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Britney: "Take My Baby's Pics, Please!"

11/10/2006 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears really doesn't want K-Fed feeding off her anymore, so much so that she's willing to give away the first photos of her baby Jayden James for free – just to avoid having to satisfy little-known clause in the couple's pre-nup guarantees that Fed-Ex will get a portion of any proceeds from selling snaps.

According to Women's Wear Daily's Memo Pad column, the pop princess has decided to offer the pictures free, but not to the usual outlet for her photos, People. Instead, she'd like to follow in TomKat's footsteps and get them into a more highbrow monthly or bimonthly. People, for its part, says it would be "more than happy" to have the snaps.

Meanwhile, according to several ticketing websites, two of K-Fed's gigs, last night in Cleveland and tonight in Atlantic City, have been cancelled. The gigs in Federline's native southern California are still good to go, but they're not scheduled until just before Thanksgiving.

Cameron Wants A Nose Job, Badly

Cameron Diaz wants a new nose. Actually, Cameron Diaz needs a new nose, or so she says. "I'm getting it fixed," says the actress, not known for a particularly protuberant schnozz, a la Jennifer Grey, to W magazine (via People). "I can't take it. I cannot breathe at all." Diaz explains that she broke her nose for the fourth time while surfing a few years ago and that as a result, one side of her nose is "totally shattered," and that her septum (the thing that divides the two sides of your honker) is like "a train derailed." Well, if the notoriously paparazzi-unfriendly Diaz was looking to deflect attention away from herself, this particular rhinoplastic admission wasn't the way to do it.

Pamela Anderson Suffers Miscarriage

Actress Pamela Anderson and her husband, Kid Rock, have suffered a miscarriage, reports Us Weekly. Anderson's rep confirms that the actress suffered the miscarriage last week in Vancouver during the filming of her movie "Blond on Blonder." An Us source says that Anderson "was not far along" in the pregnancy, and that "it was early enough." The source also says that the actress didn't go to a hospital, and that the stress of filming contributed to the miscarriage. Anderson has two kids from her marriage with husband Tommy Lee: Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 8.

Party Favors: Diddy Learns Sex from Sting ... Kathy Griffin Loves Her House ... Eminem is Back, Back Again

P. Diddy claims that he and girlfriend Kim Porter have had sex for as long as 28 hours, according to an interview he gave to Giant magazine (via Rush & Molloy), because of the same kind of "Tantric discipline" that Sting once boasted about. Of course, Sting later admitted he was joking about having sex for seven hours ... Kathy Griffin is so stoked about her mansion in Brentwood, she leaves it all the time. "This is why I am on the road for months at a time, so I can live here," said the comic to her guests at her 46th birthday party, according to Page Six. "I love this house more than any person or thing, except maybe my dogs." ... Eminem has signed a deal with powerhouse agency ICM, and will return to Hollywood in full force. He recently turned down an offer of $8 million to star opposite Samuel L. Jackson in a Doug Liman film called "Jumper," but will be in a new remake of the western "Have Gun, Will Travel."

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No Avatar


I think Britney is a very smart girl. And she deserves some kind of credit, fot that, because people say shes just a dumb blonde. But shes not. She deserves full custody...She just wants her children to be famous, so shes asking people to take their pictures..No harm in that. Im very sad that Pammy suffered a miscarrige. Shes a god friend, and Im sad nobody wll be seeing her anymore.....I hope her children take this well. I hope they have a nice ceremony for her, she deserves it for all the work shes done for everyone

2905 days ago


Is it just me or is Pamela Anderson looking more and more like a man?! Age is not treating her well at all. And there is no execuse about well she has no makeup on, her makeup is caked on in this photo.

2905 days ago


brit, honey please take that stupid ass hat off your head you look like crap warmed over. best revenge is how you look believe he wont get someone as pretty next time.

pam, lay off the sun and grow out the bangs, your looking older fast and change the shade of lip color

2905 days ago


I too feel bad for Pam and Kid Rock. To loose a child it a terrible thing...............

I think Brittney is just trying to give the pics away so the her loser ex husband can not fanancially gain anymore from their children. I would do it too as a big f*ck you to him too. Everyone already knows that the only reason he is asking for custody is so that Britt will cave and give his $orry a$$ more money! GIVE THEM AWAY BRITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2905 days ago


Pam you need to do something about the way you need to grow your eyebrows in, cut the'd look good in a bob w/bangs and change whatever makeup you are using, cuz it just isn't working.....!!

Britt...Good Going for you !! Do what ever you can to block the Free-Loader from any more moneys !! Hope you canceled all the credit cards and anything he's had access to !!! Let him see what's it like to go out and earn a few bucks on his own !! He's a loser and free-loader ! Those kids of yours are his money tickets, or so he've got a great Atty., and i'd be blocking that guy from anything and everything !

2905 days ago



2905 days ago


as # 1 stated i think she is smart to an extinct, because i think she has been planning this for a while and he is just shocked that she has the guts to do some of the things she is doing

2905 days ago


Condolences to Pam. It’s very sad to have a miscarriage. Must be hard for both of them.

I hope this Britney gets this divorce over with quickly. Rip off the bandage Brit it may hurt but it’s over sooner.

2905 days ago

U Know Who    

Diddy and 28 hours of sex = ONE BIG BAG OF BLOW - F*cking liar.


2905 days ago

Lenn K    

First, Kathy Griffin loves her house more than anything. That's probably why your husband left. Kathy it's just a object, it doesn't love back. Sean Coombs is such a blowheart, self-absorbed and narcisistic person it unbelievable. Go adopt an orphan or something worthwhile. Britney just cut off the accounts and change the locks.

2905 days ago

duh...totally !    

ok.....too much info ! I almost puked reading about Diddy's sex crap....he just grosses me out completely !

2905 days ago

my opinion    

Let's see, my opinions in order of the above:

#1 Britney, you're a class "A" Redneck Beeetch. You picked him. He's the father of your children whether you like it or not, and he has EVERY RIGHT to fight for having custody of HIS CHILDREN if he so chooses as MUCH AS YOU do. He's not free-loading..... ----he's TRYING to work at promoting his own music---and SO WHAT if you helped him financially??? Who here wouldn't want to be helped financially if they were given the opportunity??? You never had to give him any money to begin with---that was YOUR decision, and who here amongst us wouldn't take money from someone if she/he offered? If you say you wouldn't YOU'RE LYING--BIG TIME! I don't believe you so don't even bother to comment.

#2 Sorry Cameron. It would take WAAAAYYYYY more than a nosejob to improve your looks.

#3 Pamela---you do look like a she-man. It is very, very sad that you had a miscarriage, and I'm sorry for you for that. Besides that though---off the topic of you having a miscarriage -- YOU ARE SOOOOO NASTY! I mean, are you and Paris TRYING to compete for who gets the STD Poster Child of the Year award??? Your hepatitis a$$ is skanky and nasty. You ooze disease.

#4 Diddy is plain GROSS. Give it up. Loser AND a Dreamer. You know what they say........"those that talk it DO NOTHING!!! If you have to "brag", then he did nothing. So now we all know that Diddy is a virgin.

#5 Eminem you are like a lost puppy who can't find it's owner. You go whimping and whining down the street in a zigzag fashion not knowing how or what to do next. ", I'll pour water over Kendra's head for, I'll whine about Mariah denying she was ever with me for, I'll retire for, I won't retire for, I'll jack someone's jaw in a stripclub for, I'll go over there for, I'll do smack that with akon for, I'll do have gun will travel for, ................(get my drift)..........

2905 days ago


Good for u Brittany.I don't know how he thinks he's geeting the kids.Every girl has to go through an a-- hole man before we realize that we need someone better.Hopefully the lesson is learned (expensive lesson).Know you've made some mistakes but we all do yours was in front of the public.Pam so sorry for your loss .You do look better without bangs.


2905 days ago


I think P diddy feels the need to talk about his sexual performance because Jlo went ahead and told the press that he was tiny for revenge.... so now with a bruised ego he feels the need to compensate. I think thats rather funny actually.

And to Lenn, I am no fan of Kathy Griffin myself but I do know that she left him because her husband was cashing out with her ATM card and signing her name to checks. Pretty Crappy. Either way, shes better off without him and probably feels good he isnt around to put his name on the deed to her new house.

And for pam, granted she tans a lot and looks fried, losing a baby is terrible. Imagine what the stress would do to her now

2905 days ago


My Opinion,

youre kinda lame.

1) You assume that everyone would take a handout if offered. Actually no, not everyone is a goddigger. Some of us do work to get where we are. A lot of us have too much pride for handouts.
Stop talking as if her goal in life is to prove herself to your expectations. Why dont you tell the class why Kfed didnt fight Shar for full custody?

2) If Cameron is too ugly for you than who is pretty? Streisand? It sounds like from your post you really need to get laid and resent the women who would most likely reject you or pass by you unnoticed without a passing glance.

3) I call that fake sympathy followed by the same ole same ole resentful rant.

4) I agree with the insecurity hunch, but not to the effect that he did nothing. P diddy has like 4 kids.

2905 days ago
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