TMZ to Rosie: How Dare You!

11/17/2006 2:44 PM PST
Rosie O'Donnell took a shot at TMZ this morning on "The View," accusing us of outing gay celebs in the same way that has done. Not that there's anything wrong with coming out of the closet, but -- yo, Ro! -- get your facts straight! TMZ has, for the record, never outed anyone; gay, bisexual, alien or otherwise, and that's really not what we're about.

O'Donnell was talking about her own gay admission to Warner Bros. execs when she started her talk show back in 1995, and said that she kept it mainly under wraps to avoid controversy. But, she added, "At the time when my show was on, there was no Drudge Report, there was no Perez Hilton, there was no TMZ, and you could be gay and have a big successful career and no one would ask you -- no journalist ever asked me."

Frankly, Rosie, we at TMZ don't shy away from the tough questions, but we're not in the business of outing people -- so back off, girlfriend!