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Brad & Angie Split!

11/13/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Relax! They left India. Angie has apparently wrapped the India portion of the Daniel Pearl movie, "A Mighty Heart."

Brangelina and company made their gorgeous way to the airport in Pune yesterday, with Brad carrying baby Shiloh (who again remained hidden from view) and Angie holding Maddox's hand and carrying Zahara. The family was seen off by very few paparazzi, a far cry from the crush they will undoubtedly face once they return to California.


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This story is way played out. They parade around the world showing off the two adopted kids like their pocketbooks and we should all be in awe of what wonderful people they are. Maybe if people had the fortunes they had they would have the luxury of adopting a few poor kids as well!

2868 days ago


**Yawn** I agree with #1, why hide the baby? I know we are not ones to judge the things celebs do, but they have NEVER tried to hide Maddox or Zahara from public view, yet everytime they have Shiloh out, she's blanketed. Are they channeling their inner Michael Jackson?

2868 days ago


I will never get tired of Brangelina. They are gorgeous couple. I just visited Argentina & Brazil they love Brangelina here. You guys are just jealous and UGLY that why ur saying bad thing about Brangelina. We love you Brad & Angie

2868 days ago


I agree, I guess they played it out in India, there will be more pics of them taking a walk with thier 2 adopted children (yawn), wherever they land next..and without the golden child..LOL..slow news day..Im sick of seeing them everywhere, they are still both cheaters and liars to me..

2868 days ago


Oh goody, the Adams Familiy are coming back home!

2868 days ago


hope they are going to Namibia and staying out of sight this time--for a couple of years.

2868 days ago

Sick of Racism    

I never thought about it til you guys said it, but that IS strange- why do they always cover up Shiloh????? Wow, the other 2 kids ARE always paraded arounf- strange!

2868 days ago


Worst movie I've seen this year....Babel. Too bad. Guess I should have known
better when it got such a bad review by our local critic in the major city newspaper.
And only 1.5 stars out of possible 4. Save your entertainment $ for something more meaningful. It's very disjointed and the only really good performance was the Japanese teenager.

2868 days ago


10. hope they are going to Namibia and staying out of sight this time--for a couple of years.

Posted at 1:24PM on Nov 13th 2006 by who cares

They went to Namibia and the world's media followed them. If you don't want to see them or read about them, exercise the option of not clicking on their pictures and videos. I do that with most things Anniston, quit bitching and still clicking.

I love, love the Jolie-Pitt and their family, spreading a little bit of goodwill around the world, leveraging their celebrity for common good instead of being self absorbed twits.

They are going to be around for a while, so get used to it, and with the oscar buzz surrounding Babel, you better get out of town come awards season because it is going to be Brad Pitt all of the time. Someone will do more screaming at the ocean come January. It is a good time- no a wonderful time to be a fan of the Jolie-Pitts.

2868 days ago


They're as tired and washed out as Angie's looks lately. I'm betting dollars these two won't make it through another adoption/pregnancy without breaking up. Brad looks miserable and his cantakerous reaction to Vanity Fair's cover pretty much sums it up: he's unhappy with a decision he made and he feels trapped.

Angie's probably already looking for someone else's husband to steal anyways, kids or no kids.

2868 days ago


OMG you haters are a bunch of miserable and pathetic and jealous cows, you don't like them but you guys are always clicking on a story about them, what does that say about you people, you losers, I bet that you all can't go the day without getting your fix on anything BAMZS, geta life.

2868 days ago


you people are clueless...hateful and stupid. the baby is not hidden ...she's protected. she is a baby, you know. gotta keep her away from too much sun, cold, wind, sensory overload as much as possible - especially in the midst of all that pandemonium. haven't you ever held a young baby outside before? hopefully, you'd try to protect her/him as much as possible, too. judging from your comments, though...i doubt it.

i think they are a beautiful, happy family. jolie and pitt are talented and productive. i look forward to seeing the movie about daniel pearl. his is an important story and his death was tragic. you people need to chill out.

2868 days ago


Wow Alex, you've got major problems. Are you one of those stalker wannabes? There's nothing for any of us to be jealous of. She's trash and he's an idiot, and you adoring them makes you as stupid as they are. Have a great day.

2868 days ago


I can't stand them, but I love to comment on how much I dislike them, just like all the Brangalunatics ruin every Jen pic on the internet...I think they both look like they need a shower, Brad used to look so fine, but since he got with Whorlina, hes looking pretty rough, and dirty..he seems to always turn into the woman he is with..he looks unhappy all the time, just like AJ..and whats sad, is you hardly ever see those kids smile, I don't think I have ever seen Zahara crack a smile..makes you wonder whats going on at home...

2868 days ago

Oh Canada    

Some of the comments are just pathetic. Shiloh is less than 6 minths old, why should they frighten her with photographers and flash bulbs?
If they didn't bring Maddox and Zahara out, then we'd hear that they're ashamed of their ethnic children. If they allow Shiloh to be photographed on their private family outings, then they would be accused of using a little baby for publicity.
I'm sure her parents will allow it when she can understand and scowl at the photogs like the beautiful Zahara, or stick his tongue at them like adorable Maddox.
That is one gorgeous caring family; they'll never win with the negative/envious people. Thankfully, they could care less. They're just living their lives.

I wish them a safe trip home.

Godspeed Jolie-Pitts

2868 days ago
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