a person when they get involved with his new found calling. All Tom is a big cry baby, and should be run out of Hollywood.

2888 days ago


No, I don't think Tom is "forcing" Katie to work out. I think she is a talented actress who wants to start working and needs to get into shape again to get in front of camera and feel her best. Plus, getting into a wedding dress and looking her best too. Tom is just helping her achieve that like a supportive husband would!

What is wrong with that?

Enough with the Tom bashing. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.

2888 days ago


Ellie supporting husbands dont watch your work out routing, they support you in everything even the baby fat.

Your right Katie needs to feel good about herself, but she has a mind and body of her own!

2888 days ago


You're just as sick S.O.B. as Tom Cruise.

2888 days ago


The thing about Tom…you never get the idea he's just being a great guy by helping KATIE do what she wants to do. Somehow, in all of his "pampering" there is the clear imposition of HIS will, of what he wants her to be called (Kate) and who he wants her to see, how he wants to look, etc. In and by itself, arranging a personal trainer isn't the worst thing in the world. But with Tom, you just know it's the control freak at work -- doing what he does best -- CONTROLLING!

2888 days ago
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