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Anna Nicole's Son -- Extreme Rx

11/2/2006 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith and Daniel SmithDaniel Smith had a stunning combination of seven drugs, including multiple anti-depressants and cold medicines, in his system when he died on Sept. 10 in the Bahamas, according to toxicology reports, four more than had been previously reported. Dr. Cyril Wecht confirmed the reports Wednesday on Court TV's "Catherine Crier Live" after he was confronted with the new information by reporter Michel Bryant. According to Wecht, the son of Anna Nicole Smith had the antidepressant Amitriptyline as well as two over-the-counter cold medications in his body along with the methadone, Lexapro, and Zoloft that had previously been found. Another source tells People that a mild over-the-counter sedative was also present in his body. Wecht thinks that the newly discovered medications are "insignificant and they don't mean a thing. They're of no consequence."

Borat's Fair-Weathered Friend

Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character might make audiences roll in the aisles with laughter when he bumbles into theaters later today, but there's at least one person who doesn't think the faux-Kazahki journalist is such a gas. TV news producer Dharma Arthur is claiming that Baron Cohen's wacky antics cost her her job – and sent her into a deep depression.

In the movie, as Newsweek reports (via FOX News), Borat appears on a live noon-hour news show on WAPT in Jackson, Miss., and proceeds to do his usual havoc-wreaking schtick with the anchorman and the weather guy, mixing in plenty of sex and toilet humor and disrupting the weather report. Arthur was the producer who booked Borat – and was subsequently let go as a result. "Because of [Baron Cohen], my boss lost faith in my abilities and second-guessed everything I did thereafter," she writes in Newsweek. "I spiraled into depression, and before I could recover I was released from my contract early."

The Next Bob Barker? Name Your Price

Start rolling out the punny headlines – CBS "Early Show" weatherman Dave Price is being touted as the replacement for "Price is Right" host Bob Barker, who just announced his imminent retirement on Tuesday. Page Six speculates that CBS chief Les Moonves had to pay Barker off to retire, because, as one former co-worker put it, "Bob always swore he would die on that show. He had a unique contract where it was for life – and if he left unwillingly, the show had to go dark for a year effectively killing it." Plus, Moonves apparently loves wacky weatherguy Price, who had been threatening to jump ship to Fox, which he left to come to CBS. Indeed, in September, reports the New York Daily News, Price was trying out Barker's job in a run-through at the "Price is Right's" production company's studio. And well-placed TMZ spies tell us that Price has just inked a long-term contract with the network so Moonves can place Price on "Price" with no problem. And we're further told Price is "chomping at the bit" for the gig.

Leno Puts Fat Foot in Mouth at Gala

Jay Leno's supposedly comic material at the Carousel of Hope gala – a benefit for juvenile diabetes – raised eyebrows, as the funnyman made fat jokes to a crowd trying to fight a disease tied closely to obesity, and with Jason Davis, the rather, um, robust grandson (and brother of Brandon) of the hostess, Barbara Davis, sitting in the front row. As the Los Angeles Times notes, Leno made jokes about Dairy Queen, Domino's Pizza, and this instant non-classic – "Scientists now believe obesity is caused by a virus. Does that mean you can now call in fat to work? 'Sorry boss. I can't make it today. My ass is as big as a house.'" – that elicited loud groans from the high-roller crowd.

Party Favors: Dixie Chicks Love Kanye ... Wyclef Falls All Over Cuba ... DeNiro and Fitty Team Up ... "Halo" Flick Postponed Indefinitely

Bush-bashing country trio Dixie Chicks think that what Kanye West did during the Hurricane Katrina benefit – criticize the President -- was "brave." The particularly strident Natalie Maines tells Playboy magazine, "That was one of the greatest television moments of all time ... I would have chickened out." ... Wyclef Jean fell over flat on his face in his gorilla suit on his way to welcome Cuba Gooding, Jr. to the Halloween party at PM, say Rush & Molloy, looking like "King Kong after he fell from the Empire State Building." Cuba teased him, calling him "Shakira, Shakira." ... Robert De Niro and 50 Cent are teaming up to star in a police corruption drama called "New Orleans" which was originally set in LA but will now be set in the Big Easy, post-Katrina, says the Hollywood Reporter ... The big-budge "Halo" movie from "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson has been delayed. It was originally slated for summer 2008 but with financial backing dissolving, Microsoft says it will push off the much-buzzed-about project until later.

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No Avatar

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

The dixie tricks can move to cuba,there unamerician and need to move,they can call themselfs the Cubia Tricks,That Maine bitch had sex with Borat from what I here

2891 days ago


Hopefully, now that ALL drugs in Daniels system (well, almost 'all', Wecht is covering something up BIG) have been publicly revealed, there will be JUSTICE FOR DANIEL!

This was NO accident. Who gave Daniel Methadone?????

2891 days ago


I'm sorry, Daniel's death to me. was no accident! If a person has that much in their system, they wouldn't be able to talk or stay awake to continue taking more, he would have passed out before the other drugs took effect.

Something about this does not make sense. I also believe, ANS dyed that babies hair, the girl was born with blonde hair, now less than a month all of her hair turned black?????????????????????????????????????????????

I feel bad for ANS, but she chose this life and all the humps and bumps that go along with it. I saw her on ET last night and the woman was "numb". HKS is an oppurtunist and has taken full advantage of ANS, he's a blood sucking, cokehead.

Dixie chicks? They need to take Kanye and move to a desserted island.

2891 days ago

Reality Check    

At the risk of starting up an argument that's already been done, I must reiterate that there is nothing brave about taking a crisis charity as an opportunity to criticize the leader of our country. I don't agree with what the president has done, and I have my own qualms about where this country is headed, but I also know how to prioritize. Concerts (ie Dixie Chicks and Barbra Streisand) and charity benefits are not the time for anyone to be getting on their political soapbox. Although I can see where Kanye West may have thought more national attention to the way the president was handling Hurricane Katrina may have motivated him (President Bush) to correct his actions, I still don't agree with what he did. That being said, I wll admit I haven't heard of Kanye West making any political statements for or against the president since that time (although that doesn't mean he hasn't).

2891 days ago

Reality Check    

I agree with most of what you said, Miss Honey, although I feel bad knowing she did not 'choose' a life without her son. I can't imagine what she must be going through. Like they always say, a parent should never have to go to their child's funeral.

2891 days ago


Congresswoman Sherri Davis, R-CA, is the next Borat. She has just released her new position on mandatory portion control and scrapbooking.

2891 days ago


A 20- year- old on SEVEN different drugs, including MULTIPLE anti-depressants, and this Dr. Wecht says it's of "no consequence?" Wecht sounds like the "Dr. Feelgood" type of doctor Elvis Presley had, and look where he ended up --- same place as Daniel.

2891 days ago


The Dixie Chicks need to do what they are paid for, sing, they are backing themselves in a corner. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but what they forget their fans are entitled to theirs. The fans can choose to support them by buying tickets or CD's or not. I am sick and tired of these celebrities telling me how to think. They are entertainers, thats it. The only thing they have is a public platform and a mistaken idea that people care what they think. They are entertainers!!! For information what is going on in the world there are numerous outlets, not Hollywood.

2891 days ago


Everything I know about Daniel, and I was following his progress in life for that he was a really good person. He deserves justice...and that coroner, Cyril Wecht, should lose his medical license. That phony is destined to go down with Howard K. Stern when murder charges are finally filed. Why??? Because this is clearly a cover-up by someone with big money...or at least...hopes of getting their hands on big money should Smith inherit vast sums of cash from her dead husband's contested estate.

Entertainment Tonight's interview with Smith is an embarrassment...the whole staff of that show...all of them to a person, should be ashamed of themselves to prop up a drugged out Smith...and that puppet master Attorney order to try and sell us a loving picture of Smith and Stern as they continue to scheme to keep her newly born daughter's real father from visiting the child. This is sick!!! Mary Heart and Mark Stinus...are still sitting around the set of Entertainment Tonight willfully failing to comment on the obvious fact that Smith and Stern both appeared to be as high as kite during the interview. It's now becoming an open joke. Shame on these people...Do your jobs and act as journalists!!! Ask them the hard questions, like: Did Smith really say Stern was to blame for Daniel's death...all in front of the hospital medical staff as they attempted to save Daniel??? Did Howard K. Stern...kill Daniel??? Does Smith suspect that her son was murdered??? Who supplied him with the drugs??? Was his passing...a death by misadventure...or, foul play??? Has Stern taken a Paternity test??? If not...why not???

Enough of all this dancing around the truth and poor attempts at image building for Smith and Stern...The cocaine party is over!!! You'd have a better chance of getting sympathy for a street pimp and his drug addicted prostitute!!!

May Daniel Be Given The Justice He Deserves!!! God Bless You Daniel.

Have a beautiful and peaceful journey.

2891 days ago


Shelock Holmes - BRAVO!

2891 days ago

Susie Bush    

LOL RC I totally agree, I hated Kanye before, but after that I really started to hate him more, and noone's heard anything from him after that...political or musical

2891 days ago


I send my condolences to anna nicole smith. God bless you

2891 days ago


Let's face it - Anna Nicole's son was messed up. And why? Because Anna Nicole was his mother.

2891 days ago

Susie Bush    

#12? that story is on the next page

2891 days ago


As for the results of Daniels toxicology reports, there is still nothing that has come out that would show any reason for death besides the fact he could have had a reaction to the combination of the meds (which would be very rare unless one of them was at overdose levels). I know it sounds like a lot of drugs but from personal experience, many people have taken that many of the same drugs and not died. Like I have stated in earlier posts, I take a high dose of methodone everyday (about 120 mg) and the body of an addict can take even more, the lexapro and the zoloft can be mixed as well as amatryptaline( its an anti-depressant used more for sleep). Also, I have taken cold meds along with this, as they do not interfere with the other and then a over-the counter sedative--I am trying to think of what that could be--I did not know there were over the counter ones, I thought only sedatives out there were prescription ones like xanax, ativan, clonazapam(klonopin) or valium. Those can also be taken with the other meds. It is a lot of medication to be in one persons system, especially a healthy 20 yr old, but if not at overdose levels, will not cause death. As for where he got the methodone? It is possible that he was having some type of pain and it was offered to him by Stern or ANS. It is not a drug that kills unless at overdose levels or if the body has a reaction to it. It would have not been intentional on either parties side as its not a "killer drug". I have given my husband methodone at times when he was in a lot of pain from an injury that he had not too long ago. I would never intentionally give him anything that would kill him and I do not think they would either. There is either something that is not being told to the public or he did have a prior heart or other type of ailment that could have turned fatal. There are thousands of people who walk around every day that have way more drugs in their system than Daniel had. These murder conspiracies mean nothing until someone comes up with something solid to back it up with. If he were going to commit suicide, I do not think this would be the place and time and if he was murdered by anyone such as ANS or Howard, I also think the time and place would have been different than this. Unless there were other factors not being reported by the media, this death was either natural causes or a total accident stemming from him having a fatal reaction to the mixture of the drugs or being given a drug such as methodone and having a fatal reaction to it. Either way, this is an unintentional death with no one to blame. Come up with more evidence to convince me or let it rest.

2891 days ago
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