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O & Bono's

Shopping Spree

10/13/2006 3:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Oprah Winfrey and Bono team up, you just know it's for something big.

The two celeb humanitarians hit up Michigan Avenue in Chicago and zipped in and out of stores selling Product (RED) merchandise - an effort benefiting the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Apple, Gap, Motorola and Emporio Armani have joined the cause, which is backed by Bobby Shriver and the U2 frontman. "What's great about (RED) is I'm not asking you to give money or write a check or give to charity," says Bono, "I'm asking you to buy (RED) products and the companies who make those products will be making the checks, that's so cool."

The products, all of which are the color of the campaign name, include iPods, RazR phones and clothing.

Bono will appear on Oprah's talk show today to talk more about the U.S. launch of (RED).


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Sorry guys wrong blog !!

2930 days ago

Bus Broad    

I have to agree with post # 2 I am so sick or all these wealthy people doing for other countries and adopting kids from other countries , always doing things for another country , Well there are plenty of needy kids here in the USA, Kids who do not have enough food , no clothes or shoes , not enough money to see a doctor or dentist kids who sleep on a floor because their parents can not afford simple lux,,, like a bed , HELP the children of America first , let these other countries worry about their own people. we have enough problems with our own, Remember God helps those who help themselves,,,Madonna, angelina, and other rushing out to adopt a kid, from another country, when there are kids here needing a home ,, regardless of there health situation,, Shame on them !!!!

2930 days ago


People are people!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't matter what country they live in or what color their skin is!!!!!!!!!!!!At least Oprah and Bono are helping someone!!!!!!!! I'm sure they are doing more than most of you naysayers are!!!!!!!!!

2930 days ago


Does Oprah ever do anything without the media. Does she do these big acts of kindness without the need for the whole world knowing about it? Oprah's ego has a big ego.....

2930 days ago


#2 Comment Candace...
You show how uneducated you are by your comment.
What Bono is and has done is incredible. We all should do a little something to give back.

2929 days ago


For all the selfish and self-centered people in here, what Bono and Oprah are doing, is great. For many years I though of why would other people want to help out other countries when they could help their own and improve it a lot. In that way their country becomes more united and has more funds to give to other countries. But then I came to realized that that would never really work out. People here in the USA are always going bankrupt and homeless because they would rather have a huge house and work tons of hours to support it, and if they loose their jobs, they have no funds in the bank to help them until they find a new job. Also lots of Americans prefer to buy expensive stuff just because of the brand when they can buy almost the same thing from a cheap brand which might cost half as less or even sometimes 75% less. They rack up these huge credit card bills buying sh*t they could have bought for much less, or buying things that they didn%u2019t need, and then make late payments on their utilities, rent, mortgage, and insurance. Let%u2019s see, for some they can afford life insurance, but why would they want to buy insurance when they can just buy expensive clothes that they can%u2019t really afford.
I was not born in the USA, but became naturalized last year because I%u2019m proud to be an American, but come on, ITS TIME FOR A LOT OF AMERICANS TO STOP WASTING MONEY ON USELESS CRAP, BUy THE CHEAP BRANDS SO ATLEAST YOU%u2019LL HAVE MONEY LEFT OVER TO PAY YOUR BILLS, AND NOT END UP ON THE STREETS.

2929 days ago


How can all these poster be so hateful about people raising money for AIDS? It's not hurting you and it's their money not yours. Go out and earn you own $$ and you can do whatever you want with it.

2929 days ago


I think what Oprah and Bono are doing is absolutly amazing. I have been reading some comments and it is really sad when people critisize them for helping people in Africa. American Poverty and Poverty that affects A vast majority of African nations are completly different. We at least have the resources to combat these things and as people said, their are programs that are out there to help us. In Africa, not at all.

and are you gusy kidding to say that Oprah doesnt help people here? Oprah pledged 10 million dollars of her OWN money for Katrina Victims, i have seen Oprah do more for katrina victims than the United States government, now that is sad.

Oprah is a powerful personality n the media, so how she tries to get things done is through her viewers.

Whether it is how to lose weight, or to give money to schools, or giving medical advice..she helps...a lot

I find it funny that a lot of people who criticize her and Bono are people who do nothing to help others

2929 days ago


What right do any of these people have to criticize Oprah and Bono about who they give their money to? After all, it is THEIR MONEY! They've earned it! The very fact that they are willing to give of their time and money to help others in this world, no matter where on this planet the "others" live, puts a very big plus next to their names in my book. Those who are complaining should ask themselves, "How much of my time and money did I donate to charity this year?" Could it be that some of these people are being critical because Oprah and Bono didn't give money to them?

2929 days ago

Maria Nabie    

Why does it have to be a black (Hurricane Katrina Victim) or white thing? Oprah and Bono are helping those that they want to help, there are soooooooooooooooooo many other "RICH" people out there with money that can help the charity of there choice.

I love Oprah and Bono for all they are doing, and I happened to be black, born in the US, but my family is from Sierra Leone, West Africa.

I applaud them for what they are doing!!!

Sierra Leone, Diamond

2929 days ago


It's almost like the detractors are mad because they aren't getting any of their money? How can you knock on those that help others less fortunate? Because it's not you they're giving their money to?? Get a job you slobs.

2929 days ago

Bill Jaques    

Oprah's home cost $50 million dollars so......the money goes where the heart is good she is helping to raise other people's money but...hmmmmm.

2929 days ago


BONO'S Live Aide, made -- $200 million on the English side. And then they realize that Africa pays $200 million every week on old debts that it was lent during the Cold War to dodgy dictators, and they are still collecting those debts, even though it was two generations later.They will never get ahead, Bono is trying through relieve Africa's debt to the world so that they can again be a rich country,and then have the ability to help themselves...With the debt they currently have that is not possible.

Extreme poverty means living on less than $1 a day, unimaginable to us as Americans. ONE in five people around the world survives on this amount, with few opportunities to earn more.

Every year Sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest region of the world, spends $14.5 billion dollars repaying debts to the world's richest countries and international institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Though we've made efforts to relieve them of these un payable debts, many poor countries still spend more each year on debt than on health care or education

International assistance saves lives, directly helping and empowering individuals to help themselves. Increasing international assistance by an amount equal to just ONE percent of the U.S. budget will:

Prevent 10 million children from becoming AIDS orphans
Help get 104 million children into grade school
Provide water to almost 900 million people around the globe.
Save almost 6.5 million children under 5 from preventable deaths
Build a better, safer world for all.
The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, school for girls, by admitting the first 150 students set to begin classes in January 2007. The school --a $40 million personal project of Winfrey's-- is free to the students grades 7 to 12.

The reason it is a girl's school only is because girl's are not entitled to go to school, usually only boy's and also because the families are so poor they can afford uniforms, and books, so boy's get all the allotted money for education, she wanted to change their lives.

So, if they want to give, and however they choose to do it, should be of no concern to you...if you are not giving or helping...easy to point and comment.

Don't think for a moment that AIDS, as an epidemic, in Africa, won't eventually end up as huge concern in other countries, and in our own backyard, Even though it is slightly in control in the U.S. think... how did it became a problem in the U.S. in the first came from some where else. Fact...So if we don't try to get it under will be an issue to the entire world. The women and children are raped, prostituted for food, and spreading the virus to an entire nation. Thousands die everyday. You can comment about their efforts, but, it's their choice to help, and or give, to anyone they want. I support their efforts..and organizations

We do have programs in this great Country of our's to get food, and medicine. Wish it were better also...get out and vote....At least we enjoy our everyday freedoms..that other's do not...I do support helping our own..but, some cannot help themselves...

Bono and Oprah Rock....... Debt Aids Trade in eliminate their World Debt, and Aids to make Poverty History

Thank you for your consideration

2929 days ago
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