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O.J.'s Publisher to Media: My S**t Don't Stink

11/17/2006 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judith Regan isthisclose to nailing herself on a cross. The embattled publisher, who is taking some nuclear heat for publishing the O.J. Simpson book, "If I Did It," went on her Sirius radio show today to defend her vilified actions. With her producer, Howie, pumping her up, Regan accused the media of just being jealous. Oh yeah, we wish we could support killers too!

"It's shocking how disorganized they are in their thinking ... in terms of the media," Regan opined. "They literally invented this notion that I paid him $3.5 million, which I did not."

No, she says, she "contracted with a third party for the rights."

And there's this dish on Judith: Sources tell TMZ that after she saw "The Devil Wears Prada," she wanted to become the Meryl Streep character. In fact, we're told she adopted the habit of walking into her office and flinging her bag and coat onto her assistant's desk -- an assistant, sources say, Regan referred to as "hot." A Regan rep adds: "I never saw her do that."


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Right or wrong it's a free country and everyone is out trying to make a buck. Some people would slit their own mother's throat for a nickle. I don't think anyone is jealous of her promoting a very, very inapropriate book.

2905 days ago


This woman is vulgar. Too bad she can't walk a mile in the Brown family's shoes.

2905 days ago

molly harvey    

she can say all she wants but as far as i am concerned, she is as disgusting as oj himself. i will not buy the book, watch the show and will boycott any bookstore that sells it. he is a double murderer and a piece of scum. i feel so bad for the victims' families that they are being forced to relive their nightmare yet again. i do not know how judith could look herself in the mirror.

2905 days ago


Egads, there is no way she can make herself look good in this....she should just shut up, cash her check, and disappear. Everytime I read anything on this topic I feel the need to shower immediately.

I'm hoping that Fox wakes up and refuses to air the interview. They wont' do it if it's a moral issue, but they would if it becomes financial when advertisers start yanking their spots.

Ick....shower time

2905 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

This wretched slut's attitudinizing is the very reason Rupert Murdoch hired her. She's a piece of sh*t just like him. I do hope the reviewers and public will boycott Simpson's horrific crap when it's published--but I suppose they won't, and the c**ksucker will wind up making millions, being interviewd by Oprah and Dr. Phil, and the book will probably be made into a movie--and possible a Broadway musical. Jesus!

2905 days ago

the wise old owl    

This is the most vulgar display of " being a free country " I have ever seen. To capalize off the savage murder of 2 Innocent people is sickening. O.J. Simpson is a piece of garbage that only escaped his true fate because the police planted evidence and lied under oath. They should have done everthing by the "Book " and he would have been convicted on his own. Thank God for the Civil trail.

To write a book on " how he would have committed these murders" is like pourig salt into the wounds of the victims families. I hope this book ends up in the Dollar Store where nobody buys it even at that price. It will be a sad testiomonial for our society if ANYONE goes out to support O.J. and sick quest to make some $$$.

You know the families won't get a dime. How the hell does he gets away with making $$ and not having to honor his sentance of repaying these families is beyond me. Can someone please explain that to me ??? I sure would like to know. He will be doing his repentance while shoveling coal with the devil and breathing in lots of smoke. Good ridence to the creep. He will get his justice in the finial phase of his life. He won't need a coat where he is going. YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE THERE IS NO GOD..........YOU BETTER BE RIGHT .

2905 days ago


No sane person would buy this monster's book and let him or her profit from it.
It's just sick.

2905 days ago


Does anyone know if the 3.5 mill is will go to the Goldman's as part of the civil award. I would think so but if that's the case why is the butcher even writing it? Something tells me there is a legal loophole here. I'd be interested to hear from an attorney on this.

2905 days ago


TMZ dont be so self rightous Im sure you will be covering the situation with OJ as much as possible becuase you know it will bring more hits to your website!!

2905 days ago


1. Right or wrong it's a free country and everyone is out trying to make a buck. Some people would slit their own mother's throat for a nickle. I don't think anyone is jealous of her promoting a very, very inapropriate book.

Posted at 3:10PM on Nov 17th 2006 by BoReD

Maybe an a**hole like you would slit your mamas throat, but this is disgusting...OJ Simpson should have been dead for first degree murder and now, you an asswipe idiot is defending his rights...after all this piece of dog sh*t got away with mureder you f***ing tramp

2905 days ago


what is everyone's problem?? i know that all of you are interested in this book. i am i want to know how he did it and why. we all know this is a real confession and we have all been waiting for it. even if he is hiding behind the "hypothetical" facade we all know this is the best we are gonna get from this guy as far as an outright admission of guilt. but i know that everyone will be watching that interview and foaming at the mouth to read the book. because we are all curious to see what the bastard wrote!! so dont act like youre not interested and are horrified by his actions because chances are you probably will buy the book just to see what he wrote. you all are very interested or else you wouldnt be on this blog!!!!

2905 days ago


The publisher Judith Regan is stating that as a domestic abuse victim and she did this book to extract a confession out of OJ as a displaced revenge. Great commentary on this. The fact is sympathy for her background is not the issue. She negotiated a lousy deal, and could have demanded that not a cent go to OJ or his Kids off this blood book. The kids will make plenty when they get around to writing their own books or getting jobs like anyone else.

2905 days ago

Come on, he needs money to search for those killer on the golf courses.

2905 days ago


This lady better hope that this so called book makes it (which I am sure that it won't) cause this will be her last.

Quick question; Why don't we go by what the bible says; "Eye for an Eye"?

I will never understand why the government protects criminals, its insane.

2905 days ago


Judith Regan actually IS a slut - she was banging Bernard Kerik, the Bush administration's failed nominee to head the Department of Homeland Security at the same time he was banging Jeanine Pirro, who wanted to go up against Hillary Clinton in New York's senate race before she botched her first press conference.

All out of an apartment that the taxpayers paid for.
I'm pretty sure that makes everyone in that situation a slut.

The two are kinda MILFy, though - you gotta give Kerik some credit.
What's he doing now,

2905 days ago
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