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Katie Hearts Paris

10/6/2006 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes & Victoria Bechkam: Click to watchKatie Holmes and her new BFF Victoria Beckham stormed the Karl Lagerfeld show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday, setting off a photog frenzy.

For the future Mrs. Cruise, going to Paris marked a return to where Tom proposed to her. While Cruise was nowhere in sight, Holmes was ecstatic to be back. "It's really fun, we're having a great time here in Paris ... it's been so wonderful, so romantic."

Though Tom's reportedly been concerned about Katie's body lately, the former girl from the "Creek" looked great on her way to the show. Cruise and Holmes are reportedly set to walk down the aisle in the fall.


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If Katie's smart she won't walk down the aisle with that loser. Katie stay in paris and forget about the cry bay.

2846 days ago


She does look great. Tom should just shut up and let her be for once.

2846 days ago



Katie sounded sooooo incredibly stupic, had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING INTELLIGENT OR ORIGINAL to say about an incredibly talented man...what a loser. She is in this for the spotlight, and glamour, b/c where are her old friends...ditched them like a hot potato once she became Mrs. C. amount of Chanel will make her look glamorous...still looks like a fuddy dud.

2846 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

The Maven would like to know who this Victoria Beckham is. Katie's Lesbian lover? Or is it true that Katie is really a transsexual who goes around in drag because her faggot husband demands it? Or is she a transvestite and thus has a penis? And what ever happened to baby Suri's (really a Chinese dwarf) black wig? There are so many answers about this entire TomKat mess that MUST be answered. The Maven demands it!!!!!

2846 days ago


helllloooo, anybody in there??? Did anybody else think katie walked like she was drugged or somethin'?

2846 days ago

Erica Frantz    

Though her body has clearly bounced back to pre-baby shape, her mind and demeanor are still bizarre.

2846 days ago


Maven, you have been cracking me up for days.

2846 days ago


I can't believed all this comments, You guys are all pathetic misjudging this people and calling their baby suri names. This kid is innocent, you should all be ashame to your self especially you Maven.

2846 days ago


I see nothing but complete desperation for attention when I see these two 'posing' together.

2846 days ago

the wise old owl    

So Katie is back where the FAKE purposal took place. WHAT A JOKE. And than she says about her visit back to Paris. " Oh it's so romantic " For goodness sake, TOM ISN'T EVEN THERE. What an idiot. It probably is more romantic with the homo not being there. Geez.....................

What a couple of superficial phonies. " Oh what can I say, Hes exquisite, he's
CARL " Makes me want to puke. She comes off like a programed robot sent there by Tom to fraternize with high profile celebrities to keep the publicity.

It's very funny how you see pictures of Brrooke with her little daughter, and Heidi Klum playing in the park with hers, Brittany Spears on the beach with her son, etc. etc. but NEVER, and I mean NEVER is Katie with child. I mean really, what the hell is up with that.? It's disturbing . Who is raising that child.? The 1st 9 months of a baies developiment is crucial. They learn so much from who ever is there to BOND with them. It is obvious that person isn't Katie. What in hell could she be thinking. Or does she anymore ? You couldn't pry me away from my daughter at that age. I took her with me EVERYWHERE. The more I see of her stupid public outings the more I smell FRAUD.

The terms of their pre-nup were disclosed in an article I read. Tom is paying Katie 25 million dollars for each child she bears him. ( sure the more she has, the more he thinks, the public will find him VIRILE and masculine ) My god , Suri isn't even his kid. What kind of man puts that option in a pre-nup ? I 'll tell you. A man so desperate to change his current image that he will stop at nothing to put any P.R. out there that benefits him. He's got the money to do it. So that's not an issue.

Like I said before. These two will be married in NAME ONLY. They will go through with the bogus wedding and continue to live a sham. Katie will get all the bells and whiltles that go along with Tom's lifestyle. She's never had it so good. Plus she doesn't have to screw him. ( Like he would want her anyway......he perfers the personal trainer he hired for Kaite ha ha ) I find the whole thing NAUSEATING. Yuck !! You can have him.

2846 days ago


Katie should stay in Paris with Victoria. That loser of a husband she has is a nobody and a cry baby. Who in thre right mind pays $250,00 to join any thing. She does look doped up in all her pictures. As far as the bay goes she should be left out of all of this. I still don't think it Tom had anything to do with the conception of the baby.

2846 days ago


Mrs. Beckham looks extremely unhappy....Don't look for her and her beau to last too long...She is a control freak, hiring an ugly nanny to keep David from cheating on her....I bet Mr. Beckham is a happy man, NOT......

2846 days ago


Ummmmm. Is it just me or is describing Paris being so "romantic" when one's partner isn't there is a bit odd. But then againg the future Mrs. Cruise is beyond odd. And, frankly neither one of them looks too happy.

2846 days ago


Tom is SO concerned about Katie's weight he sends to hang out with someone who is the poster child for anorexia. Okay, so that's speculation but really -- it's not so far-fetched in my book.

2846 days ago


Katie would be a friggin nobody without Tom. Never even heard about her til she hooked up with him. She loves every minute of what she's getting whether he is the one molding her or not.

2846 days ago
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