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Brad & Angie Split!

11/13/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Relax! They left India. Angie has apparently wrapped the India portion of the Daniel Pearl movie, "A Mighty Heart."

Brangelina and company made their gorgeous way to the airport in Pune yesterday, with Brad carrying baby Shiloh (who again remained hidden from view) and Angie holding Maddox's hand and carrying Zahara. The family was seen off by very few paparazzi, a far cry from the crush they will undoubtedly face once they return to California.


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I don't care if they are using the kids as accessories or not...or which ones....pitt is still a twit and a hypo-crit. Angelina is probably still more than a little off-center. And I bet they are both bi- sexual and polar.

2899 days ago

Satan Angelina    

I have always wondered why the two adopted children are always out in public with them while the biological child (shiloh) is hidden like an expensive treasure that is more valuable than the adopted children. I hope Brangelina end soon. I am so tired of them.

2899 days ago


Obviously many of you don't have children or if you do, you don't know your children. If you did know children, you won't make the stupid comments you do. No doubt, you are even delusional enough to think you are good parents while coming on line to write nasty mean comments about Brad and Angelina's parenting styles. Do as i say and not as i do eh?? great parents you lot.

2899 days ago


Shiloh was nearly a year old when she was adopted, and Maddox was nearly two. Both have better resistance to the sun than Shiloh does. When the child is older, especially when she is old enough for sunscreen (no less than six months, and most recommend a year), you will most likely see much more of her. These two have no reason to hide Shiloh.

Have fun hating!

2899 days ago


Oops - I mean Zahara was nearly a year. Forgive me, haters.

2899 days ago


I love to see pictures of and read about Brad and Angelina and their children. If that means I'm a low life than so be it. Find me any adult, especially in HW that doesn't have a skeleton or two of their own and I'll eat my keyboard.

Angelina Jolie has been very open and upfront about her past and people hate her for it. I suppose its easier for some to like people who hide, lie and deny. Me, I prefer the honesty of Jolie to the "image" of so many others.

2899 days ago


I'M sick and tired of these two also. They are played up to be such great people, have we forgotten they point blank lied when asked were they having an affair when he was married to Jennifer, now all of a sudden their going to save the world ! ugh !!!

2898 days ago


I cannot believe the anger some of you have toward the Jolie-Pitts. If you want to be angry at someone lash out at wasted flesh like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Brittney Spears or Jessica Simpson. The Jolie-Pitts are giving back, and I honestly belive that they do this because it is near and dear to their hearts, not for attention (Are you listenting Madonna and Sharon Stone?). Let's support a Hollywood relationship that looks like it is based on using their celebrity for a good cause and trying to create a strong family unit in the fishbowl of Hollywood. For those of you who think they are parading their children around - think about it. They can't go ANYWHERE without being followed. Maybe they think Maddox and Zahara are old enough to begin to understand the kind of scrunity and frenzy that will follow them throughout their entire life, and they are trying to introduce them to that intrusion at a young age so they can learn how to deal with it. Give them a break people. Their children are none of our business. I think they are wonderful, giving people and great parents. I, for one, hope they have a long loving relationship.

2898 days ago

Lite it    

I think they're a georgeous couple and the children are beautiful too. Who cares??You ! Thats why you are here posting.Don't hate the players, hate the game.

2898 days ago


Wellllllllllllllll......maybe the REAL "heir to the throne" is ........UGLY !!!!!!!!!!!

2898 days ago


It's only a few of the ugly and jealous men and women that hate these two beautiful people. Those losers all post multiple times. You can tell by how unintelligent they come off sounding. I sometimes wonder if they don't go back and re-read their own postings and realize how jealous, petty, and stupid they sound. And you know for a fact they don't have kids or if they do they must be horrible parents. I feel sorry for anyone filled with as much hate as these posters. You make Brad and Angelina look like saints compared to you with such dialog.

2898 days ago


As a mom of 3 kids, I can understand why they are shielding Shiloh and no so much the other 2. Zahara and Maddox are not only older, darker complected and used to being in the bright hot sun, Shiloh is an infant under a year old with fair skin, and im sure the strange faces and constant camera and all that would be shoved in her face if they didnt protect her somewhat would make her scream and cry. Give it a rest people. They have spent all their time basically in 2 hot and blaring sun regions...let them parent their INFANT and stop being so judgemental. I would LOVE to see how well any of you would do if you were in the same boat.

2898 days ago

Nancy Verne    

Shame on you for that caption. I had hoped really had split up!! What a disappointment-----

2898 days ago


OMG! All of you that are the fans of the ONE AND ONLY, " SCHIZOPHRENIC CHINNIFER" really need to GET LOST, AND GO ON YOUR SHEMAN'S SITE AND PRAISE THE SHEMAN, AND DON'T COME OVER HERE ON THIS SITE WHERE THE REAL STARS AND ACTORS ARE. I am a huge fan of AJ!! BP I'm not, and I don't see what is sooooo hot about him, the ever soooo talented and gorgeous AJ could of done better, and if he were to ever leave, then I'm sure it would be no biggy. Remember AJ was an OSCAR winner way before BP came into her life. Plus I don't like him for her, but I don't like him for the SHEMAN, EITHER!!!! The CHINNIFER, AKA MANNISTEN AKA SHEMAN IS JUST TOOOO PLAIN UGLY FOR ANY GOOD LOOKING MAN. I am soooo glad that AJ AND HER family is heading back, and I just LOVE HER UNIQUE BEAUTY, AND THE TALENT AND AMAZING STAR QUALITY THAT SHE GIVES OUT ON THE BIG SCREEN. I have to admit, that this beautiful woman has been blessed, regardless of what all of you think about her, she is the one out there on the big screen making millions, where all of you haters must be just soooo extremely jealous of her and her stardom. Let me tell you, it is quite obvious that most of your hi powered producers and directors want her on the big screen moreso than the SHEMAN. And, that is a proven fact. Besides, most of the SHEMAN'S PICS HAVE BEEN MAJOR FLOPS, EXCEPT FOR VV STEPPING IN AND MAKING THIS LAST FILM SELL. Cause it sure as hell wasn't her that sold that film. And all of you know that I am right on here!!

2898 days ago


Maybe they are just protecting the baby from direct sunlight. She is still an infant!

2898 days ago
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