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TomKat's Wedding Circus

11/16/2006 7:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Let the frenzy begin! Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a jetload full of stars have arrived in Rome, and they're hungry! The A-list group set out to enjoy their first Italian dinner, recover from jet lag, and kick off the TomKat wedding celebrations.

A million cameras were on hand to catch the chaos. Here's some of what they got.


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Weird parents, but this baby is cute. She looks like Katie.

2895 days ago


Why did Katie wear white? That color is worn by virgins..she has had a baby and has never married before. Wouldn't a darker color have been more fitting?

2895 days ago


Blah blah blah.... enough already! It's done now on to the next topic.... geez. The baby is cute.

2895 days ago


That baby was actually given birth to by Tom's previous girlfriend, as you can see in this videotaped interview.

2895 days ago


I agree with everyone saying to leave Suri alone. No matter what you feel about Tom and Katie she doesn't deserve the crap people are saying. She is an adorable child and I'm sure they will treat her like a princess just like every little girl should feel like!

2894 days ago


It looks like Suri has the remnants of a birth mark on her forehead. That would explain why she was absent from the trained eyes of the media for so long... either waiting for it to disappear or getting it removed. She did look highly airbrushed in her Vanity Fair spread, which was odd. She is a little doll, though, regardless!

2894 days ago


Most of the time, when we see Italian weddings, the wedding processional travels on foot through the village to the church before and after the wedding. It would've been nice if they could have found a way to honor that tradition so the locals would have a super special memory. I don't know if that would've been remotely possible with all the paparazzi though. Her pictures in the window say a lot about all that commotion and she couldn't wait for him to get there. With his money, he certainly gave her the most romantic wedding he could come up with and I think it was pretty something!!! . Miz O. shouldn't've said she was suspicious about the relationship. Hey was crazy in love and wasn't ashamed to show it. She wasn't invited because she said didn't believe that he was in love. At one point, it seemed like she did but as usual, she stated talking...oh well... That little Suri is too cute. Look how she holds on to her Daddy! They'll have a wonderful life, I think.

2894 days ago

Allred Tree    

After reading the posts and going to some of the sites about Scientology, it is obvious Kate has "disconnected" her previous friends and colleagues as they are being deemed toxic to the Scientologists and are on their "list." Anyone remember that black list of celebs back in the l940"s. Wasn't one of the GREAT actresses, Ingrid Bergman, black-listed for having an affair or something ? Wonder who they will "disconnect" next?

2893 days ago


Suri is clearly Asian... which is not at all a bad thing, but I dont get why they have to pretend she's theirs? The kid is clearly not theirs, but heaps of celebs are adopting these days so why hide it?

2893 days ago


I think this baby has alot of Tom Cruise in her. The eyes the face shape the hair. There is a touch of Katie in her as well. Whose child do you idiots pressume this belongs to!!! Talk about Tom and Katie as idiots, look in the mirror!!! This is a truely beautiful couple!! BABY out of WEDLOCK doesn't take away from the love this family has. With or without idiots talking about them, means no difference!! Obviously this world is full of jelous people! So, I don't blame them for leaving all the idiots out of their lives!!! WAY TO GO TOM AND KATIE!!!!! LIVE AND BE HAPPY!!! EVERYONE ELSE, OBVIOUSLY NEEDS A LIFE!! GET ONE!!

2893 days ago
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