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Here Comes the Bride, With a Real Firm Backside

10/30/2006 12:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes: Click to watchWith Tom Cruise apparently concerned about her bod, Katie Holmes proved he has little reason to worry as she showed up to his daughter's soccer game lookin' hot over the weekend.

According to sources, Cruise was willing to do whatever it takes so his bride-to-be "looks the best that she can walking next to him down the aisle," and so far ... it's working! As the wedding date rapidly approaches, Holmes is clearly ready to swap I-do's, looking toned up and slimmed down for the Giorgio Armani wedding dress she'll reportedly be wearing at Giorgio's Italian villa.

As she made her way to and from the game, Holmes looked as though she took a play straight out of the Tom Cruise "How to Treat the Paparazzi" playbook -- acting overly gracious to photogs and walking extremely slow so nobody missed the shot.

The two are set to marry November 18th in Italy.


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Even though I don't care for her, Tom has show her how to be gracious to those who have given her a career much like he has.

I think she wanted to get back to her natural weight on her own. What bride wants to look like a pig on their wedding day? I doubt that she got any pressure from him. However, who wants to marry a pig? She doesn't bring anything to the relationship.

They are much better at parenting then Keith and Nicole. Have you even seen pictures of Nicole at the kids functions? If anything Nicole was the disfunctional one in her past marriage.

2878 days ago


Maybe Crazy Cruise should take his own advice. He is really porking up. Guess it's okay for HIM to be fat, just not her. Typical control freak.

2878 days ago


#6 I agree with you. She seems medicated. Her smile seems painted on. The girl lives in "Tom's World".

As for the baby Suri? OMG!?!?! Do they really expect people to believe Tom fathered that baby? They are a joke!

2878 days ago


Who is he to tell her how she should look? Run Katie, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!

2878 days ago


hmmmm, is she practicing the slow wedding march/???
She IS walking like she had a hard training session the day before. but she looks fantastic!

2878 days ago


There are fanatics in every religion in every country.

Why do people have a problem with Scientology? Have you ever studied it? Have any crimes ever been committed in the name of Scientology?

Catholics should be more concerned with child molesting priests. Go see the documentry "Deliver us from Evil" about Father O'Grady.

Pot, I hear Kettle calling YOU!

2878 days ago


#17 -- two wrongs don't make a right.
but they do have one thing in common --L.ron liked young boys too!
i just wonder if he did laughing -- having found followers that actually believed his science fiction stories about aliens possesing earthlings bodies...
died laughing to the bank!

2878 days ago


HAHAHAHA! SUE! Take that!

2878 days ago


The location is just to throw everyone off as to where it will happen. They are such dorks. She walks around like a zombie. Her personality (what there is of it) is such she must love having someone to control her or else she would wise up and head back to Ohio.

2878 days ago


I guess you confirmed why I don't follow any religion. I think they're all a bunch of money grubbing quacks.

2878 days ago


To #17:

If you research Scientology, there have been many, many crimes committed, including murder. Oh, wait, you must be a Scientology shill, so why am I wasting my breath?

And I agree with #18, two wrongs don't make a right. Are you suggesting that because some Catholic priests have molested children, that makes it okay for David Miscavige and his Scientology goons to beat people, cause nervous breakdowns and suicides? How about the murder of Lisa McPherson? That was okay because Father O'Grady committed crimes as well?

2878 days ago


More like here comes the zombie bride! For Halloween Tom should go as Sprout and Katie should dress as the jolly green giant

2878 days ago


He is more like her father trying to control her. He is obsessing over her appearance and obviously doesn't respect her at all. She is a fool to marry someone so much older who forced her into that Scientology cult and will control every part of her life. If she is intelligent she will grab that beautiful child and run for the hills leaving Cruise in her wake!!

2878 days ago


Walking Zombie! She's on "something".

2878 days ago


stop being a snob tc anyone would look "their best" walking next to you lol i think she has always looks great give the mamma a break

2878 days ago
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