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Anna Nicole Slapped With Fraud Suit

10/26/2006 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry BirkheadOne of the men claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's newborn daughter is mounting a legal attack in the Bahamas.

In a statement made outside the Los Angeles County Courthouse today, Larry Birkhead's attorney, Debra Opri, said that Birkhead has filed a claim, alleging fraud and conspiracy against Anna Nicole, her lawyer-lover, Howard K. Stern, and the Registrar who certified the baby girl's birth certificate.

In court documents filed today, Birkhead alleges that Stern, with Smith's permission, fraudulently represented that he was the father by signing the birth certificate. Opri says Anna and Howard have 14 days to respond to her client's claim.

This newest development opens the door to force a paternity test in the Bahamas. Birkhead has already filed legal papers in Los Angeles asking a judge to force the issue.


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haha wow, big surprise!

can't wait to hear how she f*cks up next ;)

2838 days ago

As u taught me    

Heard it on radio and news.First you have to feel bad for her son and at the same time you really have to feel for the baby.1 kid is dead! They said they will not have enough room on that island for media people I knew somrthing was Bad wiht HKS and Anna Nicole Smith. You can right when larry King had Howard on there and he kept lieing Do yo notice right away he said NO drugs were involved. why did he say that? I thought when she yelled that at the hospital and the way they ran out of there was really bad. the hospital should of kept that baby

2838 days ago

As u taught me    

yes I just want to say Howard K Stern has really nice parents but I think when he met that Anna he changed because of money. I fell sorry for the parents and everyone that was a victim.

Taking 40 days to bury that boy jusr was wrong and made all of us suspicious. it was her son, after all That nice house was not theirs and I am sure
that he embarased his parents real bad. I hope people see your kids d o nt always turn out like the parents.
we watched it tonite and were shoxked but really kind of new during the wedding something was wrong. Larry seems to love that Danilynn maybe he should take off and get her. The end

2838 days ago

As u taught me    

Patty Thank i will call and write. I am telling all the people her and that I know I
That baby needs love and there is no love in a srolen House!

2838 days ago

As u taught me    

She is all doped up and ruined all those lives including Howaed. so sad she will be the only one who walks away from this

ust wait and see ANNA NICOLE SMITH never pays her bills or for her problems

2838 days ago

As u taught me    

Has left the building!

2838 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 981 Tru Katsch : Wow ! You sound like you are in a " panic " A desperate attempt to " grasp at Straws "

You say " we have lost sight of the smaller peripheral issues in this case "

Why would I even want to focus on that when there are " BIgger Issue's on hand here ? hELLO ? Dannilynn. !! The minor with " no voice " ......Remember her ??

We are not compelled by " a politically inspired motive " Although that makes for a good plot for a MOTION PICTURE.......... it doesn't FLY here.

We are inspired and propelled by the " rights of the MINOR involved here. NOT THE " RED HERRING " you are throwing out there in a desperate attempt to distract from the REAL ISSUE that is relevant here .

No one " Drew a LINE in the sand " saying where we could...... or COULD NOT venture when it comes to " BLOGGING " or " corresponding " with forieners .

I don't recall reading anything about any " boundreis that are set up reagarding guidelines to whom we can an CAN NOT respond to.....

. Whether they are in a 3rd World country or just in another state. Your comments are based on WHAtT benefits YOU only. I am more convinced than ever that you have an "AGENDA " and that agenda is focused On ANS and HKS. Are you part of their LEGAL TEAM ?. Or just some irrational FAN ?

You are an " EXCUSE MAKER " TRU : Your blatant remarks trying to defend ANS and HkS have only become more Noticable with every blog you make. And your remarks...... " As far as Howard holding out the baby as his OWN ... That remains the interpretaion of what " holding out means ? " Are your serious ???

When you hold something Out hold somethimg OUT interpretration needed. !!! ........ What dictionary are you reading out of of ???

It doesn't matter if THE STATEMEMTS he said where made" BEFORE " the Show was taped.........or AFTER ............. THey are still "FACTS IN EVIDENCE "

Dahhh............. If anything . Those statements HE SAID " BEFORE " THE CHARGES WERE FILED.................. are going to HURT HIM MORE !!! Not Help him.

Get out your Law Books on " case law " and take a good SNIFF.

There are Lawyers that graduated at The TOP of their class.......and there are those that just bareLY made it . I have a FEELING WHAT YOUR SCORE WAS.


2838 days ago


Even YOU....... will be surprised. Go Patty.!!! All these months of blogging and pain stakingly going through the information to gather the " facts " are paying off. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear some " breaking news' on this today. Keep on blogging. That bitch is going down.

Posted at 1:41PM on Nov 20th 2006 by the wise old owl

You were 1 day off on your "breaking news". Okay, this is my plan. Since Tree has info she's betting 10 billion on - she can make waves. Since I apparently can affect Bahamian officials and politics, I can make waves. An YOU, WOO, since you are psychic, YOU can make waves. And Opinion, with all your research, YOU can make waves. My goodness, from the comments on this board, we have the power to take over the world! No longer will I worry about my life, work, kids, pets, etc., I am going to save the world. I mean, if I can change Bahamaian political history by a TMZ post, just think what I can do if I post on say......CNN. My goodness, I might be able to stop the world on it's axis.

In all seriousness though, I would love to hear more from the Island people affected by this nonsense that Anna is putting everyone through. It's ridiculous, self-serving, and once again, isn't the man in your life supposed to love and protect you - not throw you under the bus.

Just in case anyone missed the Urban Dictionary (no it wasn't created by the MOB, you'll have to write hate letters to someone else)......I wanted people to see these definitions of ANS:

A voluptuous blonde pill-popping trainwreck who has her own television special that is about as painful to watch as a colonoscopy. A former Guess? model.

A gold digger who married some old tycoon and inherited 250 million dollars when he died. She even put on quite a drama during the family court dispute with the oldest son over the money.

A dumb but cute bisexual hick from Texas who got pregnant by the age of 16 or so, became a stripper then married a rich old guy (who passed away)... she became depressed over the fact that she wouldn't be inheriting the old dudes money, started comfort eating, and eventually became a pill popping, obese slut.

However she decided she wanted to get laid, so she became a spokeswoman for a diet pill company which secretly put her through several plastic surgeries for her to lose all that lard. Now is skinny, became a model and is semi-retarded from all the drugs she has taken.

That's just a bit of the "Urban Dictionary" definitions of Anna, and no, none of the "heartless" on here wrote them.

2838 days ago


A certain blogger (who is soooo obviously an ATTORNEY and extremely protective of Anna Nicole Smith) on here seems to have a problem with people discussing news reports about Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern, and injecting their own personal opinions about what should happen as a result of the child endangering behavior of these two people.

Any human being with any common sense and an ounce of decency would come to the conclusion that a child protection agency needs to be brought into the ANS situation. MANY bloggers on this site have no trouble seeing the need for that. The Bahamian child protection agency even admitted that they have received MANY calls from the concerned public. (not just ONE TMZ blogger)

The investigations into ANS and HKS are ALREADY underway, because Daniel died in a Bahamian hospital with Methadone (and other drugs at high levels) in his system (the Bahamian police did not wait for TMZ blogger instructions to move forward with their JOB). The TMZ bloggers are simply discussing the investigations that are already in progress, and expressing their appreciation for good work.

Any political undercurrent in the Bahamas is a result of the actions of the individual politicians themselves (not a result of any TMZ blogger comments). If a politician does things like fast track an American’s permanent residency permit (while ignoring other applications for years), and socializes with this American on a yacht in the Bahamas, and in the bedroom of the home the American is squatting in and accepts a check for $ 10,000, then lies about doing so, and ignores immigration requirements to grant residency …… that politician open HIMSELF up to public criticism and public outcry!

I believe Howard clearly stating in a baby voice, speaking for Dannielynn, while HE is holding Dannielynn, “why am I with DADDY” ……. would be interpreted as “holding himself out as the father/daddy of the child”. And Anna clearly stating “he is the FATHER of her”, leaves only one plain interpretation that they are holding out HOWARD to be the father of the child. No brainer there! Clear VIOLATION of the prohibition in the birth fraud case.

Anna has called into Entertainment Tonight several times to provide updates or clarifications, and if she (or ATTORNEY Howard K. Stern), had any regard for the LAW, she/he would advise ET that they may NOT broadcast any portions of the interview which “hold Howard out as the father of the baby”. It makes no difference when the interview was taped or broadcast. Anna and Howard are ultimately responsible for this blatant violation.

2838 days ago

Christine Mou    

What I can't figure out is why so many men are making public the fact they slept with her, and want the world to think the baby is theirs! Come on gentlemen--you could do better.

2838 days ago


One thing..we are all human beings! No matter skin color! We're all the same! Everyone needs to remember that.
Michael has apologized for his actions, put it to rest people!

2838 days ago


Lisa, there are some things "I'm sorry" doesn't cover. Haven't you ever heard the phrase "don't ever say something you can't take back?" Now he's made himself officially out there. Maybe he didn't learn that lesson.

2838 days ago



Is there some other way that I can add my comments WITHOUT having to resort to going back and forth in my silly email in order to "activate" my posts all the time?

Thank you! :)

2838 days ago



Is there some other way that I can add my comments WITHOUT having to resort to going back and forth in my silly email in order to "activate" my posts all the time?

Thank you! :)

2838 days ago

the wise old owl    

Post # 996 She Wolf : TMZ does that as a precaution so you have the option of reviewing your Comments BEFORE you actually send them.

It seems annoying to you now. But I know I have accidently clicked the " add your comments " caption by MISTAKE and sent a blog that was not " ready to post yet " You will actually grow to " Appreciate that standard of procedure that TMZ uses . " I know I have.

Sometimes we write things in the " heat of passion " and don't really mean what we write.. It gives you some restrospect about your thoughts and words and a chance to change it ......if you see it didn't come across the way you intended. That's all.

2838 days ago
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