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"Dr. Phil" House Shut Down By Angry Residents

10/10/2006 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dr. Phil" has had to shut down production at a location for a popular segment of the show, after angry neighbors waged a revolt. It seems the cocaine addicts and others who were holed up in the house didn't go over too well with residents on the block.

Every Monday, "Dr. Phil" features guests who live together for a week in the "Dr. Phil House," a home located in the mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. Peteski Productions, Dr. Phil's production company, purchased the residence last June. The inside was gutted and remodeled with the help of Phil's wife, Robin. We're told 45 cameras were installed in the home, and a brain center was built in the pool house, dubbed "video village." Miles of wires were run throughout the inside and outside of the house, much to the dismay of complaining neighbors.

But neighbors say the unsightly wires were nothing compared to the nonstop noise and ear-shattering arguing coming from addicts, racists, misfits and others who populated the house. Tom Griep, who lives next door, told TMZ he was none too happy when "two crack cocaine addicts were yelling at each other for all to hear."

Griep adds "Dr. Phil" violated the city's ground rules by taping past midnight many nights and starting up again before 7AM. Griep says some of the production staff were rude and uncooperative. He also claims the staff cut his hedge down. Griep and other neighbors allege the show constantly violated parking restrictions on the street and created an extreme eyesore with cables and all. Neighbors also claim the low-life clientele in the house caused several disturbances.

Neighborhood residents contacted the LAPD and other agencies on a regular basis, complaining that the show was turning their lives upside down. As Steven and Susan Jamerson put it, "Our once-peaceful neighborhood has now turned into a studio backlot." Griep says a production executive told him the taping would continue for several years.

Seventy-six residents signed a petition protesting the production and after a meeting last month with city officials, production was shut down. FilmL.A., the agency that processes permits for shooting TV shows and movies, has been instructed by city officials not to issue future permits for the house in question.

City officials tell TMZ the show had requested eight additional shoots, each lasting between five and nine days, but the request was rejected. An official for FilmL.A. tells TMZ that "Dr. Phil" was trying to turn the house into a studio, and that violates the city's zoning laws.

In a statement to TMZ, a rep from "Dr. Phil" said, "Our primary objective has always been to be extremely respectful of the neighbors and we have accommodated their requests whenever they have arisen." The spokesman says the show has received a lot of neighborhood support.

The spokesman adds that production vehicles did not park on the street and taping was limited to inside the house.

To read the entire "Dr. Phil" statement, click here.


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To 482 Alex,

Bingo! That is what happened in my family. Our parents just abandoned their posts. My two brothers became life long drug users. By the grace if God, I escaped going down the road to prostitution and drug addiction by sheer force of will to rise above what I saw around me.

A quote from Dr. Phil "In the absence of Leadership, a child will follow just about anybody."

People who can't appreciate the grounded concepts Dr Phil practices haven't taken the time to bother to listen, as admitted by post #485 Renee above. Many seem to be rather illiterate. It's sad, but reality.

2869 days ago


I was reading through the messages and saw that this one should be repeated. It speaks the TRUTH AND THEN SOME.

464. Dr. Phil has been a clinical psychologist for over 30 years and has helped many people.

I think there are a lot of people commenting here who have nothing better to do than to sit around and find message boards that they can spew their filthy, nasty hateful disease unto....and who could use professional help from a doctor much like Dr. Phil !

When you point a finger at someone else - the other fingers all point back at YOU. Take a look in the mirror. Perhaps you would benefit from Dr. Phil's books - Self Matters and Life Strategies so that you can learn how to be a mature, responsible, adult who is accountable and in control of your behavior...and a productive, positive member of society!

And no - I don't work for Dr. Phil - I am just a fan who feels your disparaging remarks, slander and defamation of Dr. Phil are totally unjust and uncalled for.

Posted at 7:21PM on Nov 8th 2006 by A Mature Adult

2867 days ago


Dear Shar,
I believe it is somewhat convenient for you to group all of us who have no time for 'talk shows', into a catagory of illiteracy. That is simple ignorance. I am not from a disfunctional family, and if I were, the last place I would try to solve my problems would be on tv for the general public to judge. Take the log from thine own eye before trying to take the speck from your brothers.
Obviously you have nothing better to do in your life than sit here and defend this Dr. Phil. Well, if he is as great as you believe, then he shouldn't need defending. And one thing you seem to forget, we are all allowed the freedom to express our opinion about whatever and should be able to do it without being downtrodded by someone who doesn't share our particular viewpoint.
I've already spent way to much time on this. Say what you will, Shar but I've got a life to go live.

2866 days ago


To #489

Hi Renee,

If you read my post again you will see I seperated you from the illiterate catagory. Your admission that you "personally never watch his show" is what I pointed out in one sentence. I purposely stated in a SEPERATE sentence that "many seem to be rather illiterate". Your post did not contain the many poorly worded and misspellings I see from much of the trash talk. I did not mean to put you in that catagory, and APOLOGIZE for the lack of clarity and misunderstanding.

You certaintly are entitled to your opinion as is anyone. My opinion is valid as well and I am exercising my right to respond to your's. You said, "Obviously you have nothing better to do in your life than sit here and defend this Dr. Phil." Renee, I am disabled with multiple sclerosis and can't walk or get out except when my care giver takes me to see my various doctors, one of which happens to be a wonderful psychiatrist. Your assessment of me using TV talk shows as a place to solve my problems is incorrect. I know this may be difficult for you to understand since you are "not from a dysfunctional family and you have never watched Dr. Phil" , but he is a very, very smart man with great compassion and understanding of the human condition. He has been a huge help to me and just about everyone I know who does watch.

You said, "Take the log from thine own eye before trying to take the speck from your brothers." I agree with this, Renee, but in your orginal post you began with this rather judgemental statement, " So who's DR. Phil? Some over-paid egotist who thinks he's more important than he is." I chose to respond to this because I have never seen this in Dr. Phil! The man is actually brilliant.

In your next sentence you stated that "you personally never watch the show", which leads me to the conclusion that you speak from a very unknowing position and therefore are really not in a good position to judge fairly. It seemed to me more like a cheap shot from someone who just has no clue about who Dr. Phil REALLY is. Otherwise you would not have made these statements to begin with. He has spent much of his time and resources doing outreach to those in dire conditions and much of his energy went for the victims of Katrina. I can't say that much for Paris Hilton and her superficial, egotistical ilk.

As for Dr Phil not needing defending, I suppose that's true and he would most likely agree with that statement, as his work stands on it's own and he has MILLIONS of people like me who love and admire him and all he does for humanity. Maybe Jesus Christ, Ghandi and Albert Einstein etc. didn't feel they needed defending either, except that they WERE by their many followers.

I don't like antagonizing people, but if my opinion offends, then it offends. My intention is to shed light and understanding, something that was denied to me most of my life.

I like the "in your face" approach Dr. Phil uses. We all don't have to agree on everything, but as long as I am disabled and can't go anywhere, it's nice to have the internet where ideas can be exchanged.

2865 days ago


Dear Shar,
My apologies for assuming you were a stay at home, sit on your ass avid tv addict.
Of course I had no way of knowing how severely you suffer. You are articulate in your writing and I send praise your way for not letting your disability get in your way.

However, Dr. Phil probably wouldn't be doing any of this of his own accord. He has the financial backing of Harpo Productions. Still and all, I'm sure he is a generous soul. I travel 4-5 weeks out of the month for my job. I manage to reach out to those less fortunate than I when it is put upon my heart. I would rather do the little I am capable of doing in an anonymous manner. Of course I'm not sponsering shelters and providing counsling, but I do offer my heart.
Anyway, glad do hear you have somebody that lifts up your spirit and gives you a forum for discussion. Keep the chin up and a smile on your face.
Perhaps we'll run across each other again.

2865 days ago


Hi Renee,

That's true about Harpo (Oprah) backing Dr. Phil's show. She is the major owner of the show.
I remember when Oprah first came in contact with Dr. Phil in Texas. He was one of her advisors when she was being sued by the Cattlemen's Association. She took her entire show to Texas while the proceedings were going on. Of course she was declared innocent of their alligations.

Anyway, Oprah was so impressed with Dr. Phil that she invited him to be a guest on her show. I have to admit, I was taken with him immediately as well.

She soon invited him to appear every Tuesday, and I gurantee you those were shows I did not like to miss.

The OprahTuesday shows with Dr. Phil became so popular that Oprah offered to back his own show, which have been incredibly successful.

So yes, Oprah is the money backer in this. Of course there is no shame in that. All shows need financial backing. It's kind of like people buying their homes when they go to the bank for a loan.

God bless you for doing outreach, Renee. It is so great when people look to help and ask nothing in return. They are, in fact, rewarded in ways they may not immediately see.

I have been a musician for over 25 years. One of my music friends comes to get me every other month or so and we go to sing and play music at assisted living homes with another friend of ours. Our little group is so well received by the people who just can't get out at all. They don't like to let us go and keep asking for another song and another song and another song. We always say "yes". It makes us feel very good and appreiated to make them happy. But I think we are even happier. Of course the fact that I am disabled at such a young age makes them appreciate it even more.

Another service I do for free is take care of the bookwork for our musical association for the past 5 years. There are only about 525 members in the association. We also put out a newsletter and I am responsible for collecting funds for the ads placed in the newsletter and all financial matters along with reporting to the Board of Directors. I enjoy being part of a team. And they keep electing me.

Anyway, keep up the good fight, Renee. Dr. Phil is definately on the same page as we are. That being, wanting to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

2864 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Dr. Phil's appeal for me seems to be his basic common sense approach, with
advice that all should have been given growing up, but were not, for whatever
reasons. To some that advice is a given; just plain common sense. To the
troubled, however, it can help be a compass to navigate tricky situations. Even
sensible people can lose sight of practical solutions when they are emotionally involved in a situation. I had great parents, but when Dr. Phil spells things out
in his inimitable fashion, I am re-reminded of certain basic values and ethical/moral tenets that seem to unfortunately be a thing of the past to some.
Bottom line for me is that I think Dr. Phil puts some good stuff out into the media universe that can help many or you can choose to ignore. He's a positive force.

2863 days ago


Well Shar, I must say I'm impressed. You are a busy lady. Wish I had half of your energy. When I was much younger I used to perform with our church youth group at the veteran's hospital and nursing homes. We would sing and sometimes we just visited with folks who had no one else. Of course that was about 100 years ago!! I enjoyed it very much. I am struck by how unselfish you are. You don't find very many people who are willing to share themselves with others. People like you are a blessing to many.
We need more of the positive (yes, GOOD old fashioned morals, ethics and values) in our lives. It is reassuring to know that it's not an entirely forgotten concept.

2861 days ago


Hi Renee,

The "good old fashioned morals ethics and values" work best for me and I have never had sleeping problems as a result.

I give tons of credit and thanks these days to a key person in my life who takes care of me and is watching out for my welfare. God made this happen for me. I do have fewer friends these days, because I have no more tolerance for "fools" or their "games". Many people I thought were friends were fair weather and showed their true colors as I began growing more and more disabled. So many people are interested in the superficial side of life only and refuse to discuss "issues" I now see as important. Disability has changed me for the better (in my heart and how I see things), although I wish God would let me walk again. I will not give up asking for it. :)

The few friends I do keep are of the same mind frame and very ethical. The kind of people who KEEP THEIR WORD and would not dream of wasting my time or wanting to know me for some kind of selfish personal personal "gain". BEEN THERE/DONE THAT.

Anyway, how great that you were able to bring music to people with your youth group when you were younger. I know how much pleasure you received as did the folks who heard you. I will be going to an assisted living home on Dec 18th and looking forwrd to our group's performance.

God bless, Renee, and may your holiday season be joyous.

2861 days ago


I hope your holiday's are also blessed. I'm going back out to work now, so I'll not be posting here again.
Keep it up. You have a great outlook and I bet the friends you kept are exceptional people. (it's sooo nice to know who your true friends are!!)
Merry Christmas, Shar

2860 days ago


dr. phil is the biggest joke. he preaches morals and values, yet his son goes and marries a whore from Playboy who posed naked with her sisters. that sh*t is twisted!!!! oprah should be ashamed.

2912 days ago



2912 days ago


That house should have been erected in Dr. Phil's back yard...then he would have been the only one to complain!

2912 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I wouldnt want that sh*t going on in my neighbrohood ,He needs to get real with himself,hte show is boring the sh*t out of me.He needs to face it,he cant fix whats wrong with americia.Pull the plug on Dr Phil.Who wants crack smokers yelling at each other.I wonder why he didnt put that house next door to his house,I bet he has that sh*t as far away from his house as he can.Lets go ruin someones neighrorhood .Opera didnt want to air the Roy Nagin story about the mayor of New Orealens,but she air the story about crack smokers in L.A.What we really want to know is what really happened to the police cheif of New Orealens,and what happen to the money that was to fix the walls around New Orealens,now that news

2912 days ago


I'm still waiting for Dr Phil to find Natalee Holloway, in some crackhouse in Mexico. Didn't he promise Mrs Twitty, last year at this time, that he would never give up looking, and he would keep his "investigators" hot on the trail, in the search for Natalee? And he would have an open pocketbook to Mrs Twitty to keep the search alive for her daughter? That his investigators DID spot a very much ALIVE Natalee in Mexico, that when his investigators got to close they were harmed? Did he not state on Jay Leno, that HE had evidence that Natalee Holloway was alive, and was being kept against her will?

Tell me, he just wasn't using this case for ratings?!?!?! (sarcasm)

2912 days ago
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