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Tara Reid:

My Nipples

Looked Like Goose Eggs

10/25/2006 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nearly two years after a red carpet wardrobe malfunction earned her the nickname "Franken-nipple," Tara Reid stopped by the "Today" show to discuss the pain and agony of her plastic surgery nightmare. "It looked like I got completely butchered up," the actress told Natalie Morales. "The areolas ... they looked like goose-shaped eggs."

Reid also described the excruciating pain caused by her liposuction. "I got these bumps ... like little golf balls all over my stomach, and it hurt."

Tara went on to explain how she had a hard time finding work over the last two years, citing fears of revealing her tarnished body in a bikini. Now, after undergoing corrective surgery, Reid says she's both working and happy with her figure. While we're pleased for the actress, it might take more than a regained sense of confidence to get her into Hyde.


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I don't understand why she thought she needed a tummy tuck in the first place, she hasn't had kids or lost a huge amount of weight and as far as her tits go they couldn't have been that bad surely. I think she just got to vain for her own good and now she's paying the price for her vanity. Suck sh*t Tara you got what you deserve you drunk skank!

2853 days ago


who cares

2917 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Ewww! Makes me hurt just contemplating that. Owie!

2917 days ago


Tara Reid is a little washed up has been...has been around the block several times. Your 15 minutes are up Tara...just a little heads up someone who has never been a fan of your trashy ways and nonsense.

2917 days ago


what a dork! she obviously didn't go to a professional plastic surgeon.....where did she get her work done.....the back streets of Mexico?

2917 days ago


Tara who?

2917 days ago

Travis Bickle    

The funny thing is that Tara's nipples are larger than her brain.

2917 days ago


People seem to think plastic surgery is no big deal. This is wrong it always a risk to have any kind of surgery and elective surgeries are no exception. Be careful even the best doctors have horror stories to tell regarding botched surgical procedures.

2917 days ago

blah blah blah    

It's a terrible thing to happen to anyone. But that is a risk being taken when you allow your self under the knife. I am however glad to hear she had it all corrected.
I wouldn't want to put myself in the high risk category!

2917 days ago

Danny the drunken dwarf    

Admitt there has been NO casting couch invites since Josef Mengele handy work.

2917 days ago

the wise old owl    

I don't know any man that perfers those fake , rubber, and over inflated tits that these girls are running out to get. She looked much better before. Once she got those awful looking beach balls in place of her natural made her look hard and she lost that look of innocence

As far as the liposuction goes.........What a lazy hag. To resort to that at such a young age is ridiculous. Has she ever heard of exercise and calorie intake reduction ? I think it's too little , too late for Tara. She hurt her career with those stupid looking tits. It didn't help her. When will beautiful woman learn to love themselves the way they are ? I wouldn't butcher my body up for anyone.

2917 days ago


Stupid bitch should have listened when they told her you can't drink or do drugs during recovery and afterwards while your body is trying to heal.

2917 days ago


I am glad that Tara got a professional plastic surgeon to fix her problems. She did her homework this time around and things are going well for her.

2917 days ago


How stupid to go through all that onnly to look like every other blonde in La La Land! How about investing those bucks in ACTING lessons instead?

2917 days ago


first that sucks about her body gettting messed up but thats her fault she didnt do the homework second a little working out and proper diet couldnt have done the trick instead of the lazy way out with lipo. second dont blame a boob job for your lack of acting abilities. she cant act, she's not even pretty all she cares bout is partying and spreading her legs hmmm, kinda like another blond who has to be in the spotlight. tara's prob starting to run out money so now she's trying to get serious about her career cuz for some reason she thought job offers would just keep coming without a problem

2917 days ago
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