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Tom Cruises Into Soccer Game

10/9/2006 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise: Click to watchTom Cruise knows how to make an entrance -- albeit a very slow one.

Cruise had a busy day Saturday watching his son Connor's football and daughter Isabella's soccer games, but in the time it took to get from his SUV to the playing field, you could have watched all three "Mission: Impossible" movies.

Due to heavy paparazzi crush and onslaught of fans, Tom took his sweet time walking to and from Isabella's game, warning photogs to "go slow" and "watch the kids."

Though inquiring minds kept asking about his impending nuptials to Katie Holmes, Cruise remained focused on his kids and only commented on their playing.


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the wise old owl    

POst #13 Katherine : Don't waste your time defending this pompus a**hole. It is very obvious what his motives are and why he does the things he does. Did you just fall off the turnip truck, or are you just niave and innocent ? It's not a bad thing but this man has shown his true colors over and over again. He is far from a good parent. He ripped those children away from Nicole for his own selfish agenda. She must only be allowed to see them when HE SAYS IT'S OKAY.

What father do you know gets custody of their children after a divorse ? Not unless the mother is deemed UNFIT would that happen. He had that in the contract when they got married. Those kids stay with him. He's a selfish prick. I am sure Katie signed the same damn thing. If she goes SURI stays. No drama with that since Suri never bonded with her MOM . It will make things easier when the seperation takes place. YOu can't miss something you never had.

2905 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Atth: wise old owl--Beautifully put. This guy is pure unadulterated sh*t. Gay sh*t. Keep on "hooting"--your comments are a delight. Thus speaketh The Maven.

2905 days ago


Tom CRuise DAy In Japan!

2905 days ago


When Tom lived in London..he was the one who took the 2 younger kids to the Park and played with them. You dopes just have to carve up this guy. He is a doting father..its Nicole who is missing you jerks...she does not have a maternal bone in her skinny body. He is supporting his kids. The Paps know when the kids are playing..they wait. Kate is in Paris picking up her wedding gown. a baby and is home while he goes to the Soccer any loving Father.. Get a life you people.

2905 days ago


Hey, Are you talking about Nicole? Hello---- When Nicole is with her children she keeps them away from press(like bobbie said) I like Nicole. In fact, I like her after she broke up with Tom. I could see their real color at that time. Tom wanted to get dirvoced as soon as possible.(before 10 years) Why? He didn't want to share his fortune with Nic. When he was getting divorced, he was with Penelope Cruz. HELLO!!!!! Don't talk about Nicole. She acts classic at least. Tom and Katie, hypocrite and golddigger. That's what I feel about them. Sorry!

2905 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 16 The Maven : We've watched each other's backs before. Your style of writing reminds me of an old friend of mine LIVE WIRE YOU KOW THE CAT? Always liked his sarcastic posts. Entertaining while telling the truth. I hope he didn't disappear because some other people who visit here gave him sh*t. I just ignore those kinds of people. So should you. Don't worry I'll be back again and again to HOOT up a storm when it's a subject I am passionate about. Look for me.

Post # 17 Jan : Don't you understand that TOM holds all the strings. Even if Nicole wanted to see those kids, IT'S NOT PART OF THE DEAL............DAHHH.
She signed a GAG ORDER and a contract telling her exactly what was required of her when she entered into that relationship ( and so did Kaite.) We will never know the whole story but we can use deductive reasoning to figure out this senario.

Katie doesn't have to go to Paris to pick out her wedding gown. It was all over the media that the dress was ordered from a cataglogue. What is it with you people that are in such denial you continue to make excuses for Tom? Someone in his posse is alerting the press and tellilng them where to show up for these photo ops. Didn't you see him posing the whole time? Struting around like a peacock. No one admires him, more than he does. I've never seen someone so full of themselves. He must have mirrors hanging in every room of the house.

You must be part of the scientology organization coming here to do some cover up.There's not many of you left so you stick out like a sore thumb. Again, showing up for games so you can take advantage of a photo op is not a good parent. Up until now he didn't even let them drive back in the car with him. They are his little possessions and he does with them what he feels will benefit HIM. He is cyrstal clear. He throws up smoke and mirrors but after the clouds settle . What you see is what you get. You put down Nicole because she isn't a scientologist. That's one thing he couldn't make her do. You're pathetic. Take off your Rose Colored glasses and see the guy for what he is.

You say ' SURI is at home like it's A GOOD THING. Damn , I don't know how you were raised but I saw my llittle sister when I was growing up. I also saw my MOM> They took me places and I remember getting to see the light of day. I also went to resturants, went shopping and went with my mom while she ran errands.

Geez let's get a reality check here. This is far from normal behavior .

2905 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 19 Lee : Koo dooz to you. I couldn't have said it better myself. Anyone with half a brain can see what 's going on here. His past track record says it all. In case others don't know this............A lot of celebrities use the press for their own agenda. When you see a photo of a celeb at Magic Mnt. or some public place. That person was tipped off by that very celebrity. Even Princess Di would do that on occastion when she wanted to be seen somewhere. This is not a new procedure. It keeps their name in the press and publicity doesn't come cheap. These celebrities pay BIG BUCK to publilcists to keep their names out there.

You are not going to see Tom calling his wear abouts in when he is visiting some place that puts him in a bad light. Think about that..... Mums the word then. This guy is so blattent and obvious with his actions it just screams.................FAKE !!!!!!

2905 days ago

the wise old owl    

Donald Trump makes me sick. He is another one that is so full of himself it's NASEATING !! If he had his way this wouldn't be the planet earth , it would be the planet TRUMP. Enough all ready.. If his head grows any bigger there will be no more room for housing. Now he is singing Paris's praises because she makes $$$. That money is tainted and came at a high price. She has no respect, no talent and she earned that money the same way a prostitute does You don't have to be smart to sell yourrself.. He may have money but it's obvious he has very LOW STANDARDS.

I didn't like him before and now I like him even less. Imagine having that guy to look at every morning and night. It's enough to make anyone ill. If he didn't have his money , he would be an awfully lonely guy. That's all he has going for himself.
Even that wouldn't be enough for me to get wth him. YOU CAN HAVE HIM. He is really gross.

2905 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Post #19--wise old owl--There's a very simple reason for that horripilating Donald liking Paris. It's because she is said to give the finest blow jobs around.

The Donald's second wife (I think her name was Marla) said, after the divorce, that the only way the bastard likes sex is being given head. As for his fathering children, he had his wives spit it into a turkey baster insteqd of swallowing it, and--well, you can imagine the rest. Kind of sickening,

Actually, he serves a medical purpose, for those wishing to take advantage of it. When one has to vomit, but is having a bit of difficulty, the standard remedy is to swallow some mustard or stick a finger down the throat. But it's so much easier my way: Just look at a picture of Trump for one minute, and that'll do the trick.

I understand he has crabs, and his wig is infested with lice. .

Of course, people forget how, when he wanted a rental building emptied on West 57th so he could convert it into a co-op, he hired thugs to terrrorize the tennants into moving. A real charmer.

I'm looking forward to reading his obituary in the New York Times.

The Maven has spoken.

2905 days ago


Is it me or have Cruise and Holmes been making a statement wearing black all the time? Is that the new Scientology uniform or are they both depressed?

It only took him so long to walk because he wanted more time to not answer questions. He knew what he was doing and the media buys into it.
He put them there to bother the kids.

#4...He has the kids because Nicole is out of the country filming.

2905 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    


2905 days ago


were is the mother of these kids is she ever with them? you never see her at their games. shame on not a fan of tom's but he seems to be a good mother.

2905 days ago


#17-Wise old Owl..ok lady..first off I am an Episcopalian.
2nd off..How do you know if Kate ordered a gown from a catalogue?? I believe she went there for her fitting..and Posh is helping her develope a fashion style while there.
Some people pay PR people to keep them out of the press..
Tom has never failed to father his kids..Nicole is rarely seen with them. There are many reasons to marry..and no one of knows what Tom is all about. Rumors, innuendos and flat statements do not make it true. I personally like Tom Cruise and I li8ke his movies. He will rebound from all of this hate. If he never makes another film he has enough money to buy diapers for Suri.

2905 days ago


#17..oh PS..I was raised by a Mother and a Father..and yes, I went everywhere after I got out of the new baby stage..I then went on to raise 4 of my own...and yes, I took them everywhere including over 35 moves in the Military...but, then..I am not famous, I am not rich and after leaving a soccer game I probably was not going straight home thus leaving the kids to ride with someone else..while I went to a meeting.

2905 days ago


Hey Jan.....The reason you rarely, if ever, see Nicole photographed with her children is because she values her time with them and keeps it private.

She is secure in who she is and does not need to use them to get attention.

Nicole does not call the press and give out her every move so as to get it published.

When Nicole DOES come to her kids games, she does NOT walk around with a video camera the size of Vermont on her shoulder, wondering WHY everyone is staring.

No, Nicole comes in quietly and watches and cheers for her children. She is their for them and them alone. Never a self serving mission.

TOM is the one that is trying to rebuild his reputation and he thinks that using his kids will do it.
99.9% of the veiwing public can see right through Toms evil ways.

2905 days ago
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