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TomKat's Wedding Circus

11/16/2006 7:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Let the frenzy begin! Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a jetload full of stars have arrived in Rome, and they're hungry! The A-list group set out to enjoy their first Italian dinner, recover from jet lag, and kick off the TomKat wedding celebrations.

A million cameras were on hand to catch the chaos. Here's some of what they got.


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you are some sick ass folks, who cares if their parents are married or not, the kids are not responsible for that. anyone who calls a kid names or makes fun of a baby is a sick f***.

2862 days ago


Is it true they are making a large donation to the Catholic church in exchange for an audience with the Pope? (to make Katie and family happy... to Christen Suri?)

How much are they paying Marc Anthony to sing?

What kind of financial arrangement (either cash or guaranteed roles) did they make to get Brook there?

This is a desperate publicity stunt by Tom in an effort to compensate for his firing by Redstone. And it seems to be working.........

2862 days ago


Tommy's getting more "chins" than the proverbial Chinese phonebook.

2862 days ago


Suri is different looking, but I don't think it's in a bad way. She looks a lot like her Mama, so she's bound to turn into a good looking woman. She does look like she needs a good bath and to have her hair washed and then combed to the side or something.

But I don't think anyone can comment negatively on Connor Cruise. That is a really good looking boy!

2862 days ago


Has that kid gotta whole lotta hair or what? She must be "The Suri With the Fringe On Top".

2862 days ago


Why does anyone think they are trying to keep the media away?

What more could they do to make a public spectacle?

Is it true the pre-nup requires Katie to have three more children in the next five years?

2862 days ago


Yes, Suri is a cutie and an adorbale little honey-bunch (as babies go)--but her psyciatric bills in the future are almost certain to be staggering.

This little child, this little "life," will grow-up under the influence of the most pernicious cult in the American religious landscape. Even the most ancient organized "religions" seem to have their heads-up-their-asses these days (can anyone say "Catholicism?"), but Scientology is the equivalent of starting a "religion" out of some 2nd-rate DC Comic. It's like creating a "theology" out of a lam Batman spin-off, and then developing THAT into a ferocious (very paranoid) "religion" that one ACTUALLY practices--casting all sense of reason and sanity aside.

Tom's alleged "gayness" is well-knwon to people in the industry, just as it is known about Travolta...for years on end.

At the same time, I don't believe in "outing" people. YES...if you catch TC in bed with another guy and have some proof of it, that constitutes bona fide "gossip." But no one can say "Tom Cruise is Gay" because it's not right. No second or thrid parTy can make that kind of absolutist statement. Is it likely that he is, given the history?


But, more to the point, it is NOT certain, and it never will be, unless he says so. Until then, the whole charade is still...a charade.

A Hunch: in three or four years, Katie Holmes will file for divorce, get a SWEET settlement, and share custody. Let's hope that this idiotic (non) actress will follow the "plan."

But as for Suri, the Child of Weirdness? Let's just try to be decent human beings and realize that this is, after all, a baby, and hope that her growth will not be mutilated by the obvious trappings of her "alleged" father's repressed cult-ism and her "alleged" mother's clear dependence upon massive tranquilizers to get her through each and every day/photo-op/what-have-you.

2862 days ago


She is very cute but she does look like she could use a bath, and is it just me or is her forehead covered in baby acne?

2862 days ago


am i the only person who thinks suri is awfully BIG for a 7 month old?

2862 days ago


I totally wish I were in Rome right now. Its a lovely place. If you havent gone, I recommend it.

2862 days ago


#21, why are you even mentioning that "they're married right now!".......I mean in my book this wedding is about 16 months too late dontcha think? If he really wanted to do the right thing, they could have gotten married at city hall in L.A. when they found out she was pregnant, then had all this time to plan a big celebration THAT WAY, Catholic Katie Holmes wouldn't have had a bastard child. There is NO excuse ..PERIOD

2862 days ago


#5 - How f***in much lower class, ignorant , trailer park trash can you get? This is a baby who has not done a damn thing to you. You don't like her parents, fine, I personally cannot stand Tom, but this is a helpless little baby.

If you want to be ignorant and show what a scum bag maggot you are, continue talking about innocent babies.

Until you get some class, keep you f***in mouth closed.

2862 days ago


I'd like to see the birth certificate. There's so much unknown and
speculation about this kid. I agree she looks a little alien-like.
Tom's a whacko, Katie a stepford prewife. It's all too extremely weird.

2862 days ago

the wise old owl    

POst # 31 Trish : Yes I read it was in the pre-nup that she was to bare 3 children at $25 million a pop. ( when the divorse takes place......and it will ) And at that time he will get custody of any children she may have had while married to him. Just like what happened to Nicole . Remember those are " Tom's posessions. Not Katie's . He always has to be in total CONTROL. I can see that you are well aware of their ' Buisiness agreement ".

Post # 32 Ian : Ahh Yes...... Another schooled blogger on this site. You my friend, are absolutely correct. It is a well known fact in the Industry of Tom's preference for MEN. The same goes for John Travolta. THis is not a well kept secret to insiders. Do we care ? Hell No.!! Does HE care if the general public is on to him ???. Hell yes. He has paid millions to keep this secret sheltered and he will continue to do so for the sake of any career he has left. I call it the 50 million $$ Cover-up. And Katie Holmes has signed on for the long bumpy ride. ( at least it comes with all ther perks !!! )

As far as Suri goes. She's his because he adopted her. Either that or he used a sperm donor Tom is sterile and has been for years. A case of the mumps at a young age has been known to do that on occastion. Thanks for clearing that up for many others who still don't " GET THE BIG PICTURE "

2862 days ago


As I started to say before I read #5's ignorant, hillbilly, pond scum maggot, comments, I was going to say that Suri truly looks like her Mother and Father.

Think what you want of the father, but God Bless this baby girl. She is going to need it having a Svengali for a father.

Thank God she resembles Katie the most. Beautiful, just a beautiful little baby.

2862 days ago
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