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Aniston -- No Break-Up, No Boob Job

10/16/2006 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Though tabloid reports suggest otherwise, Jennifer Aniston confirmed with Oprah that she and Vince Vaughn are still a couple.

While Vince's name isn't brought up when Oprah asked the former "Friend," "Are you broken up?," a smiling Aniston responded, "Oh no, no."

Ironically, Aniston's denial of a break-up is the first official confirmation the couple existed in the first place -- though anyone who believed the two were never dating probably never graduated from preschool.

On today's show, Aniston also shot down rumors of a boob job, chalking it up to having a "couple cheese plates too many" and putting on ten well-placed pounds.

Vaughn himself is going public with the relationship as well and is threatening to sue several tabloid papers that said he had split with Aniston and was caught kissing a mystery woman in London.

In a message from a London law office, Vaughn states, "Ms. Aniston and Mr. Vaughn had not ended their relationship either at the material time or since. ... The suggestion that he was having a passionate embrace and kiss, or has ever been unfaithful to Ms. Aniston, are false."


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boy! is this the dog walking the dog    

OMG lisa somebody! what are you crazy! accept the truth, she got a boob job. she has to compete with the ever so beautiful Angelina. I'm sorry lisa, but your chinnifer has so totally had her 15 minutes of fame. She will NEVER reach star status. She's now a HAS BEEN and she deserves everything she gets. why? because of the way she is. It amazes me how you chinnifer fans can't see what an IDIOT she is. AJ did not break up her marriage. If the BP really, really LOVED HER, then he wouldn't of left; no matter who the other woman was. FACE IT lisa, it was obvious that BP DID NOT LOVE THE JA ANYMORE! GET IT! ANYMORE! He must of fell OUT OF LOVE along time ago with her. She's a spoiled little brat, and she knows it. If she can't have something she throws a fit. Going on Oprah, going on the Today Show. Hey! I was watching E News last night, and you can tell that even they hate talking about her, by the look on their faces. This CHINNIFER IS SOOOOO TOTALLY TOAST! SHE'S A GONNER BIG TIME. SHE CAN'T ACT, SHE'S UGLY AS HELL, AND SELFISH, OTHERWISE SHE WOULD OF GIVEN BP HIS FAMILY. YA THINK!

2934 days ago

Kelly farrell    

I can't believe all of the mean comments about Jennifer, she wasn't the one that cheated and left for a complete whore and homewrecker!! give her a break!! she is the all american girl, I wish more people could be like her instead of full of negatives...Didn't your momma tell you the saying, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!!

2934 days ago


Kelly # 76 - Didn't your momma tell you that calling someone a complete whore and homewrecker isn't nice? Maybe you should keep quiet.

2933 days ago


At least Jennifer anniston doesn't have to go nude , have sex on screen or enhance her bosom in everyone of her movies to sell herself! By the way, have you ever seen one of Brad Pitt's interviews? He can't even make a complete sentence.....what a moron , she's better off without him .

2932 days ago


Maybe she hasn't broken up with Vince-who she wasn't even dating, and maybe she hasn't had a "boob job", but maybe she can get some professional help with her 70's style hair--"Cousin It" is out now.

2932 days ago

Kelly farrell    

We are talking about Jennifer Aniston..Angelina has proven to be a whore, its not alie or gossip...LISA #78..She has made out with her brother, wore a vile of blood of Billy bobs, and lets see, slept with most of her co tars?? Wonder whos next????? Maybe why Brad is gonna be in the next movie with her about daniel Pearl?!!!!! Thanks for the comment LISA>>>>> again I spoke the truth....everyone knows it..!!

2931 days ago


If a magazine hasn't taken a photo of the couple in over a week, why do they assume they have broken up? or cheating? They're probably deliriously happy in love!

2930 days ago


It's not Jennifer's fault that the tabloid keep putting her on the cover and in articles. I am sure that she is not out looking to get her name put on things, as well as Paris Hilton. Obviously these two can sell magazines or they wouldn't be on them. And, just a note to the one who wrote that she would go away like Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer was a huge success compared to Lisa who did nothing after Friends. Even while on Friends she never had the press Jennifer did. It seems like others from Friends are doing well (except Joey and Ross). If you don't like seeing Jennifer on magazines, don't blame her, blame the public for wanting to see more of her.

2930 days ago

showers of Blessings    

I used to watch every single episode of Friends. I used to look at what Jen wears and I will go to the store and find the same thing. At that time, I didnt know anything about this Brad/Angie/Jen saga.

I therefore did my research. I put a lot of weight on their personal interviews particularly on the interviews before they announced their separation. . I try to get a gut feel of each of them. Beleive me, I separated tabloids and facts. I have come to the conclusion that Angie is brutally honest. I respected her giving 1/3 to charity. I did a search on oprah’s site, there was a picture of Brad with all the African children surrounding him, I was so disappointed that Jen was NOT in the picture. I looked at the date of that pic and it was taken before they were separated. We see pictures of Jen with Brad on every red carpet event yet she didnt accompany her then husband to Africa. Why???

I saw pictures of Jen smoking. We saw Jen at Oprah, at Diane Sawyer, at Access Hollywood, claiming a baby is on the way. Why cant she tell the truth? Why lied? Some people called her a fraud. Well, I call this misleading the public. Honesty is important to me. Once you lose this trust, it’s hard to gain that back.

There is this Vanity Fair interview. This interview is the one which I am fuming. This is the deciding factor that I believe Jen is responsible for all the things printed. Even though her publicist mis-guided her. But an employer is responsible for her agent’s actions. She knew what was going on. She should take accountability of this.

then, there are more…..

2930 days ago

jolie fan    

#78-carry on jennifer-You don`t know what you are talking about. Jen posed completely nude on the cover of rolling stones magazine. She was lying face down with her butt completly exposed. She posed topless on a few other magazine covers as well. On the cover of GQ (i think it was GQ) the side of her right breast was completely exposed, leaving nothing to the imagination. Not even for the young impressionable children who were seeing the nude pics of the so called golden girl. Angelina did her nude pics for a movie role, that is what actors do.
#80-kelly- Angie did not makeout with her brother! yes, she kissed him longer than I would ever kiss my brother, but She was so happy at winning her award, she got carried away. As far as the vial of blood, haven`t you ever been young and in love? I don`t know who or how many men Angie has been with, and neither do you! But I do know that she is not the only movie star to have hooked up with her leading men. You need to get real with that one. So I don`t know how you can say that it has been proven that she is a whore. I think you just proved that you are a bitter, jealous, frigid person!

2928 days ago


Jen is a pretty girl with a great personality. Anyone would want her as a friend. She's upbeat, fun and full of life. I hate to say it though, she doesn't have a lot of talent in terms of acting. I watched Jen on Friends for 10 years and like everyone else, began to regard her as America's sweetheart. She started doing movies, and well, she always seemed to play the same character. We've yet to see any depth or any color to these roles. She wonders why she doesn't get any "serious" roles and this is why. If she wants to go anywhere, she needs to study acting. Otherwise, it's the same character over and over, and one box office flop after another. At some point, don't you need to say, enough?

Jen, you're a sweetie and you have plenty of money. It's time to decide where you want your life to go. Don't put having a family on hold again because you think your career is at its height. Time has a way of passing too quickly. Before you know it, your childbearing years will have passed, and you will be filled with regret for not having any. You're Greek, and so you were born a family-oriented individual. Do what's best for you, not Hollywood. What you really want is to settle down and have a family, so just do it. Hollywood - and all the freaks in it - isn't going anywhere.

2928 days ago


I like Jennifer - think she cute & all. But come on. You dont gain 10 pounds all in your boobs. Then when Oprah said "so you gained 10 pounds" she said "oh no, not 10". God forbid sister. Give it a break.

2928 days ago
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